Just moved in. Very quiet community. Friendly neighbors, staff seems to be nice and friendly. Had an issue with maintenance as they lost their master key to our place and they were not able to fix what they needed.

I love it just moved from a 2 bedroom to a one bedroom on first floor so much room and storage. Dont have to mess with all the stairs. friendly neighbors and love being by the park

This was one of the easiest place I have ever had the pleasure of moving into. I highly recommend it and not because of price I’d value, because of the professionalism.

I love living here. The staff of friendly and always takes care of any issue I have right away. I wish I parking was better but I have an odd schedule so I can't blame the apartment complex

Amenities not functional, hot tub has not worked since moved in, pool dirty. I have made multiple requests for the lights in my outdoor hallway to be replaced, very dark and dangerous. I have also made multiple requests to get a code for my garage.

Location is great neighbors are great. Units are really nice and landscaping isn’t kept up really well. Maintenance is always very friendly and welcoming.

I moved into The Hamptons in June. It's been a good experience. No major issues so far. A few maintenance requests. All in all, it's been a good experience. If you have noisy neighbors though, you will hear them.

Lived here 4 years and I pay alot to live here I still cannot park when I cone home from work. Its very irritating. Would be nice if management weeded out all people and vehicles not on leases and got rid of them so actual tenants can park.

Noisy neighbors, parking is small, took a few months to fix a billing issue that was brought to management attention multiple times beforehand being fixed

Staff and Maintenance are responsive and efficient, but the value could be better. Paying almost $1500 a month after fees for an 800 sq ft, 1 br apartment is absurd.

My boyfriend and I have absolutely loved living at The Hamptons! Perfect location, great management, and kind neighbors! Any time we have a question or concern management makes it their priority to get it taken care of!

the apartment is very nice and we have not had a lot of problem. the pool area is okay but could use some improvement. the hot tub is also never working

Clean and quiet. People are friendly. Billing is usually around the same each month although it does change. My only gripe is it can be difficult to get maintenance out to our unit.

I love the area, and how we have a park so close for the kids! The apartment itself could use remodeling but so far we have like living here.

Never receive any replies to customer portal messages. The only messages I get from the office are letters taped to my door. No improvements made and they want to raise my rent 50.00 a month. Very cheap renovations and spray painted bathtub that's peeling off. Been cleaning spray paint off appliances since I moved in.

Had a few bumps with getting Residential Online. Repaired now...hoping for smooth sailing. Maintenance has been right on top of requests as usual...good job.

For the most part it has been good. Just a few glitches when changing mgmt companies. Some of the people that worked in the office have bad attitudes.

Overall good experience. The area is nice and quiet. Maintainance response is good. They have two pools tennis and basketball courts. Pet friendly

Nice pleasant accommodations, close enough to town but not in the middle of all the noise. Good amenities, helpful and responsive maintenance staff.

We keep finding problems with our newly renovated apartment. Windows won't lock shut so someone can just walk up and open them from the outside

For the most part, the property is fine. Although, there are some drawbacks such as the sprinklers are watering the street and park in many areas which is a complete waste of water, paying $25 a month for valet trash that I don't use, and other tenants leaving dogs off leash around the property which is frustrating when trying to walk my own dog on a leash. Also, making payments online for rent is great, but seems like half the time the portal is down when it's time to pay.

We moved in and was told this was a remodeled apartment. So many things are broken or half done. Everyday something new breaks. The pool is ice cold and the jacuzzi is even worse.

Apartments are very nice. Pool is regularly locked hours earlier than posted times. Hot tub is regularly broken. Implemented Amazon lockers but still dont work. Maintenance people are awesome but management is horrible.

Unfriendly staff, never willing to help when issues arise. When portal didn’t work when we tried to pay rent one day and the office was closed and it was last day to pay rent- we called and left a voicemail to let them know and to call us back if there was a problem. Never received a call back or anything so assumed it was fine when we paid it next day. Received a notice (2 weeks later) saying we owed a late fee. Spoke with the person in the office (who never calls us back when we ask), she basically insinuated we were lying and told us the portal was working when we told her we couldn’t get on. We asked why we didn’t get a callback or why they didn’t respond to her voicemail, and all we get is “the portal was working and everyone else seemed to not have a problem.” So ridiculous- so we had to pay a $50 fee because she didn’t believe us. Next time we will be sure to screenshot I guess. So irritating- sick of it.

I enjoyed living here at first- but with new management it has been extremely unpleasant. No one ever calls me back, even when I specifically ask. I was requesting a garage for about 3 weeks, no one would get back to me or get around to it or call back when they said they would. I had to physically go in to finally get what I needed. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until this- the most recent issue was when i tried to log onto my portal on Aug 3rd around 7pm to pay rent. Office was closed and it was last day to pay rent- my portal said that it was unavailable. I called the office and left a voicemail so I wouldn’t get charged a late fee because I couldn’t get on and to call me back if there were any issues. Never received a call back so I assumed it was all fine when I paid rent next morning. 2 weeks later I get a notice that I have a late fee. I called and she said she can’t remove it because I paid my rent late. I told her what happened, she said “well the portal was working.” I told her I couldn’t get on- I’m not lying, I left a voicemail with this information of what it was telling me if she wanted to just go back and listen? Why didn’t I receive a call back then? Then I asked what am I supposed to do when YOUR portal doesn’t work next time and the office is closed? She said “but it WAS working.” So basically I was told I was a liar and had to pay a $50 late fee for something that was not my fault. I learned my lesson- i guess I need hardcore evidence and to make sure my rent is paid before the office closes. So ridiculous- I have never experienced such terrible management and service with an apartment complex.