So far, my experience has been overwhelmingly disappointing. The management doesn't really seem to care about the resident's concern's, and there is more effort on the aesthetics of the exterior of the complex instead of the problems inside the apartments.

Not so great. I have been disappointed with many things thus far. I am really hoping that things will improve quickly for the sake of my sanity.

The ONLY good thing I can say about this complex is two employees, Alex and Christopher are extremely friendly and they are the only employees that seem to get things accomplished. Since moving in, this has been the WORST living experience I have ever dealt with and it all started the night before I was supposed to move in. It has been pretty much continuous since then. The evening before my move in day, I received a call from the Enclave stating that my apartment would not be ready for another 10 days due to the rain therefore they could not allow me to move in. In disbelief, I kind of laughed and asked if she was serious? She said yes and apologized. I informed her that, as they knew, I was moving from Fort Worth, TX to Waco and seeing as I was supposed to move within about 15 hours my whole life was packed up into boxes and I already had made arrangements and paid for a U-Haul truck and had friends and family who were helping me make this big move. Not to mention my lease for the apartment I was in was ending the same day so it was not an option for me to stay there. She asked if I’d like for them to pay for me to stay elsewhere until the apartment was ready. I told her no, that would not work for me because I was moving from an entire different city, an hour and a half away, and all my belongings were in boxes and I rented a U-Haul to move already. I told her I could not possibility wait or stay somewhere else that I needed them to figure it out. She said she would talk to the property manager and call me back. I received a call back from her about 20 minutes later and she said they would get the apartment ready for me and I would move in tomorrow. I thanked her and asked her if it would be the same apartment that I was already assigned. She said yes. I asked her if she was positive as I had already scheduled with my electricity provider to switch to that apartment as well changing my address at the postal office for all my mail to be forwarded there… she said yes again. Move in day came along. I packed all my stuff in a u-haul in Fort Worth and made the hour and a half drive to Waco. I walked in the office to get the keys to my apartment only to be told that the apartment I was originally assigned was "not ready" so I was given keys to another apartment and told "it would have to be that apartment" because the other one wasn’t ready. Although I was annoyed because I asked the lady on the phone the night before not once but TWICE, she assured me it would be the same apartment I was originally assigned, I told myself it was okay as long as it was a downstairs apartment with a backyard, I could switch my electricity and address again. When I walked into the apartment, it was dirty, things were broken, there was no electricity (probably because I had already switched my electricity over to the apartment I was supposed to live in), and the floor plan was nothing like what was advertised. I moved here from Fort Worth so my entire life was packed up in a U-Haul and what was supposed to be a new, exciting experience turned into such a disappointment. I waited around OUTSIDE for probably an hour and a half while Santiago was trying to figure out how to correct the situation. Finally, I was given keys to the model apartment and asked to stay there until they got my apartment ready for me. I stayed there for about two or three days, living out of boxes. When I informed Santiago that I did not want to live in a one bedroom floor plan due to it being nothing like what they advertise in the packets, we discussed prices for the bigger floor plans then I told him I would think about it and get back with him. After looking over my finances and choosing to go with the 3 bed, 2 bath apartment, I talked to Jewell, the manager, and told her my decision. She then proceeded to tell me that the price that Santiago quoted me was not correct and it was over $100 more. Yet again, another disappointment! However, she did say she would honor that price for me if I signed the lease today so I did. When doing so, they told me that they would hire a moving company to come move my belongings from the model apartment to my new one since I already had to do this once. The day I was supposed to move, I went to the office and asked about the moving company only to be told by Santiago that Jewell was out sick and he would figure something out and call me. Over an hour passed so I went back to the office and Santiago told me again that Jewell was very sick that day and had not made it in so when she got there, they would let me know about moving my belongings. I informed them that I had people here from out of town that came to help me move and unpack therefore I needed an answer before they had to leave. Finally, for the third time, when I went back to the office with no patience left, I saw Jewell. At this time, I was told that the office staff would be moving my large furniture, not a moving company. At this time, it sounded as if they were not going to move any of my other belongings, only my large furniture so myself, friends, and family had to move all of my boxes and small furniture ourselves yet again. They said they would get ready and they’d be at the model apartment shortly, which they were and they did successfully move my couch, chair, and two other pieces of furniture which I appreciated. After being in the apartment for a day or so, I realized that the quality of the apartment is very poor. The cabinets in the kitchen do not line up, some drawers do not function properly, small splatters of paint all over the ground and on the walls, it was filthy inside the cabinets and drawers, the door jams look like they have had about 100 layers of paint on them, the vinyl flooring does not even reach to the baseboards in some areas, there were tons of mosquitoes in one of my light fixtures, my guest bathroom does not have a drain stopper in it, there is a very large amount of broken glass in my backyard (too much for me to even pick up because it is all over the place), the gate in the backyard does not line up properly so it has to be forcefully closed and it is extremely hard to latch, and I am sure there are more issues I am forgetting at the moment. I do appreciate the common areas of the apartment such as the pool and fire pit area however I would much rather do without those overly nice amenities if that meant I would have better living conditions in my apartment itself. It seems as if the work was done so quickly and without care just to get it done as quickly as possible. I also am confused as to why the “dog park” is no longer a dog park but more like just a gated in piece of property. Before moving in, when I came to tour the complex, there were many activities for the dogs such as hoops to jump through and more but now all of that stuff has been removed. The dog bath inside the dog park does not even work! Since living in the apartment, there has been a problem with roaches and other bugs but I have been told that Orkin pest control comes out every Friday and sprays. The pest control has not seemed to help so I have purchased other sprays and sprayed around the entire inside and outside of my apartment and also placed roach traps in my cabinets. I had a very large hole in the back of one of my kitchen cabinets where ROACHES WERE COMING IN... Yes, the same cabinet where my dishes were. When I asked to put in a work order for it to be fixed, they did so and said it would be the following day. The next day (I took off work to be there so my dog would not have to be locked up all day) I waited until around all morning/early afternoon with no word of when/who would be coming to repair the hole. Then I received an automatic email stating that my work order had been successfully completed although nobody had done anything in my apartment or even contacted me. I went to the office, frustrated because again, I took off work for this repair to be done. They seemed like they had no idea what I was talking about and Lupe, the maintenance man, heard me talking and said they would be fixing the cabinets at a later time (he thought I was talking about something else I guess) I told him that I needed it fixed ASAP and showed him the disgusting photo of the hole and dead roaches in the cabinet. He then told Alex to put in a work order for today and he would be by to fix it soon. He came, was there for about 20 minutes and then said he was all done and to let the material dry overnight before putting anything back in the cabinets. Once he left, I looked at his "repair" only to find that he did not even fill the entire hole. He hardly filled any of it. I was so frustrated to the point of tears. I cannot understand why nothing gets done promptly or correctly around here. At this point I decided I would not bother asking for them to come back to fix it so I went to the store and bought the same material that he used (WITH MONEY OUT OF MY OWN POCKET) then came home and had my boyfriend fill in the rest of the hole as well as fill in a large hole in the ground in one of my bathrooms next to a tub where I am sure that roaches also make their way in through. I also have had an issue getting mail. I am almost certain that I do not receive all of my mail as I get MAYBE one piece of mail a week if I am lucky. Prior to living at this complex, I received at least 10-15 letters, bills, advertisements etc per week. When going to the office to ask about a piece of mail that I know had already been sent out weeks ago but I haven’t received, I saw mail totes on the ground next to the desk. I asked if my mail could possibly be in the overflowing mail totes but was told that those were all mail to be returned to sender due to wrong addresses/resident names. With all this being said, I am at the end of my rope with the complex and am beyond disappointment in this place I call “home”. I can only hope that it gets better with time because at the rate it is going, I will not be renewing my lease next year.

