The amenities at this apartment are great, especially the free printing. The staff members are very helpful and have answered any questions I have had.

The apartment community is decent, and people occasionally use the available amenities, but don't really always interact on a consistent basis.

The online banking could use a ton of work but it’s a nice place to live it is kept very clean the excercise room and study lounges are very convenient

The place has been great. Staff is really friendly, the amenities are great, and the apartments themselves are great quality. The location is also great

I am very pleased with the furnished furniture in our apartment. However, I have trouble unloading my groceries from my car as there is no pick-up area provided by stadium village flats, Also, a doorbell would be good for the apartment so that we know if someone is at the door. :)

I think SVF has great prices for its proximity to campus. It's also well-maintained, and the maintenance staff is very helpful. I think the office staff could be more helpful if they were around more often.

Safe place to live. Aesthetically pleasant and modern living space and lobby. Staff is mostly helpful, but sometimes doesn't know how to help us, but overall good service.

People are nice, friendly and helpful staff, the fitness room is wonderful, free printing is life-saving, neighbors are quiet, and the free cookies were amazing

So far, I have been really impressed by the professionalism and sense of home that has been present in the apartment. I have also really appreciated the responsiveness of the repair team.

I think it has been a great experience thus far! SVF is a great place to live and has many benefits such as in-apartment laundry and wifi! There are many other things such as the lounges and different accomadations on each floor that make relaxing or getting things done easy.

The building is super quiet, and the common areas on each floor are great for studying. Getting packages is easy and efficient. The indoor bike storage is a plus.

So far so good! Everything works and looks like it did in our tour, it was a little dirty when we moved in, but that was taken care of. I've heard a lot of things about management not being that great, but so far I've had no issues

Living here is great. The community is amazing and the staff are so helpful. The issues I have with this place is that it's right next to the metro but it's usually not a problem when you close the windows.

It's a great location with a really good view. There is so much activity nearby and a lot of great food places just next door. The rooms and living spaces are big as well.

It's a nice place to stay and has a cozy atmosphere. The apartment is a good size for four people to live comfortably. However when we moved in the floors were grimy and stuff was left in a few cupboards.

This apartment is nice. It is kept clean. Rent prices are reasonable and many amenities come with this apartment. It is really quiet on the weekends.

The overall apartment complex is really well kept and organized. Maintenance workers are often readily available and will kept with any apartment unit fixtures promptly. Management staff are very nice and are willing to help with any issue.

The apartment has nice amenities. It’s located in a good area, and it doesn’t get too loud. The rooms themselves are nicely furnished. Though, upon move in, the floors were really dirty, and needed to bb cleaned. I would also appreciate if the office was open later.

Great location with plenty of restaurants and convenient store nearby. Easy access to the lightrail station and east bank side of University of Minnesota campus.

Stadium village flats is excelent! I am a premed student and love the location because it's close to everything. Stadium village flats is great!

Stadium Village Flats is awesome!! Me and my roommates have enjoyed the location and management here, we moved a month ago and the process couldn't have been easier.

I have been very happy with my experience here at Stadium Village Flats so far. The location is great (right in the heart of Stadium Village) and the management have been more than helpful. It can get a little loud at night because the walls are rather thin, but I am happy.

I thoroughly enjoy living at Stadium Village Flats. I don't know why you would live anywhere else! The rooms are high quality, as well as the management!

The maintenance requests work very well. Usually you can get whatever you need fixed working 2-4 days. Plus the living rooms look very nice.

The apartment is really nice and is starting to feel more homey :) our unit has a very nice outside view too. The only problems are that the living room is too dark at night cause there are no lights for that area. The Wi-Fi also keeps disconnecting from all the devices.