It’s been alright so far apart from maintenance coming to the apartment to “fix” the heating and cooling issues. All they did was make a HUGE mess in my room when cutting drywall and wood leaving drywall dust and sawdust all over my personal belongings in my room and then leave me to clean it all up.....

I like that the community are all college students of the same university. It is easier to relate to the residents because of this commonality.

The degree feels completely like home. I honestly live it here. The thing that makes it even better is that it is literally so close to UNLV. I haven’t been here too long, but I truly enjoy being here and I hope my experience remains the same.

it’s very nice to live close to classes because driving is a mess. Having your own bathroom is also very nice as sharing one in the dorms was a bit messy

It’s ok. Not the greatest. I feel like during the break it was quite and empty. When school starts the parking is full. Roommates keep to themselves

living life! I have all my stuff together right now and am living happily at my crib. Hope that I can continue living this way for a long time. that lavish life!!

Great location, love that it’s walking distance to campus and so close to all the major attractions here in Vegas. I also enjoy everything that the apartment offers, with private bedrooms and bathrooms. To the gym, pool and study areas.

The degree is awesome. Its a safe place to live. Indoor parking. Love living here. The amenities are also great in the apartment. They make you feel at home!

Living here has been great! I love all the amenities and location. Its very convenient how close the building is to campus. I would rate my experience a 4 because maintenance has been the only issue.

From start to finish, this place is amazing. No doubt. The only thing that could make this place better is having better internet routers so that the wired connection can be as fast as the dorm. I guess I am just used to it. Also, maybe get notifications (or lockers) for when mail, leaf and package arrive so I don't have to worry about it. Finally, for the front door, maybe a ButterflyMX intercom system.

Very expensive, utilities are nice, homeless people surrounding the building, management seems a bit off, lots of problems with with getting in building, parking is very minimal, some washing machines are really nice, there’s are shit, I have 4 roommates, no chairs. We have been calling for 5 months.

It’s a nice place to stay but doesn’t seem to be cleaned a lot. Neighbors can be noisy sometimes. Friendly staff and security. Overall, a good place to stay.

It is an absolutely amazing community. The Degree is absolutely stunning with gorgeous a gorgeous pool and jacuzzi that never disappoint. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to live here.

I have an enjoyable time at the degree, not many problems to deal with, especially other residents. They also have fun events with free food and prizes!

So far it has been pretty well! Although there is some pros and cons being here as a resident at the Degree but overall the stay is pretty comfortable.

My experience here has actually been pretty exciting and pretty quiet overall. It is great to have easy access to campus and so many places around you as well. There is a lot of space for me to do different things and activities for me to meet new people and bond. Everything gets taken care of right away for me.

Living at the degree has been a great experience. So far I have been able to many new people and create new memories at their monthly get togethers! I am a transfer student and the inclusion that the apartment complex has to offer has helped me get more involved in the “college life” tremendously.

So far everyone has been so nice and helpful! I definitely refer this complex to friends! Many of my teammates live here so it’ll be lots of fun to get more to come.

Good location, but rude staff and very expensive and not a community feel. A lot to improve on in terms of price and value for money, it has to be said.

The apartments themselves are nice, management is a bit strict but willing to work with you. Package pickup is a bit disorganized, I feel like it's not uncommon for me to get a delivery confirmation email and the front office doesn't find it for a few days. Overall not too bad. The amenities are very nice though!

place is overall beautiful. I like the amenities offerd, i do think the staff here is not great. they dress professional but i no way have good customer service skills. i understand the people hired here are students. could be better, also the internet is never thst great in our room either.

Nice living here. Need to up security especially in a bad part of town like this. I think that we need to have better staff communication. We need to fix the temperature problem downstairs in the gym and study room

Overall a great experience. The gym and apartment utilities are beautiful and luxurious. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The bedrooms are extremely beautiful.

Great location and amenities, front desk services were great, able to answer questions at any time. But soundproofing performance between rooms was poor

I enjoy The Degree. It is very nice. I have good roommates. They are quiet. They are my friends. We are very respectful of one another. I like them. Cool coffee machine downstairs. It gives me Starbucks espresso. Yum.