Good overall, still waiting for washer/drier 🙂 I’ve had bad experience with air conditioning and bugs and elevators at times. With that being said, I see how people care and try to fix problems as soon as possible.

I love the new upgrades and all the progress that has been made to modernize but I wish the construction could be completed already. It's summer time and I'm afraid we wont have a chance to enjoy the pool. A pool that we haven't been able to use for almost 2 yrs.

I checked on some maintenance issues , and they were handled very well , i was always concerned since the construction is never going to end , how much can get done... Because the building tells you the construction is due to end but it doesnt end.... They cleared out my living room wall to install washing machines that never get installed.... right , so you think the maintenance guys dont help so much... recently i had a water leak from my ceiling vent on the AIR con.... it never happened when i was a resident in 2012-2014 but now it happened 2 times in 18 months (i think a third ) , but maintenance came at 1 55am and helped me tremendously .... it was refreshing since it is 3000$ a month for a half built apartment....

The new amenities and the end of construction have significantly improved the quality of my experience here. I am looking forward to the new pool being completed.

The Grand community is great, I've been at The Grand going on six years and its completely evolved into a better living community, just waiting on my washer/dryer. :)

The move in was fast and easy! Love the amenities and the fact that I am never disturbed be noisy neighbors! Also my balcony view of the Sherman Oaks Galleria rocks!

When will our washer and dryer be ready? Can you make the hot water come on faster? Takes 3 mins+ to get hot. It's a huge waste of water and not convenient to wait so long.

The apartment itself is nice and I’m happy with my space. The management does not communicate well with residents and constantly make empty promises. They should just stop giving timelines because they are always wrong and when there are follow up questions, they seem to be avoided or dismissed. Tenants need to be compensated for the many misleading promises and information that was provided upon move in

renovations are coming along nicely. but the construction has been in the way and takes time away when i felt i needed to be home to let maintenance in.

It has been very tough dealing with maintenance requests, or any requests now that they are short in staff. Staff was good before but the new staff is not, I have faced issues and one of the person is very rude instead of solving my issues.

Everything has been fine so far. Knowing things will get better for the Grand Apartments. The upkeep of the property is major. Keep it going

I've been here a month and a half and have had the most incredible experience here! The staff is very friendly, and the residents have been very kind and respectful of their neighbors.

I used to live here around 8-9 years ago and just come back to see if they have any improvements. Sure they do and I signed the lease contract. My unit has whatever I want. It has in-unit laundry, hard floor, and brand new kitchen appliances. I am very happy to move back here.

Apartment is nice. Hallways are way too hot. Elevator is trashed, like a bad freight elevator. Only half of the outlets in the apartment work. Pool will never be finished!

Beautiful apartment building with nice amenities and features. Wonderful and courteous staff. Excellent place to live, highly recommend to anyone looking to live in Sherman Oaks.

So far I really like living here! Wish they would let us know when the pool, club house and bike storage will be complete. Also there’s not really a good place to walk your dog, no grass anywhere. However, the lobby and gym are nice and I like the apartment itself!

All the staff here are wonderful. Very helpful & kind. The maintenance staff is pretty quickly responds to maintenance requests. The resident side is easy to navigate.

Tge apartment and people who work here are great. I hate that people do not pick up after their dogs. I have a dog and I do. They make a mess and the women who clean the building wind up cleaning it.

Management takes too long to do want needs to be done. Example is washer & dryer hookups. They started Septem 2017 doing construction in our apt.thinking if we suffer a little it would be worth it have in-apt.waaher & dryer. To date 1 year and 1 month later, there is not even an expected date if proper installation. Appliance delivered just because no storage available. The hassle & destruction still not fully done or compensated.

The community is undergoing some renovation which is fabulous. I did note some things in my apartment that were not working such as outlets and drain disposal.

Need to have many repairs completed after moving in earlier in October. Management is not focused on resident needs. My apartment is starting to shape up. But again I’m going to emphasize it is difficult for a senior citizen to be recognized when special needs are requested.

recently i was experience some problems , there were some issues with the office and handling my lease renewal , this problems seems to have been resolved because of a wonderful staff member in the san diego office

I’m upset that we don’t have a communal area that’s directly connected to the gym, I’m upset that other community areas like the gym STILL are not done with construction/ remodeling. I’m upset that the main entrance to the building still isn’t up and running and I’m so shook about the washer/ dryer in the units not working DESPITE the price of rent that people pay

Great costumer service ! Very responsive maintenance team that keep it clean! I love it. Pool came out amazing can’t wait to use it. Would definitely recommend.

The washing machine hasn’t worked in my unit since I moved in and the hot water it’s working properly, other than that I’m pleased with my choice to live here