it is good. I think the security is really good and the parking lot has lots of space. However, compare to other apartment Stillwater's rent is expansive.

This is my third year at Stillwater Flats, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't go anywhere else. Being close to school and the stadium is one of the biggest perks! Plus its quaint enough to enjoy the amenities without feeling like I am being limited. 5 stars for Stillwater Flats!

I love living at Stillwater Flats! The location in reference to campus is incredible and the service is always friendly. I also really love having my own bathroom.

The Flats was a great choice for my first apartment. Management is reliable, maintenance issues get taken care of in a timely manner, and being a five minute walk from OSU is perfect for me.

Once my cable is working I will be one happy camper but other than that I love it! I didn't think that I would since my roommates were random but I was wrong

All of the staff is extremely helpful and quick to respond when there is a problem or something needs to be fixed. Have really enjoyed living here

When I renewed my lease last summer I experienced a lot of problems. I stay in a two bedroom. Maintenance is bad but has gotten better since I moved in. Getting a parking sticker had been a hassle requested on and didn't receive it until a month or two later. When I contacted about a problem did not receive a response until after I contacted Facebook page. But a lot of space but too expensive with all the problems not really money's worth.

Maintenance can be quit slow to fixing what need be done and emergency services at times is as well. I feel it is quite overpriced for what you get but all and all don't mind living here

Good place to live. I would recommend it to people. The covered parking is nice for when there is inclement weather. Nice community center..

Stillwater Flats is conveniently located next to campus and they are very accommodating. They do individual leases which takes away the stress of depending on a roommate to pay rent.

Great, only complaints is the electricity bill cap is to low compared to how much rent we pay. The other complaint is for how long it took to fix our dryer, about 2 weeks from time of service request and no part was required.

I absolutely LOVE Stillwater Flats! It is conveniently located close to campus and has everything you could ever possibly want or need right on the property. It may be slightly more expensive than a lot of properties around town, but once you start living here you will see it is totally worth every penny! The staff here is top notch and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

I love The Flats! The staff is friendly and the people who live here are great. It's in a great location next to campus and next to food vendors. My apartment is perfect for my roommates and me!

Generally decent. I'm in 4bedroom. Nice roomates with clean room and bathroom. Hope they provide some nice bike parking rack and fix the light in our kitchen but besides that, evrrything is good!

I have been a resident of Stillwater Flats for almost 3 years now, and I love this place! It's a little pricey, but you're paying for quality and you can't beat the location. It's only 2 blocks from campus!

Great location and the staff is very helpful! Anytime we have had any concern, management has been very willing to help and they are so nice!

They are always asking if we need anything! They are so helpful. Whenever there is a problem they are always there to fix it. The apartments are so nice and it is a fun environment.

Awesome! Love it here and all the workers are very nice and very quick to help out! Love my place and how close it is to campus. I plan on living here next year to!

Great place to live! They have awesome extras and the pool is always kept nice. You also can't beat how close we are to the school. A+ for the flats

Close to campus. Close to campus. Close to campus. Close to campus. Close to Close to campus. campus. Close to campus. Close to campus.......

Great location when it comes to walking to class. Having the computers and a stalked printer is extremely convenient as well, but the free coffee is my all time favorite part.

I love the staff here, they are real friendly and will work with you with any problems you have. Plus the location of these apartment are right off campus.

The management and staff are so nice here!!! It is really close to campus. I can walk to class with an average of 10 to 15 minutes. The only complaint I have is it doesn't look anything like the model home and there isn't a space to put the dining table. The prices are a bit steep.

The management is awesome!! They treat my dog Bo and I like family. They are always willing to help and are great to work with. The community facility is close and all the apartments are updated.

Best apartment complex ever!! The staff is always and so welcoming, especially the boy with the Miley Cyrus hair. Also, I love that there is a printing center on site because I'm usually too swamped to make it to campus.