Management is a little slow and getting back to the residents. We still have maintenance problems that we've called about and still haven't gotten fixed yet.

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I really love staying here they are constantly updating everything and it's making my experience great just wish I would get all the new furniture they said I was gonna get

Beautiful place and great personnel. There is a free pool for residents, beach volleyball and they are building a soccer field! Apartments are fully furnished.

Love it very friendly staff and on point with everything!! Very beautiful remodeled. Very nice residence. Love the pool and the fact they opened it up to mlk!

Hello, Enclave at Waco's staff! Im very glad to live there, because of my neighbours and living consitions. However, Im still waiting for opportunity to play soccer

The staff is friendly but other than that my experience has been poor. Maintenance requests ignored, constant misinformation from staff, apartment was advertised one way but the result is much lesser

I love the community. Pool and volleyball court are amazing. The clubhouse is awesome and I can't wait until the soccer field is done! Excited.

The staff have been phenomenal and so curtious. I love the event week that they are doing this week. I also really enjoy the new renovations. It will be really nice when they are all done.

So far so good. I like my space. Had a few issues upon moving in but the folks in the leasing office are nice and try to work things out quickly.

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The Enclave at the Stadium is a great place to live. So much room and great customer service. I would recommend a person to live here. The price is great and pets are welcomed which is a definite plus.

Fabulous office staff - great maintenance staff. The only reason that they haven't gotten that fifth star is because it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get my living room electrical outlet fixed. I've been complaining about it since August 1, when I moved in - so, for a full four weeks :(, still can't plug anything in and have a trip wire (excuse me, extension cord) laying across the floor. Love the renovations, the new landscape, my neighbors. Having a great time, here.

Love this place now!!! New management is awesome and way better!!! All the upgrades and everything y'all have changed and is new looks amazing.

Feels very homey and more secluded with other apartments. Close to campus and the staff is very helpful with any questions that you may have about anything

So far livin at Enclave it's been a fun experience. The pool area is amazing place to have a good time with friends. I believe I made the right decision on moving to Enclave.

decent everything looks nice any and all issues were resolved in a timely matter. Front desk is curteous and quick to answer questions. Only issue is Wi-Fi haven't been able to get on it or connection is unstable

No apartment is perfect but this one does pretty good. It is a little small here but I can make my home anywhere. It is in nice proximity to the McLane Stadium (can you walk?) and to nearby shops and restaurants. (5 minutes anyone?) So far so good and it is nice and quiet here where I am at. Thank goodness, I don't have to hear squealing kids. Go Baylor!

good location to campus, friendly staff, great pool and surrounding lounging area, only concern is the gates going to the parking lots do not seem to ever close

The fire alarm in our apartment went off randomly a few times, but other than that the managers are very nice and are very prompt about getting repairs done.

Everything is so nice and updated. Also everyone is so nice and helpful. I love the pool area is is so beautiful. It is also really nice to be around kids my age as well.

Friendly staff since the most recent change in ownership. They are eager to help and polite. Maintenance has taken a while to address concerns that we've posted to them in the past but they do fix things well when they come. There are also a lot of wasps and ants that have been living in every breezeway and building that we've been through. It'd be nice if there was a permanent solution (such as completely destroying nests instead of spraying or just powdering).

Very good place to live, especially for the price. Good staff and maintenance. Close to the stadium, which is a plus if you're looking to go to the games.

Better than the last companies. Also their system for receiving packages is great. They send you a email when it's logged in and when you pick up the package.