Dog feces everywhere. Neighbors are noisy as hell and don’t complain cause nothing will be done. The pool is full of outsiders more than the tenants. The gates are broken 99.9 percent of the time. Booted cars sit in the lot taking up space for weeks. Dishonest people working in the office. I think I have said enough.

Move in process was horrible. So many maintenance issues and nothing was explained in the office upon move in. I had to constantly visit the office for questions.

The community itself is beautiful but the late fees are extremely ridiculous. I will not be renewing my lease. I am very unhappy. I have also informed everyone I know of these ridiculous terms.

The front gate is always broken. Big black ants EVERYWHERE in my apartment. You have to register every person that visits or they get booted. The apartment themselves are pretty spacious but it looks like they just paint over old water damage, rust and mold.

It's an ok place to live, however I've add some issues with fellow neighbors that make excess noise, and every morning running down the stairs right next to my bedroom got really annoying. The gate is always broken, and for a gate community it's never working it seems.

Has only been 3 months but they just did our walkthrough after being here for this long time!!!! Very spacious though. Unprofessional staff, very nonchalant on handling residents concerns.

I love my actual apartment, but no one takes care of the property. The dog park is a mud hole, there is too much theft, and the maintenance crew isnt cleaning the grounds. For example, there has been an old pair of underwear in the open grass right next to the sidewalk for about 2 weeks.

Been a resident for 4 months & I have a mold in my closet, it’s spreading to my clothing & shoes. They blamed it on me come to find out it’s their fault.

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When we first moved in it was well kept, a gated community, activities always going on and management was pretty good. A year later and the gates are always open, if they aren't open they are closed and the call boxes are broke. The stairwells and sidewalks are so dirty and dont seem like they have been cleaned. But the rent keeps going up....

Overall a decent place to live. Sometimes it gets loud at night by the pool and the gate is always broken. Some of the neighbors are a little sketchy.

I like my apartment but it is not worth the price of rent. Not sure if there is a noise curfew either but not a huge fan of all the loud gatherings my neighbors have until 2 am..

The best thing about the community is the helpful office staff. They recognize me and call me by name and try to be helpful. Unfortunately it feels like the property management company doesn’t take good of care of things. Gate is always broken, sprinklers are broken so cars and patios get sprayed with water, no mulch in common areas for more than a year. Parking rules require guests to be registered at 6:00 PM which just seems unreasonable when there isn’t a parking problem. Seems like residents are not the priority.

The apartments have a nice lay out and the pools are nice ... and the maintance staff does a good job of keeping up the place. Things could be better and could be worse

It’s getting better.. but definitely too expensive. Was nearly $1200 when I moved in and now I’m paying near $1600. In the same apartment.... looking forward to moving out

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The community from the outside looking in looks very nice. Too bad the residents don’t take care of it. They don’t pick up after their dogs, they are not considerate of their neighbors and overall it’s just a rude community. The gate is always broken and that’s how people get in the community to break into cars. The office couldn’t care less because if they did they would do something about the gate. When I use my card to get in (if the gates are even closed to begin with which is rare) anywhere from 5-10 cars could follow you in. It’s a joke. The apartment itself is decent though. The maintenance staff is very nice.

Overall good, would be better if the boot crew was out more often to boot cars illegally parked. They need to especially focus on cars that are backed.

Other than a few minor fixes and getting rid of a bug problem, I recommend living here if your willing to put some effort into the place! Other than that I have nothing but good comments about this apartment complex

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The front gates are always broken and there's not enough parking. Maintenance is good and prompt. A lot of dog owners do not clean up after their dogs. Not enough recycling bins/garbages.

It’s been great living here they just have to keep mainingtaing the units and buildings. I live in building 11. They started painting the stairs about a year and a half ago but they never completed the third floor or half the stairs . I like the new management team though I do have to say this place has been feeling more safe and the gates are working constantly! 🙏🏾

Neighbors are really noisy, ALWAYS fighting & beating on the door NO MATTER the time of day or night. People don't clean after for dogs, the gate is ALWAYS broken because people are savages here.

Having been here for four years we have seen plenty of mgmt teams come through. We signed our lease originally because the office staff was so amazing and our first year was everything we had hoped it would be. Then we ran into a couple of office teams who were less than helpful and have been on the fence about resigning every year. Fortunately, everything seems to be returning to the way it was when we fell in love with The Cove and we couldn't be more thrilled. From the office staff to the grounds keepers, everyone really seems to be going out if their way to "fix" the problems created by previous mgmt groups. Thank you.

Maintenance and office personnel are very nice and helpful, especially Gabriel and Africa. However, it is frustrating that so many residents cannot or will not follow simple rules - no smoking, picking up after dogs, keeping dogs on leash, following speed limits. It is annoying that the community gates rarely work and that we allow the aggressive dog breeds that are restricted on the lease we sign to be admitted to live here.

Our apartment is perfect. We have had no issues there. The community on the other hand has issues. There are people who smoke in the stairwells when it is supposed to be a non smoking community. It’s not a gated community either since the gate doesn’t work 99.9% of the time. People let their dogs run loose, and leave their dog poop everywhere.

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It’s been a great time living here until the pot heads moved in upstairs. Can’t enjoy sitting on the balcony or opening the balcony doors for fresh air without getting a wind surf of skunk smell. Not to mention the slamming of the balcony doors at 2 or 3 in the morning. Such a nice community being ruined by folks who have no respect for the rules or policies.

Nice place, but I have had several items stolen from my car and sometimes feel a bit unsafe here. Overall not too bad though. The maintenance team is awesome. The pool area has no hot tub which really sucks. The gym is far for us to walk to. The bbq area could be converted to gas and made much nicer. It's more like something you would find at a cheap park than a home. Building is solid and there is fast internet available in the area though. :)