I haven't even officially moved in yet and I already love this place! Everyone who works here is so nice and makes sure you dont have any questions and always keeps in contact with you! I LOVE that!

I have not moved in yet, but my experience with the community at the Arch has be so great so far. The people at the front desk are so super nice and welcoming.

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Looove it! People are very nice and helpful and welcoming. Haven't moved in yet but everyone was so nice. Cannot wait to be a part of the community.

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Amazing amenities and friendly staff. I've lived here almost a year and I have already signed my renewal for the next year. They give away a lot of free stuff and really look out for the resident

The staff is very friendly and helpful and I love the environment of the apartments. The amenities are great and I love going to events held by the apartments. It's pretty loud at times, though.

Great staff! I fell in love with the new management, the investment they put into getting to know the residents and make the living experience at The Arch exceptional is inspiring.

I like that the gate is now closing at an earlier time of the day. The maintenance gets done in a timely manner. Just hoping that the gym can be 24/7

Nice place to live, my only complaint would be the wi-fi, it's not very consistent and will go out and random times. Very helpful employees as well.

This apartment complex has it's perks and benefits. I love the fact that everything is included in the monthly payment; no need to worry about water, internet or electricity bills. Gave this place a try and it seems to be going well!

The Arch is great at making their residents feel welcomed and appreciated. I especially loved the resident appreciation week, the staff went out of their way to create fun activities for us.

a·part·ment əˈpärtmənt/ noun NORTH AMERICAN a suite of rooms forming one residence, typically in a building containing a number of these. synonyms: suite (of rooms), rooms, living quarters, accommodations "the royal apartments" NORTH AMERICAN a large building containing residential suites; an apartment building. a suite of rooms in a very large or grand house set aside for the private use of a monarch or noble. "the Imperial apartments" Feedback

So good. Love the staff. Great place to live. This place has a great set up and I would recommend it to anyone it is the only apartment of its kind in this area

Lakeside son los mejores apt en centreville me encanta ademas de las comodidades que ofresen tenemos mas de 4 años viviendo aqui los recomiendo al 100%

Great experience working with the staff thus far. Excited to move in and get things rolling. Taking over a lease was rather easy, which was nice.

I have had a great experience so far at The Arch. Maintenance is fast and very helpful and the employees are very kind. There is also free printing which is helpful as a college student.

Great customer service. However, the units are not in good conditions. Need replacement of many furnitures and stuff. Rules and regulations are rigid as well.

Y'all are doing a great job here. Super people in the office. Great place to live and its so convenient to ACU, restaurants, the mall, anywhere in Abilene!

Nice pool, very close to ACU and TTU campus (like 4 minutes away). Has cool events like once a month with free food so that's cool. Pretty decent place!

Once the Grove turn into the Arch I started to see major improvements. The new management stepped right in a started making changes. That's all I have to say about that.

Slow on everything. BUT front desk staff is great! LIKE the contest and thing that go on, but its hard to attended do to school class work and studies

Everyone seems amazing and always helpful. I have never lived somewhere before like this that has dedicated so much to the people living there. Keep up the good job!

The front office staff has been tremendous ever since I moved in on short notice several years ago. The maintenance team is one of the best for any complex I've ever lived in too.

The living conditions are fair, not quite worth the amount of the rent. However I am happy here. The only complaint that I have is the speed of the maintenance requests.

I was unable to move in on move in day and I still don't live there. No one ever calls me back when I call, but the website is easy to use. When I checked out the property it looked nice.

My experience living thus far has been pretty good! The staff is really friendly and helpful. I love that we can print for free here and the workout space is really nice too.