My roommates and I have loved living in the gathering because of its neighborhood aspect and the quality of the apartments. The kitchen is my favorite part of our apartment and I also love having my own bathroom.

The first couple of months have been nothing short of a headache! Very disgusted with the customer service or lack there of at the gathering

My roommates and I are so glad we decided on The Gathering for the next two years! We have been having so much fun with each other and with our super friendly neighbors!

Love it here! So spacious and love the community! Rooms are nice and I would definitely live here for the rest of the time that I am at SU!!

Best place to relive .. nice big rooms and bathrooms. Living room is nice and spacious. The gym, pool table, and pool is an added plus !!!!!

Amazing i love it here the rooms are amazing and the parking sucks but it’s worth it! I would say living here has made me appreciate things more!

Nice pool. Apartment wasn’t clean upon move in. Not much security. Expensive rent yet poor security, uncleaned apartment, problems with locks...etc

My experience has been good so far the apartment is very nice and move in was convenient and easy. I have submitted forms for a couple of items that were broken upon arrival and no one has come over and addressed the options.

The community is really nice, when it comes to cleanliness. And everyone seems very friendly. I feel safe and comfortable. It is really convenient staying here because of the shuttle service provided and the events that are catered to student needs.

Awesome place to live! Workers are super nice and helpful. The pool is my favorite place to go, it’s always clean and you can bring friends!

I just moved into the Gathering! The gym and the tanning bed are so nice and love that I have access to it. The pool is also very nice. I like having my own bedroom and bathroom.

The Gathering has truly been my home away from home. I couldn’t imagine coming home to any other place to any other people. This is 5 star living at its finest. Love it!

The community is very welcoming and the amenities are very nice. Every time I walk into the clubhouse, whoever is seated at the front desk speaks to me.

I have absolutely loved my experience at The Gathering so far! It's the perfect size for all four of us. I also really love the clubhouse! It's super cute and I love the fact that there's printing and a pool.

I just moved into the Gathering and I love it. I've had a little trouble moving in and setting up everything. Despite some mishaps, I am really excited to get to know my neighbors and have a fun year here.

The Gathering is a great place to live. I love the fact that I have my own quiet space and own bathroom. The people that works here are always there when you need them.

Although the place is nice it wasn’t move in ready unfortunately, there was paint all over the townhouse, my roommate moved into a room with a broken desk chair.

I moved in to a dirty room, uncleaned bathroom, and a drain clogged with cat hair. I have since realized that my carpet is full of cat hair (which I am extremely allergic to). I have requested cleaners several times, yet no one has been sent. Needless to say, my experience is off to a bad start.

The Gathering, although it is expensive, offers great amenities. Everyone is friendly and the staff has been helpful. Faster response time to problems would be a plus though.

I moved in to a dirty house that had dead flies everywhere, despite management saying the unit would be cleaned. Disappointingly, it wasn’t.

It's really nice, there is enough room for everyone to have their own space and a shared space. Nicest living in Salisbury, I highly recommend to everyone.

Signing a lease was a breeze with such a helpful staff!i was helped every single last step of the way which truly made the experience of moving apartments easy.

The gathering is a great place to live! I love being able to live with my best friends. There is so much room in the houses and plenty of space to decorate!

Love everything about living in the Gathering! I was a random and was placed with the best girls. The apartment is very honeys and easy to decorate which really helped us bond.

I enjoy the pool area and the size of my apartment. The pool is awesome in the summer and I’m looking forward to going back and enjoying it.