The appliances are Cheap. The apartment building, elevators, everything other than the lobby is DIRTY. There is Trash everywhere and you can tell that the residents don’t respect the facility. And how do you shut electricity off for 12 hours??

Good location with good freeway access. The brand new gym is one of my favorite features about the whole apartment. It has high quality equipment and is not always very busy

Very good but is very noisy sometimes because of eco, the employees sometimes are very good, sometime the are kind of rude, mostly the secretary. Also, they don’t worry about if something is wrong in the apartment, they say “oh wait a week” and never happens. Otherwise, is nice

Amenities are great, the gym, pool and hot tub are awesome, the barbecue area is great. Perfectly located close to major free ways, supermarkets and bars

Living here started off rocky being in the middle of the rebrand. But since then, I’ve seen MAJOR changes in the building and I’m very happy

The building itself has incredible presentation from the outside looking in. Residence who live here are quite nice and courteous. I look forward to seeing all the changes Veda has in store for us

The staff at VEDA are extremely kind and hard working. The building is always spotless and the other residents are polite and respectful. Definitely a great community

Great experience so far. Pool room, jacuzzi, and pool look great. The bbq area has a nice swag. The gym and lounge area are well maintained.

it has been improved , gym is nice and it is nice to see and NOT Hear construction.... there is still some needs to be tended too in the garage and the elevators take too long to fix when they go out OFTEN but it is better than 3 months ago

i love all the renovations that they are currently going through. the gyms are really nice! the in unit washer and dryers are pretty cool too

Seems like its been a little difficult to move here especially out of state- Also it would be nice to use the amenities that were part of the reason I picked this apartment to rent -

The apartment community has always been very kind and welcoming. I wish the building actually followed through on many of the promises that were made prior to moving in, but luckily I enjoy living where I do so it’s not too big of a deal.

Everything has been incredible! Only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because we were told we would have certain amenities in a shorter timeframe, and it has been longer than expected with the changes! But, the changes have been great so far!

I love the feeling of safety living here. I just wish the amenities were , or if the apartment company would stop saying things will be ready in couple weeks, as we have been hearing that for 10 months. I would rather hear that our washer/dryer will be ready in a year than false promises. Roxanne is wonderful and always very friendly. We are also charged for water and water heating, which would be no problem, but it takes 15 minutes to get hot water, and apparently can't be fixed.

I love living at Veda. The staff is wonderful. With the renovated amenities, Veda really provides a world class living community to all of the residents.

Love the apartment, area and staff. The only downside is my apartment is definitely not sound proof and there were many things that needed to be fixed.

Still not happy with provided futures. Laundry at home is not working. Pool is not open yet. Elevator next to my unit is not working. etc...

Dissatisfaction the community rooms, yoga and spin studio are not allowed to be used. My oven was installed wrong, the floors were not done right. My toilet doesn’t work right, always has issues. The fireplace doesn’t work. The closet doors are dirty and stick, they have spider webs and leafs in them from being left outside.

I’ve submitted maintenance requests and they aren't responded to. I even told the leasing office and they still haven’t sent maintenance. One request involved my oven and a piece missing that covers the flames.

The washing machine hasn’t worked in my unit since I moved in and the hot water it’s working properly, other than that I’m pleased with my choice to live here

Great costumer service ! Very responsive maintenance team that keep it clean! I love it. Pool came out amazing can’t wait to use it. Would definitely recommend.

I’m upset that we don’t have a communal area that’s directly connected to the gym, I’m upset that other community areas like the gym STILL are not done with construction/ remodeling. I’m upset that the main entrance to the building still isn’t up and running and I’m so shook about the washer/ dryer in the units not working DESPITE the price of rent that people pay

recently i was experience some problems , there were some issues with the office and handling my lease renewal , this problems seems to have been resolved because of a wonderful staff member in the san diego office

Need to have many repairs completed after moving in earlier in October. Management is not focused on resident needs. My apartment is starting to shape up. But again I’m going to emphasize it is difficult for a senior citizen to be recognized when special needs are requested.

The community is undergoing some renovation which is fabulous. I did note some things in my apartment that were not working such as outlets and drain disposal.