It's been exciting this semester and I'm glad I live here. I love the free printing too and the events they hold. This place is nice and am resigning!

Ever since I toured stadium village flats I have not been able to get the apartment complex out of my head! The building is gorgeous, the amenities are awesome, and the staff are so nice!!

The staff are very friendly. The seasonal decorations on the first floor are also very cute. I look forward to living here for the next year!

Overall it has been good living here, but recently I have had issues with printing. The printer has either been out of paper or out of toner each time I have tried to print.

I love living at Stadium Village Flats. Everyone is super nice. If there is ever anything that needs to be fixed the maintenance people always get to it really quickly. The only thing I wish is that the office was open later so I could stop by after my later classes if I need to.

The apartment delivers what it promises in terms of amenities and services. Fairly expensive and I've had some issues with the office in regards to a cable problem. Overall not too bad

Great place to live, management is good but can be a little slow to act on things. However it is a great price for a modern student living experience

It's alright. Better than our old place. The appliances are mostly functioning with some small issues here and there. Service is fast. Worst thing is probably some issues with the AC.

Things are usually in good working order and otherwise quick to fix. Never any noise issues. Internet access was troublesome last year issues with office regarding keys. Price is certainly on the high side as well.

Stadium Village Flats is very close to campus. It is also very close to campus connector/circulator bus stop. Stadium Village Flats has study lounge which is very practical.

Super nice management and maintenance is reasonably quick! One complaint though, the furniture isn't as high quality as I saw in the tour. Definitely not a deal breaker though!

Really enjoy the staff and Red Bull’s during finals time. My maintenance needs always get dealt with fast and effeciently. The lobby is always clean and so is the garage

Appliances in the kitchen were not clean on move in. The bathroom was also not cleaned, there were even items of a previous resident left in the bathroom.

Stadium village flats has been a great place to live overall. The building facilities are well kept and maintenance is always accessible when we need it in the apartment.

I love living at Stadium Village Flats! The staff are wonderful, the amenities are great, and the location is right in the middle of stadium village!

What I like about SVF is that there are a lot of things to do near the apartment and there are also a lot of things to do within the apartment.

I really have no issues with SVF. I wish the rent was more affordable but there are many amenities and great staff that make it a good community.

it’s been great living here. the staff is really understanding and study room is nice. however the printer is out of paper most of the time which is inconvenient.

It’s located in a nice and convenient area. The bedrooms for the b5 floor plan definitely needs windows though. There is only one very small window that opens in the living room area. Other than that, this place is pretty nice.

It is a nice community. The facility is excellent, It has a quite study room. You can do exercise in the house without going to the gym far away.

It's going well. I like the area and the layout of the complex. The workers here are very nice. I like the amenities offered. The various rooms offered to citizens to use are nice too.

There are a lot of great things here. All floors have a special room and I am so glad theres free printing. Maintenance has been perfect for the couple instances we needed it.

Great place to live. Very quiet and likable place to be. Never have had any problems with neighbors, staff, or maintenance. Things are taken care of promptly.

Overall, Stadium Village Flats is a nice place to live. It's a little more expensive than other places, but you really start to see where that money once you start living here. It has very nice amenities, the actual apartments are very spacious, and the people are pretty cool here.

We’re paying a lot for things to be in the shape they were in when we moved in. There is water damage, the painting was not done well, and things such as light bulbs, the printer, and fire detectors are already non-functional. It’s been a month and a half.