The Hill offers great amenities, but that is sadly accompanied by unattentive staff and an inconsistent and unreliable bus to campus. Overall, it's a decent experience I would recommend to others, but I wish management would pay more attention to issues residents have brought to their attention.

Its okay, living here has never felt great, but its also never felt terrible. Do wish the rent was lower though, I definitely feel like im paying too much to be here. Do I really need to pay for all the extra amenities if I don't use them?

Fantastic apartments with great management is fabulous, helpful and quick to respond. Community events are fun and keep me wanting to live here. However, I cannot give 5 stars because of the horrible parking rules and regulations as well as lack handicap access for individuals who need it. Handicap door access would be very helpful!

Nice comfortable place to live. The only problem is the number of parking spots in the main lot. They could do a better job plowing the sidewalks to the overflow lot.

Beautiful apartments and large living space! I love using the common area to study and working out in the new gym. Such a great space to live with my friends!

I like their system to pay the rent, and it is very convenience. I probably request for house repair like as light blub, dishwasher, etc. They are normally taking of care for within 24 hours. very attentive, very responsive,

I wish i knew more neighbors and the shuttle driver was a little more nicer. I really love the package service with Luxer. One of the best features. A stairset leading up to the apartments from the overflow lot would be mighty essential and helpful. Mostly now in winter

I haven't moved in yet, but so far everyone has been so helpful and kind. i love the location and having my own bathroom. I also love that the gym is on-site.

The Hill is great. Events are consistently wonderful and the staff always takes the thoughts of residents before selecting the official event (e.g. Theater Thursdays). The leasing office is good about sending out emails regarding the shuttle or other apartment concerns. I am enjoying my residence so far and will be a little sad when I officially move out.

Very friendly maintenance and office staffs. Heater works much better than I expected, so I don't have to turn on extra heater. Overall, I am satisfied

Very nice place to live at because there is a lot of work space and the living spacing is big and open allowing for a comfortable stay in with friends and family.

The Hill continues to be a great place to live. The firepit is a great hangout spot during the summer (s'mores!) and the apartments are well insulated in the winter, which makes living in the community pleasant year-round.

I live in a phase 1 apartment. Nice size for 2 people and 2 dogs. I love how dogs are welcome and theres nice amenities and events that they host. Only issues are with parking which they are improving upon, neighbor not always picking up after their dogs which are just that particular person fault. Overall, great place.

The Hill apartments are beautiful and new and spacious. The building itself along with the weekly events hosted are nice, and I love the outdoor hot tub/spa area.

Very nice apartment complex. The shuttles are very helpful especially to those who don’t have access to cars. Only struggle is the parking but the overflow lot is a helpful edition.

Parking space could be better, other than that everything is fine, specially the staff which is great. Price is also very reasonable, and including utilities and furniture is definitely a plus.

Great place to stay. Good amenities like gym, meeting rooms, bbq, pool table, outdoor jacuzzi. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The transport situation is a bit tricky with a smallish bus if you don't buy a car but lack of parking space if you do. But overall a great place to stay.

The Hill at Rochester is an amazing place to live in. Quite, spacious, and close to campus. Apartments are very nice and comfy too. Helpful staff too! The one improvement I would suggest is extending the bus times till later the night during the week, and having it run on Sundays too.

Everything is great except the parking. Now I shall just fill the box with characters because the parking is my only complaint. Why pay $1,000 on rent to not have a parking space after coming home from work at 11pm.

The actual apartment is very nice but managerial problems. Not enough parking. The online payment is a horrible system that needs upgrading. There should not be premiums to pay to match RIT semesters.

Overall it is a good place to live. It is in a very nice location in relation to RIT. The apartments are nice, although at times there is the occasional maintenance request that needs to go in, but they are quick to respond. The staff is very helpful and friendly for the most part. Amenities here are pretty good, they are nice to have but aren't super important to me. I'd say the biggest problem with this location is the shuttle, it needs to run longer.

The apartment itself is a beautiful apartment. The amenities are awesome! I love using the gym. However, the parking situation could be better, as well as the laundry situation. One washer is extremely loud to the point that I can hear it in my apartment, down the hall, with my door closed. The laundry room also often smells of cigarettes (I’ve even seen cigarette butts in the trash). There are definitely pros and cons to living at The Hill.

The apartments are a good size and cheap which is a huge reason we chose to live here. They are spacious, I love having a balcony and being right next to RIT is amazing, and again they are a great price. Unfortunately, there are always issues with parking (especially - not enough spaces or people getting towed for no reason) or packages not getting to us on time and problems with the old building that weren't addressed with the upgrade (windows and doors are terribly insulating) which all gets frustrating after a while. I don't regret living here, but I will not be renewing.

The Hill at Rochester is a very nice, clean, and friendly living area. They host movie nights and have Waffles on Wednesday. It comes with a hot tub and small gym for your everyday needs.

i love living in the new building and having my own room and bathroom. the kitchen is great, lots of space. however, when we first moved in there was a bad fruit fly problem. i would find dozens of them on the window sills. And there were rocks and screws/bolts stuck in the carpet we would step on the first few weeks. i think the bus times need to run later as well. but overall i do love living here.