Community is all around fair. The community is safe, quiet, and clean. The management could be stronger in accommodating everyone to what is actually being needed.

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the people there are so nice her and so helpful. my neighbors are awesome we hang out and play games all the time. i came here from California and didnt know many people and this community has helped me to come out of my shell and bloom as a person.

Facilities are nice and clean, rent is a little high though. I would also like to see the hot tub open a little later on the weekends and Fridays

I like the location and safety of the Summit, but would like some more communication with the front desk and Quiet hours to actually be enforced.

Reply from YOUnion Reno


The attitude and vibe of the whole place is great! The amenities truly sold me. I'm excited to have my own bathroom and my own room instead of the stuffy dorm and that's exactly what I'll be getting out of!

Great living conditions and amenities, great views, the hot tub is clutch! Could have not as for a more perfect location and apartment to live in.

How friendly and welcoming everyone is, the endless options of fun things to do such as the pool, ping pong, the free coffee and of course printing!

I really enjoy the community the people and the staff. I love my apartment and how nice everything is. I love how you can request fro maintenance and they're really punctual about getting to you.

I love living here! The amenities are great and with the new company this semester The Summit has really stepped up their game! I would recommend living here 5/5 every time.

They have been very professional. They have so many different facilities you aren't going to miss out on anything. The application process was a breeze.

I was given a tour of the community and I found it the environment quite enjoyable. The people around seemed friendly and I am eager to begin living here!

Most involved and clean community I've seen. Helps with anything you ask. I'm very excited to come and live there in the middle of August. Independencey here I come! Or something like that? 😂👍

Tge tour was great and the tour guide was awesome, apartments were beautiful, price was competitive. Very nice amenities. Overall much nicer than other complexes

I liked all the amenities that the summit has to offer. I liked how updated and modern the spaces are. The customer service also gave a very warming experience.

I liked that you are a leed certified community. It makes my bill a lot cheaper but also helps the environment in a small way, which is important to me.

It looks clean and a safe place to live. I like the gym and the community room. I also like how big the two bedroom suite is, and that my room has a patio.

I like the very modern look of the apartments. It looks very nice and eye-appealing in an otherwise old-looking town. All the areas in the community are kept nice and clean, which adds to its appeal.

I like the views. From the parking lot there is an awesome view of mt rose and slide mountain as well as the city. The community rooms and gym are great as well and useful when you need a place to relax or work.

The noise can sometimes get out of control but the rooms are nice although overpriced. Just hastily built so there are some cosmetic issues. Overall a good area to live.

The staff is very friendly and are always prompt to helping you out. The apartments come with a modern look & great amenities. Its really nice for college living and very convenient for students.

I like the design of the community and what surrounds it. The location is great and the people in it are very nice. It could be loud sometimes but for the most part it is a great place to live

Apartments are beautiful, the staff is very friendly and catering to your needs, and the entire location is an ideal place for students such as me to live.

Its really nice and I love the idea of student living without dorms. You learn to live on your own like a real apartment but the staff is eager to help anyone which makes it so much better than a regular apartment complex. I would recommend for others to live here also.

I really like how spacious the bedrooms are and that the homes are furnished and up to date. I like how modern the homes are and that I can walk to campus.

Though I haven't seen too many changes for myself. I have noticed the online system was made a lot nicer which is good for those that make use of it.