I love living here. The staff is so friendly and the amenities are amazing! They also have amazing community events that really allow us to get to know our neighbors.

Great staff. Great people and great food.what more could you ask for. The building is kept up well and the staff treat you like good friends

Overall I like Newman, but I don’t like the parking. It is a big inconvenience to walk a mile to the complex, with my items I have to travel with.

It's really great living here, everyone is very sweet and very respectful. It feels right at home here with just a close walk to campus. I know others would enjoy it here as well.

It’s nice and the staff is welcoming. There’s no kitchen. The sink is always clogged because it’s a regular bathroom sink. The cleaning service only comes by once a month rather than every week.

Staff and maintenance are always friendly and the atmosphere is great. The building is well kept. The only downside would have to be the parking availability. Other than that this is a great place to stay.

I really enjoyed my tour when I made an appointment! I also feel welcomed and I will have a great freshman year based off the vibe St Newman Hall gives me!

Newman has been such an eco friendly place. I love the service and quality that they provide for the residents. Living here has been one of my best decisions.

Living here at St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Hall has a great experience with all the respectful people that are living across and throughout the building. With all the events and what the not this place feels right at home.

My experience so far at Newman has been great! The hospitality here feels like a second home and the staff makes you feel like a family. Even though there were a few problems at first I would recommend this location to anyone.

hello. i am mercy madhuri kothapalli. this is my second lease of twelve months period. its a nice place for any student who wants to pursue higher studies.

It's really nice living here, the people are very nice and kind to everyone. The food is great as well. The game room is really fun and being able to go to church is nice as well.

i love this community, everybody is so friendly. the management team is responsible as well. i am quite satisfied with the overall experience

Wonderful place to live. Lots of fun events and great and very friendly staff who will make sure you’re happy with your living arrangements.

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I really love everything as a resident in Newman Hall. However the only reason I put four stars would be at times it takes a while to get things fixed.

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Love the community, everyone is really nice, the only downside is that the kitchen is always in use. Every time I go they are busy, I am rushed out or told to go at a later time.

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Love the size of the rooms and the home feel! Staff are always friendly and very helpful! Maintenance is very good and quick to fix anything you are having problems with!

Newman Hall is a great experience and has a lot to offer in terms of how clean the residency is and the staff. If you are a student looking for low monthly payments and have a very nice room with a Catholic environment, Newman is the place to be.

This place is really nice. I like living here a lot. There isn't any noise, there is plenty of room, cool vending machines, and in my experience great roommates. 5 stars from me.

Staff is really nice and understanding. We had an issue between roommates, and it was solved very quickly. The amenities are wonderful. Free printing is a must!

The staff is great and respond quickly to any issues. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. They make sure you feel at home. Having food out front is always a plus

I love the apartments. The building is quiet, and everyone here is really nice. I do miss having a kitchen, and knowing I can go get groceries without fighting for parking.

Overall the experience here is fine, certainly better than at the dorms. The management and staff are extremely helpful and accommodating. However the lack of parking is a bit asinine.

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St. Thomas Aquinas Newman is a very great place to live here in Kingsville. So far, my best friend/roommate and I have had the best experience.

In Newman hall being my place of residency is honestly the greatest place to stay for the 4 year term. Being able to attend activities and meet new people is what I was talked about when I was shown this amazing place.

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