Fun place to live! I have a lot of my friends from high school and now college that live here at The Arch with me! It's very convenient to go tanning or get a coffee from the front office too!

Very good. You guys keep the property very clean. You are very fast at repairs. Whenever I needed help on not making my rent on time, Sadie the manager has been very helpful and patient with me.

Pretty good but could be better. Not too bad though. The maintenance needs some help. They can't handle the demand of all the residents problems or do not handle it correctly. The entrance needs to be fixed and the back entrance needs to be leveled. There have issues with cars either dbroken or getting damaged because of this.

Maintenance has done a great job of getting any issues fixed in a very timely manner. The staff is very friendly. I was under the impression, however, that Conservice would tell us where the electricity was being used in the apartment and that has not been the case, which I am very disappointed about.

Good on notifying when things are changing, for instance when the gate will start working and letting us know what's going on in the complex.

My experience at the grove has been a roller coaster. I've had good times and bad as well. Downfall of living here is no 6 months leases and that in turn makes me have to do a lease take over. Which is a pain. Hopefully things get better as I continue to stay.

The grove is a good place to live, I wish the amenities were open longer than 5. When they do events they are fun but usually its first come first serve.

The grove is a place where you can meet all kinds of people who enjoy having fun. It is super convienent if you go to ACU because of how close it is.

The grove is really nice and has good prices. It is in a good and safe area and the staff up front is always helpful and kind. My experience there has been great!

I think the grove has made some great improvements. You guys care about the residents here and really try to make sure we are heavily accommodated with everything we need.

Staff is okay. Roommates are a bad idea. I think everyone I know gets a bad roommate out of the two extra people that live with them. I can't wait to leave and have a rent payment at a house for the same amount!

Things have been better recently but still haven't had the best experience here over the past few months. One thing that is annoying is you never know when and if you're gonna get your mail.

It's good, but not great. I am overall satisfied with my experience. Employees are helpful. Rooms are livable but significant things wrong. Better than a dorm.

Everyone is great in the main office they are very helpful and answer any questions when asked they are a really good team and they get a lot of problems solved and resolved as quick and easy as possible I really appreciate all the help I've gotten so far from the grove team

I like it. I live here as a second home due to my job situation. It is furnished, so less moving and less expense. I have met wonderful people as roommates. I am an non-student adult and they match me with people in similar circumstances.

Easy transition and friendly staff! Get promotions and great gifts all the time! They have tons of fun and exciting things to do! Anytime I have a issue they always do their best to fix it!

My time here has been good. I like it here and the different people that I meet. The help in the front office has been good. And the notifications that I get are also helpful.

While the grove is not the worst place to live, maintainence is lacking. You must submit a work order multiple times for them to come and fix anything, and when they do show up they never have the parts to fix the problem. Also the front desk staff are never on the same page, so you never quite get an answer to your questions. But it is spacious and could be worse.

this place is great for the price that being said it is the cheapest place to live in the city good service great location not secure no working gate dog poop covers the grass everywhere except front yard

Living at the Grove has made my life extra comfortable. I haven't had to worry about furniture, bills, or bad neighbors. The community is fun and the staff is very accommodating.

Decent place to live. The furniture is old and chipped. The kitchen storage is very limited. Management is ok. Hate that they don't have assigned parking. Don't let you keep your rate when you renew your lease.

I love the staff! They all know me and greet me by my name. I just wish we had more ellipticals in the gym and a working printer at all times!

The Grove has been a great experience for me this far. Beautiful living spaces, fully furnished homes, amazing rent control. I've been at the Grove for two years now and the management is ten times better and the overall experience is wonderful.

Love how the apartments are furnished and come with all bills paid for the most part. I just would rather everyone were out in different buildings. Oil field workers and and electric crews in one area and college aged kids in another.

There were some management issues before, but since the new semester began, the new management has done a really great job turning things around.