The staff has been very friendly and easy to approach with questions about the appointment. They have been very clear about everything that is to be expected.

Dog friendly. Great community of both college and non college neighbors. Could be better about urgency for matinence purposes!! Clean and healthy environment!!

Had a good year. Enjoyed my stay. Wish they answered office phone more often. Don't really get things fixed as fast as I need them. Otherwise everything has been great. Good area, nice apartments

Great community everyone who works here is nice and friendly. I would recommend living here as it is in a great location in comparison to campus.

Pretty good there is a dog park and a pool and a gym and it’s close to ecu. Living in the grid is nice and the remodeled ones are worth the extra money

When I went to go tour the district the staff made it really easy for us to find what we wanted. It was a rainy day but they still made it a smooth tour. We signed the same day because we liked it so much

This is a great apartment complex! Great amenities and I love my loft apartment! It’s a great distance from ECU’s campus...only a 12 minute walk!

I am trusting that you all will clean the apartment properly before move-in so I am going to go ahead and give you guys a 5 star review even thought I have not seen the apartment yet.

When beginning the process of deciding where to live the office assistants were extremely helpful. They made the deciding and pre-leasing process less stressful and confusing.

I don't even live here yet and they already know who I am in the office! I've had nothing but positive interactions!! It has been Excellent!

Living here has been amazing. The staff is great at answering questions you have. It is great living so close the greenway especially now that the weather is getting better.

Although I have only signed my lease for the upcoming year . The staff was very helpful and friendly . Asnswered all the questions that I had when touring , made the process really simple. Nice rooms too

I️ love it, its quiet, peaceful, friendly, and over eveything, affordable. Me and my girlfriend moved there after she finished her first semester in college and we plan on staying here the remainder of her college career

Just getting started but I’m having trouble figuring everything out!! So far I love it though! I can’t wait to experience more and see what is to offer!

Living at The District has been awesome! The community is much quieter than most other apartment communities which is great for students. The office staff is always kind and they always have something cool happening at the office.

I haven't even moved in yet, but I'm so excited to be a resident at The District and live here next semester! The front desk staff have been so welcoming and helpful!

I enjoy the District. I wasn't planning on living here another here, but now I am because there wouldn't really be any better place to live. For me, at least.

one time i ate a burger and and it was a very delicious burger. it had everything i ever dreamed a burger would have. too bad it was just a dream.

Although I have not moved into The District at Tar River yet, the staff at the front desk were great and made the process of filling out the application/lease simple and painless.

The apartments are nice on the inside and the outside. The staff is very nice and helpful. I enjoy living so close to campus that I have the opportunity to walk or take the bus to class.

I've lived multiple places here in Greenville, and this has been the most comfortable. No issues and staff is friendly. I don't have any real complaints.

I really enjoy the community. It feels safe here at the district! You mainly see the same familiar faces and I like that. It’s great here! It’s good to be so close to the greenway as well!

So friendly and helpful, I love the environment! The front office employees are very informative, they make sure you are comfortable and they offer amazing assistance.

It’s a nice place to stay. Friendly community, and wonderful choices for your apartment. I love the fact there is a washer and dryer in my apartment. It makes everything so simple and easy!

Living at The District is great! The staff always go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly eg with maintenance or with any other concerns