Maintenance can be quit slow to fixing what need be done and emergency services at times is as well. I feel it is quite overpriced for what you get but all and all don't mind living here

When I renewed my lease last summer I experienced a lot of problems. I stay in a two bedroom. Maintenance is bad but has gotten better since I moved in. Getting a parking sticker had been a hassle requested on and didn't receive it until a month or two later. When I contacted about a problem did not receive a response until after I contacted Facebook page. But a lot of space but too expensive with all the problems not really money's worth.

All of the staff is extremely helpful and quick to respond when there is a problem or something needs to be fixed. Have really enjoyed living here

Once my cable is working I will be one happy camper but other than that I love it! I didn't think that I would since my roommates were random but I was wrong

The Flats was a great choice for my first apartment. Management is reliable, maintenance issues get taken care of in a timely manner, and being a five minute walk from OSU is perfect for me.

I love living at Stillwater Flats! The location in reference to campus is incredible and the service is always friendly. I also really love having my own bathroom.

This is my third year at Stillwater Flats, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't go anywhere else. Being close to school and the stadium is one of the biggest perks! Plus its quaint enough to enjoy the amenities without feeling like I am being limited. 5 stars for Stillwater Flats!

it is good. I think the security is really good and the parking lot has lots of space. However, compare to other apartment Stillwater's rent is expansive.

An incredible staff! Always helpful! When we first moved in two years ago, we didn't have a choice and it was very expensive. We had some problems with cockroaches and a flooded washer but the staff was there to help out as soon as possible. We resigned this year into a 4 bedroom and recieved a cruise certificate. Love the place! Just wish it wasn't so expensive

The staff is great and the apartments are very new looking. The furniture is comfortable and there is good storage space in the kitchen. The only thing that bothers me is that I live right next to the gate on the southeast side of the building and it always slams shut and makes a huge noise. They've tried to put a soft-close mechanism on the door but it keeps breaking.

The rooms are private enough to work on homework and living rooms are open enough to hang out with friends. Great environment to live in while going to school! I love the coffee in the in the lounge in the mornings.

Overall, I've had a good experience here. I love the proximity to Oklahoma State's campus and having my own bathroom. However, I'm not totally satisfied. My carpet has all kinds of stains and I had to buy my own light for my room.

It's a great community to live in the staff is great and always ready to help any way possible. There is always something going on for the residents so there is never a dull moment.

Love the management! I've been here for 3 years and couldn't of been more happy with my experience. Unfortunately and fortunately I'm graduating this year but the time spent here has been great!

I love it at the flats! Close to campus and love the staff! The parking garage is a little small for me because I drive a truck but other than that, I have no problem with living here!

I really like the proximity to campus; I can walk back and forth when needed. The garage connected to the apartments is also great because I won't get wet running into my apartment when it's raining or get my car damaged by hail, etc.

I love the convenience of the location of my apartment. It's a very quit community which is very nice. The pool areas was great during the summer and I love being a resident of the flats!

More emphasis should be put into communal areas, especially the pool area. Apartments have very nice personal space however over priced for the space offered. Staff is friendly and helpful

It's pretty nice here. Very convenient nice new appliances really comfortable couches. The only issue is the feces. This is not huge problem except on the hallway where it is everywhere

I think Stillwater flats have a nice management with really nice people always available to help people and send you text in case of inconvenience

Overall it has been a good experience and the staff is great. I'm curious why most of the utility bills are significantly higher than what I was told they would be though. I would have liked more warning about difficulties with the 3rd party internet management group. Also, a cable box should be provided with each apartment since it is recommended to have one, and I'm told it is free to the resident.

I like living at Stillwater flats but it can get annoying sometimes, too. Our air conditioner didn't work for like 2 weeks and we had to remind the office many, many times to help us get it fixed.

I really like the nice amenities and close location to campus, however it's sad that the prices are going up next year. I understand that due to inflation and competition it's a necessity, but I would have liked to stay. In addition, the parking garage is rough - many residents drive incredibly recklessly and it's only a matter of time before there's an accident.

I actually love living at Stillwater Flats! It is in a nice location to campus and I never heard loud noises from neighbors next door. The parking garage is the worst though and I think that I paid too much for rent each month.

I love my apartment and how close it is to campus, however I find that the hallways around the apartments are frequently dirty and the office is often closed before it's official closing time.