Management is great as well as the residents! There is no other place I would want to live. It feels exactly like home. Thank you STA Newman Hall!

It is a fun community with great involvement opportunities. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The managers are always so understanding about situations that might happen.

Love this place. The staff is friendly and willing to help in anyway possible. Work orders get done efficiently. The building is nice and quiet and calm.

The overall environment at STA Newman Hall has proved to be a very friendly and welcoming environment. I definitely feel at home and would highly recommend the housing to anyone looking for dorms to stay at.

St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Hall is such a great place. I haven't moved in yet, but the staff is so nice and welcoming. They make me feel like I'm at home. I can't wait to move in!

Great experience. Staff is very helpful and the environment is great. Also the treats that they give randomly can really make your day better.

I only gave 4! Stars as I'm moving in august and so far so goo Love the apartment so far even though I only saw he demo one we saw at leasing

This is an amazing choice of housing. I was amazed by all the things in the rooms and all the perks of living there. I also love that it is a Catholic based dorm so there is no need to hidr being Christian

overall, i am quite satisfied with the service provided by them. but i hope they could provide more plain water in the pantry area and try to organize some activities for us.

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This is extremely quick and easy. I'm so glad I signed up, its very user friendly. Points are fair too. I dont think there is anything on this site I would change.

The community was very well mannered, and they all cared so much. The only thing I would change was the roomate experience. she was nice, but we didn't get along well.

Even though it is summer time and not a lot of people are around. Service for the most part has stayed consistent over this past month. Good stuff.

STA Newman Hall is an amazing facility. Great staff, amazing atmosphere, rooms are spacious and very nice, residents are amazingly nice as well!

As I start my living here in the summer again I recall my last summer semester. Though the days were hot and dreary, it was always wonderful to have my dorm that I could call my second home at STA Newman Hall.

Finished one year at St. Newman Hall and absolutely enjoyed it!! Everything went smoothly. The price of is great compar d to the dorms and the proximity to campus.

Staying at STA Newman Hall for my freshman year was definitely a blast. The full sized beds were definitely a plus and anyone who visited said it was like staying in a hotel. I will miss it very much but all good things must come to an end.

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You guys are doing great. I love all the activities that happen during the semester. Maintanence orders are quick to get fixed, and easy ti di. Kind of wish for closer and more parking but thats because I am not good at parallel parking

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The staff is always friendly and helpful. The community events are fun and welcoming. Work orders are filled quickly and haven't had any issues while living here

Newman has a great staff, very helpfull, nice and professional. They also host great events and make sure all residents are comfortable and taken care of.

Amazing community I love living here. The staff is great everyone is very friendly the game room is always so clean. I love the fun little events they have.

Staff and residents are amazing. It feels just like home living in STA Newman Hall. Work orders are done within 24 hours and the rooms are so spacious and are fully furnished.

I love living at newman. The one and only thing that kills me is the cost of living there, but to me it's totally worth it! I love how spacious and private everything is and how everyone treats you like family and makes you feel welcomed.

I have been enjoying my stay at STA Newman Hall so far, I haven't had many problems, and if I do the office is very quick to fix them In a timely fashion.

Best place I've stayed at in kingsville.Its like my little hotel to myself I love it service is good,and the rooms are beautiful if your looking for a office campus type of vibe but not too far this is the place

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ST Newman Hall is doing Great! Have yet to experienced any major problems. Staff is friendly and building is always cleaned and taken care of.