Love this place! Super clean and nice! Awesome amenities and super friendly staff. Love that I have my own place pretty much and not having to share everything

I am doing great. Very excited to staring living in the arch and enjoy the pool, gym and the library to do all my homework. Also happy with the fact that we don't have to buy furniture since the apartments are all furnished.

Staff and community are great. Had some of the best roommates and great times meeting new people. The Arch provided an outstanding atmosphere for people to get to know eachother.

Great. It sounds likes you guys are planning on doing quite a few renovations which will be super nice. I've been seeing workers outside working all day everyday which shows work is going into these apartments.

They're always so nice and willing to help with any problem and if they can't solve it they give you a number or instructions on who to talk to and what to do. Always give out alerts and always understanding and caring.

Always have loved living here at the Grove! Will stay here until I graduate college and will love every moment of it. So much to do and great management which makes everything worth it!

I'm really enjoying my stay at the grove. I like the atmosphere and the friendly staff. Whenever I have a problem the staff is always helpful and are eager to fix anything that might be wrong.

Living at the Grove Fort Wayne is amazing! It's amazing that your apartment comes fully furnished and you have the majority of your utilities paid for! There's no place in town like it!

You guys are doing great. I love that I get notified by email and by text whenever my packages are ready. I am always referring my friends here.

I don't really like the grove anymore. When I first mived in I was in love but overtime that wore off. There is a lot of improvement to do!!

Always helpful and nice. Always solves any problems and really cares about their residents. Mecanical problems get solved quick fast and efficiently

The Grove has been very helpful in assisting me through everything. They have answered all my questions and been so kind in doing so! I would definitely recommend The Grove if you're looking for student housing!

I've lived here for a semester and can't really complain. The staff are friendly and the maintenance is fairly prompt. Not too bad of a place!

No complaints here. I enjoy how nice everyone in the office is. Always willing to help, while be patient. I am truly happy that I decided to live here.

The management here at the grove fort Wayne is wonderful. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and is sure to make whatever possible work best for their residents.

It has been very good. Great atmosphere and great helpers at the desk. From the day I walked in I felt welcomed and happy to be a part of the community here at the grove.

You guys are doing amazing you take care of the problems as soon as we call! I love the grove so happy I chose to live her wouldn't want to live any where else

I love living at The Grove Fort Wayne. All the residents are nice and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend a friend to live here. Thanks for all the fun!

Love the residents and the staff! Very friendly! They are always here to help you with whatever you need! The grounds are nicely kept and I feel right at home!

Great atmosphere and the front desk is always willing to help. Need to get rid of those speed bumps at the entrance but it is nice living here.

Great service and friendly community. The apartments have a lot of room and the amenities are also great. I never haven't had any problems since moving in.

The apartments were okay, I just did not like the location or Fort Wayne in general. The staff was always nice when I went in for a question

I would really like to see updated gym equipment and the gates working after three years of living there. I also believe that the utilities need to be synced with the rent.

The Grove has so far been a great place to live and experience the college lifestyle. They have a few minor problems here and there, such as the workout facilities not always being upkept, but overall they've suited me well. I would definitely recommend The Grove to a friend looking for an apartment!

This place has done nothing but horrible since I moved in back in August. I've had maintance out here to "fix" things but they don't fix them. I've had a leak in my laundry room with possible mold (that the office is aware of) and nothing has been done. My fiancé and I both live in the apartment and pay close to $1,000 dollars a month here and it's defiantly not worth it.