The highlands is a great complex for college students. They have all the amenities you need plus they are fully furnished. The staff is very helpful. Highly recommended!

The highlands is super convenient to campus and it’s nice that it’s fully furnished as well as the amenities it provides such as the gym and pool!

I have had a great time living at The Highlands. Maintenance usually responds to problems quite fast. Many fun activities are thrown in the front office!

Highlands is a very nice place to live while going to UNR. The pool and gym areas are very nice. The apartments are perfect for college students living on their own for the first time.

One of the best complexes around. The staff are always smiling and helpful. The utilities are one of the best around: gym, pool, business center.

Beautiful place with tons of useful amenities and a great community. Free parking is a huge plus, and the rooms are nice and spacious- well worth the rent. Love living here!

There’s lots of amenities but the security of the complex lacks integrity for the fact that the gate is left open often and the guard lets anyone in.

There was a lot of pressure to resign leases early and little leeway. Most issues take a while to resolve, but everyone at the front office has always been friendly and as helpful as they can be.

Great location, perfect for college students looking to be close to campus & live with friends. Maintenance takes a while usually but they will get to you. Decent sized room for the price & great amenities

So I haven’t had the greatest roommates to start off, but the view is great. The complex is peaceful and I like my room. I can’t complain much although the internet could be improved upon.

The staff is helpful and they are always holding activities for residents to enjoy. Its also conveniently close to the university. I have enjoyed my stay at the highlands and have nothing bad to say.

Highlands is conviently located. But problems with WiFi (that we pay for in the rent) along with service requests that take a long time, and responsiveness from management have been below expectations. Overall, the community is nice, allowing pets and having recreation areas is definitely a bonus.

The staff here is great! They always attend to your needs in a timley manner and they have the best customer service! The amenities are great too!

Getting too expensive for what this place is really worth. I had an issue at the beginning of the year that I never heard got resolved which is frankly quite frustrating,

The managment honors room and roommate requests well from what I’ve seen. The apartment has a lot of amenities. It would be nice if students didn’t have to purchase a parking pass to ride the UNR transit bus from the apartment. I dont like that the rent price to resign a lease keeps going up every month.

The people I live with and those who live in the same building as us are absolutely awesome and I’m glad I was able to meet them by living here.

I like how maintenance requests are handled. However, I don’t like that if you submit one over a weekend you have to wait till the week to get it handled. But I do think they’re handled well.

It has been a great experience living here! I would definitely recommend it to a friend! I have already renewed my lease for the next school year!

My experience my first year living at the highlands was amazing. The employees were amazing and the community was amazing. However, during my second year living here, there are new employees who do not give the same good experience. They do not care to help as much. And the wifi is really bad. My roommates and I have had to get our own wifi becase we are college students who need wifi to do online homework. And the people living around us in the community are not as respectful.

The complex is a really great place for college students, especially as a first apartment. I plan on living here for two more years because I love its proximity to campus and the culture of the neighborhood.

Living at The Highlands is very convenient as a UNR student! This is my second year here. It is pretty nice and this student housing complex does a great job at providing amenities. My roommate and I have had issues with the WiFi which can be hard with school. But overall, nice place to live.

Besides the roomate matching being wrong and the extremely loud roomates above us, it has been a great time. Thers's always a party going and the parking lot always has spots.

Great community and parking is a major plus. The internet quality is atrocious unless you can use Ethernet. I think its the best option for off-campus student housing.

Love that the place is so dog friendly! And the closet in the 3 by 3 is very large. Great amount of storage space in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Great place to live. Large enough community to have little noise around the room. Good amenities in the apartment. Heating and air conditioner works well, and there's enough hot water. Would wish for more modern appliances and a trash system.