Great community to live in and being so close the the dog park is an asset to this neighborhood. I also like the provided amenities among the living expenses.

Love love if here. I've lived here for 4 years and it's been a good experience. Close to ECU and also close to the river. The gym isn't bad either.

Most everyone who works here is nice! Would be lovely if the apartments would be sprayed for bugs more often. And that the amenities would be open and all work properly. I was excited to live here because of the tanning bed, gym and pool. Sadly the tanning beds haven't been available. Most of the good stuff in the gym is brokwn. The hammocks are awesome though!

Love my apartment, sometimes the service is a little questionable. We have a few service requests that have not been fulfilled and they were put in months ago.

The apartments are comfortable, service requests take a while to be resolved but are done correctly. The amenities included in the apartment itself are pretty good.

The district is a great and wonderful place to live with good management. Love the two floor townhouse style with great living space for two people in a two bedroom.

I really enjoy the location of The District. It is close to campus so I can walk to classes at my convenience. I live in a three bedroom apartment with my two friends and we all love how spacious it is inside, and the kitchen is very accommodating. There was some damage to the unit when we arrived that has yet to be seen to, and there are some issues with internal temperature regulation and occasional bugs. Overall, great living space!

Everything I have experienced has been great I have no complaints and nothing bad to say everything is great I really appreciate everything and could be more thankful.

I wish there were more dog stations (with bags and trash can) around. The staff is very friendly and and maintenance is always quick to fix any problems that I have.

Now that renovations are complete and management is more organized, I am happy to be living here. The maintenance requests that I have made when I moved in are finally filled. Some of the machines in the gym are broken, but if the gym is not full it's not that big of a deal. I love the layout of my apartment and the neighbors are great.

I love living at The District. Living here has exceeded all my expectations that could be offered, and connecting through Community Rewards is just another great way to stay in tact with the community at Tar River.

Great area, close to ECU campus. Maintinence wasn't the greatest at first but has improved. Spacious houses. Overall a very nice, affordable place for a college student to live.

Community is great! Hopefully the tanning beds will be working soon. Great park for our dogs. Amenity center is exceptional. Everything is very clean and tidy.

Awesome people that work in the office, always eager to help. The maintenance team helps out in a timely manner as well! Also amazing with the dog park being so close!

Staff is friendly maintenance is slow. House was clean when we moved in. Parking is not a problem. Rent is a good price for location and amenities.

Really excited the new amenity center is open and have found good use inside the gym. There are also computers available inside for those who don't not have access.

Things are taking a while to settle in considering the switching of management, however I believe this is an issue of being understaffed. I am confident that everything will be running smoothly come the new year!

A very good place for the money. Work orders could be completed a little faster but nothing we could not live without. The new amenity center is nice as well.

Its honestly great, the staff is always nice to me and my roommates. Even though we were in there a lot when we first moved in due to changing our lease 3 times and causing problems with their vendors. Only problem we have had was the HVAC but it was fixed and has been running fine. Pools are nice, people are nice, the amenity center is cool, and having 2 dogs its nice being so close to the dog park.

I enjoy everyone here and the new changes. I have lived out here since 2013, My brother and I live here in a 2 bedroom. I like that we can also pay the rent online

I love where I live. The neighborhood is great, it's quite, and it's peaceful. I wish maintenance was a little more efficient at getting requests done, but overall love the place.

Y'all have been very helpful with everything. Also I can't wait for all of the fun amenities that are being added on the Wilson arces side of the district.

awesome i love you guys so much this is the best place ive lived at so far. there is alot of people my age and the dog park is realy close to me.

Love living here. Love the property. Love the renovations. Love the location. Love the staff! I don't really have any complaints. Thanks for being so great!

I enjoy living at tar river, I love the pool and the amenities offered for the tenants. It was cleaned when I moved in and I love the new fixtures.