A great location but there has been lot of construction and the fire alarm goes off almost weekly. It is nice that the rooms come with furniture.

I love everything about living here! The construction was annoying at first but it's done now. Using the bikes is great for getting to class. The pool had way to much chlorine but it's being fixed now!

Here at sterling summit I really like how the community all treats each other with respect and kindness. Every resident is friendly and loves to talk / hang out with each other.

The staff is very helpful and knowledgable. The only thing is that this complex should of been done before we move in. It's also a over priced.

The promise that everything would be done on time... But seriously, the appliances are great. They were all new, and so far have been quite energy efficient, which helps keep costs down

I like the amenities. The gym is nice for its size, the rec room and pool are nice to hang out qith friends, and the place it great and next to campus. I overall enjoy being at sterling summit.

Sterling summit is an awesome place to live. All the apartments are fully furnished with brand new appliances and televisions. The staff and maintenance workers are all really helpful, and are quick to address concerns

I like that the gym is nice for an apartment building. The amenities are also super nice and give the overall complex a good vibe. I'm very happy to live here.

I am pretty happy at Sterling Summit--the only issues are the noise, the lack of service for the things broken in the apartment (things that were broken before we moved in, not after), and the construction. I think once everything gets put together, it'll be a great place. Except the rec room is only open during office hours, which really takes away from the point of it, for me.

I like living at sterling summit, it was a really fun place to be once everything was completely built. The amenities are great, I love the pool and the clubhouse.

I enjoy the hot tub and pool. I also enjoy the Monday donuts along with the club house. The free coffee and tea definitely helps in the mornings.

Move in day was terrible, I didn't even want to live her. I was excited to use the outdoor activities like we were promised, but they weren't even built yet. Now it is getting better not because of the building, but the people around us. Like neighbors and friends. The apartments are nice, but I wish they took there time building it so there wouldn't be so many errors.

Mananagement is great. They're very nice and really listen to your concerns. I love the style and modern look, very nice for college living. There were some hiccups here and there and some things took awhile to address, but it's understandable because it's a new building.

I think the buildings are beautiful and even with some flaws the staff is still trying very hard! I do believe some things are not up to par but that does come with new buildings!

I really appreciated the addition of all the furniture to the courtyard in my building. This is now a great place for me to hang out with all of my friends.

Nice new community. Still a good deal of construction going on on the premises. Staff is pretty responsive. Rather respectful as well. Decent amount of parking. Packages received on time and notifications are prompt. Gym is kept neat and clean. Hallways are messy after weekends of if partygoers and party throwers.

I like how the pool is open because we spend a lot of our time in it and hanging out with people around it. Also they gym is nice. It has everything you need.

Overall good experience, except for remaining maintenance on Building 3 (including the inactive elevator on the southside), the disappointment of no furniture in the pool as well as that the hot tub closes at 10 P.M, and that there could be more workout equipment including barbells as well as more working cardio machines.

I love the Community amenities! My favorite is the clubhouse & the private study room. The best part is that it is 24/7. My roommates and I like to study and take 15 minute brakes while playing ping pong. The view is great as well. I also enjoy being able to get coffee from the study rooms.

So far Sterling has been a really nice place to live. The only problem is that it took maintenance longer than a week to fix my shower curtain. And the people who live above me are constantly blasting music and playing the drums very late at night which makes it hard to fall asleep. Especially on a school night.

So far I've had a lovely time. Construct is no bother, in fact I've made friends with some lf the guys there so I'm known. The noise from parties are low which is great but my upper neighbor isn't so quiet unfortunately

The noise level is not too bad. The staff is great and I'm glad security is present. Good community. There is a steady amount of illegal activity which is a little disheartening but it's college kids and their fault if it ruins them. Overall love it here

Nice apartments, it's great having your own bathroom but there's very subpar housekeeping in the buildings. The landscaping is coming along nicely though.

I like the pool a lot, the hot tub, and the free hot chocolate the best out of all of the amentities that are offered. The clubhouse is also fun.

Once it is finished being built completely it will be a great place to live. Having my own bathroom is by far the best thing that was made. I am also happy that we got a smart T.V.