I love the apartment complex and the amenities. I really wish that the shuttle would run later during week days and all weekends. The rooms are great and I have no complaints about them.

It has been a good experience with luxury living. The pool is amazing. The bed is super comfy, and everything seems up to date. I love the shuttle is normally on time.

I do like living here a lot it's located in a good area which makes it easy and quicker to get to all the places I need. The roommate matching could be a little bit better and the water is extremely hard it's destroyed my skin but other than that it's a great complex!

Love the apartment and setup! The place is very nice and all Amenities are wonderful. Just not sure why there’s carpet in the bedrooms I figured there would be the same flooring throughout so the chances of stains would be less .

I really enjoy the community and my surroundings. I thought this was going to be difficult , but actually it is a great place to live . I would recommend it to my friends.

The rooms, kitchen, and living area are all very nice and I love the layout, but I've filed about 12 maintenance requests within the first three weeks...

The staff is very nice and so are the apartments. Do NOT let the do random roomate matching unless absolutely necessary. I got the complete opposite of what I asked for!

The amenities are nice, but have not been open or show signs of damage. (i.e. ripped hammocks, closed fire-pit) However, the front office staff and maintenance have been helpful and respond to requests promptly.

Really big apartments with a nice community area, the pool’s awesome and there are a ton of amenities. Furniture is all modern and clean, nothings broken.

The domain is a pretty nice place to live at; it has nice, refined amenities and the apartments themselves are modern and well fashioned. The quality of the apartment is a bit suspect but that is often to come with student housing.

The apartment community does very well with taking care of questions & needs and is such a friendly dog place. My maintenance requests have all been fulfilled in a timely manner and the apartments are so functional.

There was things broke when I moved in and I still don’t have an Apple TV or roku like I’m supposed too. Also the empty room wasn’t clean which attracts bugs.

Convenient location, not too close but not too far away; lovely atmosphere; great amenities; very thoughtful and reliable staff; overall tremendous experience

Upon moving in, my roommates and I found a fur ball, the entire apartment reeked of cat piss, and there was an abundance of hair and dust we had to vacuum and clean up ourselves, which was not a fun experience, but otherwise it has been pleasant.

I was surprised at move-in when I discovered that our apartment looks out over the pool, volleyball courts, and firepits. The Domain set us up, it really feels like we're staying at a resort!

The domain has great amenities, The apartments are nice and have new appliances. The pool is great to hang out with friends and using the grills is a great plus!

Only complaint is the bus doesn't work on the weekends. Also no promised apple TV is a big negative. I have heard that we are getting rokus instead which is fine but apple TV would be far better as it was one of the best things promised about the domain.

I enjoy my time here. The pool is one of my favorite amenities and I don’t mind the gym either. I wish printing wasn’t so complicated but overall I love the place

My experience thus far has been good but there was some things that I was disappointed in from the domain. When moving in there was obviously a cat/ multiple cats living in here before. The carpets were not cleaned and it smelt like cat urine. It reeked in some bedrooms more than others. There was cat hair all over the floors including hair balls found. There were scratches on the legs of some stuff and I was just very upset of how much WE had to clean when moving into our new home for the next year. Like I said previously it has been good but that definitely should never happen especially since we said we didn’t have pets nor request pets.

I love living at the Domain! It has been such a great experience so far. The staff are all really nice and helpful. I can’t wait to meet more people! I also really enjoyed the craft day they had where we got to make wreaths. That was really fun for me!

We need new hammocks, desperately! But it’s been great so far. I’m still trying to figure out what there is but everyone is super nice!!!!!!

I love living at The Domain! The only reason that it’s not a full 5 stars is because it can be loud at night from other residents coming back late from a night out. That’s not my thing so am usually trying to study or sleep and it can be distracting. Other than that, living here has been great!

I really like the amenities here. The gym is great and so is the pool. The rooms are very nice too. Only thing I don’t like is the change in shuttle times. It makes it very inconvenient for residents.

It took them three weeks to fix our broken dryer. After it was finally fixed, it broke again. Luckily, they were quick to fix it this time. So it has improved.

The cleanliness of the staircases is a problem at times, especially with my dog who has tried to eat some trash that has fallen out from the daily pick up. I wish there was more parking space for the residents who do not have a parking pass