Staff is nice, pool and gym are nice as well. Dog friendly community which we love. Very interested community as far as race is. Appliances are a little outdated.

It’s been a great time living here until the pot heads moved in upstairs. Can’t enjoy sitting on the balcony or opening the balcony doors for fresh air without getting a wind surf of skunk smell. Not to mention the slamming of the balcony doors at 2 or 3 in the morning. Such a nice community being ruined by folks who have no respect for the rules or policies.

We have lived in this community for 4 years now and I have to say that it is not the same as when we first moved here. To me the community is going down hill.

I like living here because everything is close bye, and the neighborhood is good, but lately there has been breaking to cars, and they broke the window to our car, we need security cameras, and more security during the night.

Neighbors are really noisy, ALWAYS fighting & beating on the door NO MATTER the time of day or night. People don't clean after for dogs, the gate is ALWAYS broken because people are savages here.

Having been here for four years we have seen plenty of mgmt teams come through. We signed our lease originally because the office staff was so amazing and our first year was everything we had hoped it would be. Then we ran into a couple of office teams who were less than helpful and have been on the fence about resigning every year. Fortunately, everything seems to be returning to the way it was when we fell in love with The Cove and we couldn't be more thrilled. From the office staff to the grounds keepers, everyone really seems to be going out if their way to "fix" the problems created by previous mgmt groups. Thank you.

Good residential. Great services. The people in the office is amiable. They when you make a service request. My only complain it about the leasing. I think It a little higher.

The only complaint I have is noise coming from the apartment above us. Other than that I happy. I like my apartment, the rooms are big enough.

We have lived in the Cove of Boynton Beach for 5 years, staff are very nice and helpful. However the appliances are outdated and often broke and in need of repair.

There needs to be a better gate security, what is the point of being a gated community when one car can open the gate for other cars to follow right behind. The company hired for car booting is absurd! They are so quick to boot resident cars as well as non-residents vehicles only to leave the car sitting there for months causing limitation on parking.

Community is beautiful. Outsiders tend to ruin things for the residents. Office employees have been great with the community and are always coming up with positive things to interact with the community.

The community is great. The parking is a nightmare if you have guests. There is plenty of parking but yet they require you to have a parking sticker or register your guest like you are a child. Other than that the maitenence crew is great!

Nice place, but I have had several items stolen from my car and sometimes feel a bit unsafe here. Overall not too bad though. The maintenance team is awesome. The pool area has no hot tub which really sucks. The gym is far for us to walk to. The bbq area could be converted to gas and made much nicer. It's more like something you would find at a cheap park than a home. Building is solid and there is fast internet available in the area though. :)

Maintenance and office personnel are very nice and helpful, especially Gabriel and Africa. However, it is frustrating that so many residents cannot or will not follow simple rules - no smoking, picking up after dogs, keeping dogs on leash, following speed limits. It is annoying that the community gates rarely work and that we allow the aggressive dog breeds that are restricted on the lease we sign to be admitted to live here.

Our apartment is perfect. We have had no issues there. The community on the other hand has issues. There are people who smoke in the stairwells when it is supposed to be a non smoking community. It’s not a gated community either since the gate doesn’t work 99.9% of the time. People let their dogs run loose, and leave their dog poop everywhere.

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The front gates are always broken and there's not enough parking. Maintenance is good and prompt. A lot of dog owners do not clean up after their dogs. Not enough recycling bins/garbages.

They try to make the community great but the gates continue to stay open and my mail is constantly missing. The grounds need new grass and mulch as there is sand and dirt everywhere.

It was an average experience. Need better resident facilities like cleaner pool, AC in weight rooms, community events, community portal. Gates to enter the community are always open whenever I return from work.

I do like this this apartment complex .The leasing office does the best of their ability to help in situations. The worst part of the complex is parking you need a parking decal and you have to register your car if you are a guest or they will boot your car . Which is very inconevenient i would understand if there was limited parking but there is plenty of parking thru out the whole complex. If you have a lot of visitors be aware of this policy or your friends will get booted!

Its been great I love my apartment and everyone in the office is very pleasant and helpful. The maintenance crew fix things in a timely manner.

The community for the most part is very quiet and clean, the gate has issues a lot of the time and the people who don’t belong here and breaking into the cars are because of the gates never working. But other than that great staff and the apartments are beautifully laid.

Can not complain on anything except the fees you are charged per day in addition to the hundred dollar fee for being late with rent, everything else gets a thumps up

The property is kept well maintained. The office people are very courteous and professional. I’ve had my air conditioner go out on a Friday and it was fixed the same day. The response to emergency’s is quick and dealt with quickly

The only issue I have is you do not make it easy for a tenant who has been here about 5 years to transfer to a different apartment. I have tried to get an apartment with a garage for 2 years, this will be the third. You have made it impossible to get the apartment I want.

We have been living at the Cove for 4 years now. We absolutely love it when we first move. All of the transitions were smooth and easy. For the most part it is a clean environment. The only issue I have had was recently, to I many people speed through the parking lots