Good experience so far. Staff is very helpful and works with you, especially when there is an issue. Much convenience in comparison to other living options.

It's pretty cool. Like that the jacuzzi is still open and that we can put in service requests that are filled quickly. But it gets really loud sometimes.

It's alright, but the printing thing is really upsetting. Every time I want to print something the printer doesn't work, or something else. Also, the treadmills should get fixed.

The highlands has been a good place to live, and conveniently located close to campus. The only issue is the occasional maintenance request, but they are usually resolved quickly.

I have had no issues with the Highlands! I love living here. Kind and helpful people the work here as well. All of the services and events that they offer are just the cherry on top.

I love having a private bedroom and bathroom along with a shared living room and kitchen. I wish wifi speed was faster and more consistent, and the printer in the computer room is always broken or not working which is very inconvenient when I need something printed before the main office is open. Overall the highlands is a good student living option.

I love the location. It bums me out that the entire time I've lived here the treadmills haven't worked. I love the different floor plan options. Having my own bathroom was a huge selling point for me.

I think the highlands are the best student housing. There is very helpful employees and I have never had any problems except minor problems. No problems like those at the Republics or the Summit

I like how affordable everything is and I really enjoy the free parking for uncovered parking. I like the new wood floors and the seperate leases

Still haven't heard from staff about my stolen bike. Even tho one of the head managers emailed me saying that they would contact me, but it's been a month.

I absolutely love living at the Highlands. The service here is perfect, I've never had a problem here. Maintenance is always so friendly when I need them, and the new packaging system was a brilliant addition!

I really enjoy living here. Thankfully the hot tub is always open but the only problem is that the treadmills never seem to be working. I really enjoy running and it'd be nice to use something different than a bike.

Thete are plenty of events that are hosted, it's just too bad people only come for food and not the be social. The apartments are nice but I may have gotten unlucky with mine being that alot of appliances were damaged as well as the wall.

It's been a great stay so far, services/ repairs have been slow though. Security does a fantastic job and are all really friendly. Front desk workers are very helpful and informative but can be rather rude at times

I Love the home-y environment the highlands provides for its residents! the staff is so friendly! the amenities are awesome, especially the year-round hot tub!

Really nice community. Staff is friendly at the front and always willing to help. Package system is amazing. Get rid of the speed bumps and you got yourself 5 stars.

There are a lot of cool events that the front office does, but I never hear about them on time. Also, the print center never works when I'm in there. Other than that I love it here.

I was pretty excited to go off to college, but I wasn't sure if I should stay in the dorms or live off campus. However, now that the semester is coming to a close, I can confidently say that I love living here in the Highlands! It's always very nice and kept clean, the staff is very courteous and helpful, and there's lots to do when we want to have some fun. I thoroughly enjoy living here and will most likely continue my residency until the end of my college days.

The highlands is a cool place. I would like to start seeing more community food events. Im a hungry person and food is awesome when i eat it.

My room hadn't even been cleaned before I moved in. There was dirt and pubic hair in the bathtub, the floors had a layer of grime, my door didn't close properly, etc. So far it's been ok living here. Having my own bathroom is nice, but I'd much rather live in an apartment that's half the price as here.

I really enjoy living at the highlands. Every time I go to the front office to pick up a package or turn in my rent the workers are very helpful and friendly.

The people in the front office are not to friendly at times, and it could get really loud at times. Other then that I like living at the highlands!

This is a great place to live. I have everything that I need to be able to have a healthy and successful life style. I like the way that the highlands is setup.

Only complaints are that the wifi is extremely slow at times and the speed bumps are really high. Otherwise it's been nice living here and I'd recommend it to friends.

Living at the highlands is an okay experience. The maintance guys are always in top of everything. The treadmills need to be fixed. I would give a full 4 stars if the gym was like it is advertised