I love the location and all the amenities we have available to us. It's easy to get to campus, but we basically have everything we need here so we just have to go for class! The pool is amazing and I like having the study room so I can get away from my roommates.

Overall I think the staff here does a pretty great job of keeping everything going. I enjoy the effort to get everyone involved more. I am a big fan of this community rewards thing, I think it is a great idea. One suggestion is to have the community assistant for the building get everyone involved to meet eachother.

Doing very well. Y'all are very quick when I need help, Y'all get the packages to me as soon as you get them. Overall, you have good service.

Good maintenance service and cleanliness of the residence areas! Like it so far but I have only been here for a few weeks. I have not been able to meet many other residents in my building yet though.

I think that the domain does a good job of taking care of things that need to be taken care of. Whenever something goes wrong in your apartment someone will always come to check it out. The staff is also very friendly and helpful whenever you have questions about anything.

I love everything about the domain, the staff is so friendly and amenities are great. The noise from our neighbors is the only complaint! I feel safe in our complex and go on nightly runs and do not feel like I am in danger ever!

Overall, The Domain has been great so far. I love all of the amenities, especially the Starbucks, pool, tanning, and gym. The staff is also always very nice and willing to answer all questions.

Absolutely love it here!! The rooms are super great quality and the kitchen is gorgeous. I mostly utilize the free hot chocolate in the lobby along with the shuttle service!!

Everything has been pretty good so far only complaint is the bus service being too crowded. I hate having to stand in the bus rolling around at 8am its awful.

So far I believe that the domain is a great place to live. The amenities make it even better.. especially the pool and business center. The only thing I wish they could add was some type of security on each building. A gate on each entrance would make me feel much safer.

So far it has been a really good experience for me here at the domain. I have never had any problems getting anything fixed when I put in a matienece request, they always come very quickly. Also the people are really nice and friendly.

So far, I have enjoyed living here. My apartment is big and the amenities offered are awesome. I have had quite a few maintenance issues but they have been fixed pretty promptly.

So far I really love living at The Domain. The staff is all very friendly and helpful whenever I have any issues at all. The maintenance team is also very helpful and the amenities are amazing! Extremely glad I chose The Domain.

Maintenance is good, the bus shuttle is always on time, the business center is super convienent for when I need to study in a quiet space late at night.

I love living at The Domain at Columbia! Our apartment was very clean when we moved in and everything has been great so far! We have had very few problems.

Maintaince could be better. Standing water sits outside my building. Everything else is great though. Management was very helpful and deals with things accordingly

The apartment is a bit expensive, however the rooms are spacious and come furnished, the amenities are nice to have, and maintenance is always extremely helpful to fix the few problems that do arise every so often. I also have a puppy and it is a great place for him to grow up. He is extremely socialized thanks to all of his furry neighbors!

Nice and clean complex. But management can improve. There has been multiple times where mail has been lost, and my payments haven't gone through.

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For the price, the Domain is a really nice place to live. The distance from campus has never been a problem for me because of the shuttle bus, even though it can get super crowded in the morning. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about getting another bus since they're so expensive and you have to think about salary for the bus drivers- but if there's one thing I would personally want from this place is having another shuttle bus. Besides that, I've lived here over a year now and I've never had a problem with maintenance or the staff here. Having a pet friendly apartment complex is also why I love this place. There's plenty of space for me to walk my dog and they even provide doggy bags for you all throughout the complex. This place is by no means perfect (i.e. the trash bags everywhere can get kind of gross, the utility overages can be a little too much sometimes), but that's never given me enough of a reason to want to leave. I'll definitely keep this place in mind as I think of places to live next year.

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I think it is really awesome living here so far. The amenities at the club house are so nice, especially the free printing and the tanning bed!

The Domain is OK. I wish they had more another bus so buses come every 15 minutes and don't fill up. It is not cool when you have to stand before or after class or can not even get on.

The domain has really good management in comparison to places I've lived before. They Handle maintenance requests in a timely manor. It's a fun and engaging environment. The clubhouse has a ton of amenities such as tanning, a workout room, and a movie theatre. Very Pet friendly !

I love my apartment. however you all should consider getting a second bus as most of the time its so crowded that some people have to stand.

I love the domain! Couldn't have asked for a better place to live! The amenities are amazing as well as how spacious each room and bathroom is

Beds are comfortable, bathrooms are great, appliances work, maintenance happens quickly. Good place to live. Kitchens are very usable, the wifi is good most of the time, however can cut out sometimes, and has short slow downs occasionally.