Staff is very helpful and made a great first impression. Felt like I had no idea where to start when looking for a lease and I was welcomed with open arms. Immediately I was shown an apartment and everything was taken care of. Can't wait to move in this week!

I haven't moved in yet but it seems like such a welcoming place to live! Lots of helpful people and I'm excited to start my second year at the U with SVF involved.

Love the apartment. Great staff, service and amenities. Common areas very clean and well lit. Maintenance staff is excellent. Would prefer if there was a larger study room space

The apartment cleanliness isn't being kept up. Also there are things that weren't done right when the apt was first built and thats now showing.

I continue to enjoy my apartment at stadium village flats. He building is clean, other residents are respectful, and the location is great because it is so close to campus.

SVF is actually giving us an apartment on a different floor than we previously thought! I thought that was interesting because previously we were slotted for a top floor apartment (which we did not want). While a good number of clerical errors came up in this process, that staff did their best to rectify the problems and were also as helpful as possible.

I think that this is an awesome way to get feedback from everyone and to keep moving forward with whats going on around us! Great job! Well done, bravo.

I've really enjoyed my living experience at Stadium Village Flats which is why I decided to sign a lease for another year. I love the location, amenities, and the team of staff and maintenance!

This is a great apartment and community, everything is good. It is safe, convenient and easy to reach out to get fantastic foods. Staffs in here are also kind and helpful.

I really enjoy living here. Staff is helpful. Noise is minimal. Sometimes there's free stuff. It's generally pretty quiet. The amenities are nice to have, especially printing!

I haven't moved in yet but they respond fairly quickly to my emails. They are a little disorganized and font communicate very well with their coworkers.

Stadium village flats is a very nice place to live. It is clean and has nice amenities. The best part is it's close proximity to both the campus and eateries.

Well it's awesome although i bavent started living there yet but im pretty sure its gonna be great but well we will see cause it will be better than a dorm

I haven't lived here yet, but the staff are extremely nice and welcoming. Plus I love the different themes for each floor and how colorful the apartment is.

Fantastic community. The amenities and place are great. I've noticed that it can get a bit loud at sometimes, additionally the wifi has been spotty, but only occasionally. Otherwise, a great community,

Lack of communication from management as to room assignments is slightly frustrating. It seems as though you try to counterbalance that with massive email blasts but that just ends up coming off as annoying. Still excited to live here in the fall but nervous about what this behavior may indicate.

A great apartment overall. It has amazing amenities and great room sizes! Really worth the price and it is in an amazing location right between the diverse food choices on campus and about a five minute walk to classes

I find that Stadium Village Flats really provides some great amenities and also provides an atmosphere that engages the community and those living there.

People are very helpful here, and the staff are really attentive. I haven't seen many issues, and I like the friendly people living in the area.

Free starbucks point is awesome!! Never expected this much of hospitality. Hope my year of stay in stadium village flats is is as good as its start.

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Living at Stadium Village Flats is wonderful! The amenities are fantastic (I love the study lounge and the movie theater!), the staff members are always friendly and helpful, and the location is perfect!

Love living here! Friendly staff, beautiful view, and the location is great! The amenities here are also great, useful, and there's free printing!

I'm a bit confused on when and how moving in works, I wasn't really given any information on it whatsoever? Is it possible to be able to move in early for a fee or not?

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