The Highlands is a great place to live. Its close to both UNR and TMCC. Theres lots of fun things to do here. Also the maintenance here is really good about fixing things right away and doing it so that they don't reoccur.

Though the security is lacking (wild parties every night? Seriously?), the maintenance team is out of this world. Special thanks to Chris! Having lived here for less than a school year, I'm ready to leave. The 4x2 rooms are poorly designed, especially for how small they are. I can hardly sit at the recessed desk corner due to the dresser. I have to climb over the bed to get IN the room, also due to the dresser. The desk itself is of poor quality, and does not comfortably fit anyone over 6' tall. Additionally, the closet is practically falling apart.

The highlands is a very convenient place to live. It is located a short walk to campus and there is also a shuttle. The amenities are really nice such as the gym and in apartment washer and dryer. The only problem is that management is not always quick to rectify roomate problems and handle other similar concerns. Also the highlands continuously raises their rent from year to year.

The walls are a little thin which gets annoying because it's so easy to hear what everyone is doing but the apartments are in good condition and my room is nice so I'm happy here.

I think the Highlands is horrible and that they have ruined my living experience. I will be moving out as soon as possible due to their lack of attention, communication and the care of management.

Very good! Management is the 10 times better than last year ! They are very friendly and aprouchable. They really want to help and you be your friend!

Great place to live! Very organized and friendly staff at the office. I've lived here for a year and a half and plan on living here for the remainder of my college years.

Overall it has been a great experience! The buildings are beautiful, the events are fun, and I really love how close it is to campus! The shuttle to and from campus is really convenient also!

Enjoying living here. Love how close I am to campus. Plus how clean and nice the grounds are. Free printing is the best bonus as a college student

Since I have moved in to The Highlands they have not only maintained but surpassed their promise to uphold student luxury living to a higher standard.

The Highlands is a great place to live for college students! It is so close to campus and there are fun events every week. I will be recommending these apartments to incoming UNR students!

Overall, I think the community is amazing and there are always fun events going on. Some of the events feature food and it is always nice being able to go down and get some food.

Pretty good place to live. The only complaint is that a lot of times, it seems like the people who work in the office have no idea what's going on.

Huge fan of the events the front desk holds and makes an effort to aware it's residents of. Makes residents feel involved and part of the community

There are a lot 9f things that break in our apartment but you guys are great at coming to fix them. The workers are nice and enthusiastic. Thanks

I love it so far! Friendly staff, lots of events... it's awesome here! Maintenance is on top of fixing things and it's all done free of charge which is really nice.