Awesome maintenance and management! Responsive to requests and always helpful! Could use a few more doggie bag areas around, as well as signs encouraging people to pick up after their dogs.

the altitude of the officer is not so good. when I ask them question and I dont understand what did her talk about. I wanted her explain again but her face is very strict make me feel I was done something wrong.

I think you are doing a great job as manage the apartment, and I think there are several aspects you can improve on, such as renew the refrigerator, the stove and so on

I wish you can change the electric company, since our energy company is too expensive, especially in winter, the electric bill can reach to $200 to $500.

the fields' apartment is the most comfortable and convenient apartment as I am concerned in the Bloomington. I really like the package service there because I never lost my package

For the past two years, I've been living in fields. The apartment is great , and I prefer the big house and the large bathroom for the master room.

I enjoy everything that The Field has to offer. I think that the renovated fitness center was a great addition and also the staff is very helpful with any problems.