The apartments are very nice and the move in process was easy and quick. Have had nothing but good interactions with staff and I look forward to meeting new people.

domain has been great since i been here i got here a couple days ago nice space nice stuff nice people everything’s been great so far so it got five stars

Great place to live! The apartment comes furnished with nice couches, flat screen tv with Apple TV, a bed, and all appliances. Also comes with access to a huge pool, volleyball area, fire pit, gym, movie theater, business center, golf simulator, and more! This place is awesome!

A lot of the amenities that come with the apartment half the time do not work. That being the shuttle, the printer,etc. When I originally viewed a two person the apartment I was placed in was nothing like the one I viewed. Originally they told me electric would not accede $50 but I have had to pay over $200

I love all the amenities The Domain has to offer - huge pool, business center, fitness center, day/night shuttle, and game rooms! Free coffee and great study spaces

Great place. Needs to add more amenities. Needs a bigger pool. Needs a better golf simulator. Needs better promotions fir current residents.

Great place to live. Staff are extremely friendly. The apartments are perfect and the amenities are endless. I could not imagine living anywhere else apartment wise in Columbia

I love living at the Domain and feel like I really get what I pay for! The amenities are the biggest plus. The pool is huge and I love the gym and free coffee always available in the clubhouse.

I enjoy staying at the domain. There are a few things i would the way the utilities are set up and how maintenance requests are handled but other than that, the domain is nice.

My time at the domain has always been comfortable and mostly positive but some circumstances have not been ideal as far as unannounced changes, maintenance issues, etc.

So far, living at the domain has been great. I can not wait for the pool to open so that I can sit out by it. When does the pool open? My only complaint is dogs off leash.

Overall a great living experience but the electric bill is too high in the winter. I enjoy the gym and the free starbucks coffee, which i get every morning

This is an awesome community to live in with great staff and great amenities. The Domain really knows how to include their residents and has good ways of getting them involved.

The location is very nice. I love going for runs on the trail that is nearby. The maintenance staff is great. If something is wrong, they are usually there that day to fix it. The only complaint I have is the high electric bill. Otherwise the apartment is great.

The domain is really great! The electric bills are extremely high though... maybe implement a package that will cover utilities? It would also be nice to have a good student discount for rent like other complexes.

I love living at the Domain! Great amenities, spacious rooms, and friendly staff! The shuttle is always on time and is a great resource! You don’t have to worry about paying for parking or finding a spot!

The apartments are very spacious and accommodating. The hallways are kind of gross from trash. The shuttle is great for getting to campus but it breaks down too often

Despite the changing of the utility policy to not include electricity, I’ve loved everything about my living experience at the Domain. Great amenities, friendly staff, and having the bus option to campus and downtown is super convenient.

The Domain at Columbia is a great place to live. The people that work there are very helpful and the prices are the best. The Domain offers good amenities too.

Seems like every month there is another issue with the apartment. The window in my room allows wind to come into the bedroom. So my room is always freezing

The Domain has a very pretty appearance, but the amenities seem to break a lot and the apartments have taken some damage as well. However, the maintenance staff did fix my bathroom drain stopper very quickly.

I really enjoy living at The Domain. The amenities along with the amazing value really makes everything work it. And I love that there's a shuttle that takes us to and from campus

Best quality for price if you wait for the deals. Only complaints I have are with management during bad snow fall. Very clean. Would recommend

Roommates are terrible but service has been good. When I moved into the domain they worked with me and provided me and my mom a place to stay. It’s not perfect but they definitely do their best!

The Domain is awesome! The people at the front desk are usually cool and the apartments are really nice, especially for how much cheaper they are than the downtown ones.. plus, FREE PARKING