Great staff and amenities. Better than all the other apartments I have been in around RIT campus. The parking is a little less than ideal but continues to improve.

Towed our car, applied our rent to someone else’s account, terrible at communicating, never any parking after 6-7pm even though we pay $1000

I just signed a lease and it was a great experience. I like that my apartment is basically brand new and everything looks clean. I am excited to move in next fall

Couldn’t ask for anything better. The community is so quiet and relaxed. The on site maintenance is at its best. The workers upfront in the office take care or anything and everything we need. I’d recommend this place to anyone

An overall good place to live, gym and hot tub are available to all residents. Very pet friendly. Everything is close by so it is easy to get where you need to go even in the winter months. Bus runs on a regular schedule, and the staff is good at keeping residents up to date on relevant announcements. Also - Waffle Wednesdays!

I love apartment. Very nice place to live. Easy to transpiration to RIT. They have bus shuttle to RIT. Affordable. Free breakfast every Wednesday.

It has been a great experience living here. There are so many amenities, it is in a great location, and a good community of mostly RIT students.

The apartment is spacious and well furnished. Reasonable rent, especially for the sixe of the apartment and proximity to campus. Walls are a bit thin.

The Hill is friendly place for pets. This is all I like about it and the staffs is great! Same time I little disappointed due with noise(weak wall) :( however, I truly enjoyed live in here!

I love the amenities offered here especially the workout room. There are many activities such as the theater (movie) night. The shuttle to RIT is also very convenient. Love it here!

The staff is really nice and very helpful when it comes to leasing questions. The amenities provided are beautiful, easy to use, and convenient. To top it all off it's pet friendly!

Been a pleasure living here, signed for another year to enjoy. Enjoy all the amenities available, and looking forward to more movie nights!!!

Decent experience so far. Enjoy the gym area and the hot tub, would be nice if residents had more than 10 page printers a month, especially for college students.

Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the apartment that I am currently living in. The ammenities are great. I love the pool table. And everything else about!

The apartment itself is amazing and staff members are very friendly and helpful. I would like more resident events, I always attend movie nights and Waffle Wednesdays and would love to be more involved! The shuttle schedule is inadequate and misleading though since it does no run late enough for evening classes. Parking is awful and the path to the overflow lot is not plowed or lit adequately.

Bus system is sooo bad I mostly use the Lodge bus. A bus with 12 seats is not sustainable. Imagine leaving your apartment at 9:35 to board the 9:40 bus to make your 10:00 class and being denied because the bus driver won't take any more people over 16. Didn't happen to me, but I saw it happen to someone else. There is plenty of space in the bus for people to stand, but apparently the bus driver won't allow this despite every other apartment complex stuffing as many students as possible. I've been very late to classes due to the bus never showing up according to schedule. Not to mention the bus isn't scheduled after 6 which is actually ridiculous. I think I'd actually be 10x happier living here if the buses were as good as any other complex's, especially the Lodge's. It's more important than they seem to think it is. Being able to safely and reliably get to and from classes is kind of the point of picking an apartment complex near the school.

I think this is a nice place for students to live in since there are scheduled shuttles, which are especially convenient for RIT students to solve the commutation problem.

Great experience overall, minor maintenance. Office easy to deal with. Transportation needs to be fixed. Definitely worth it if you have transportation.

Love the balcony views, the serenity and the fitness centre. They are trying to do everything they can to have the parking situation under control. Everything is going well so far!

JaJuan was amazing. He answered all of our questions that we could throw at him and gave us all of the information we needed to chose an apartment. This is my first apartment so I didn’t know what to look for, but he made the process super easy!!

I love living here. So many great people and the facilities are beautiful. The staff is very helpful if you ever come across an issue in your apartment.

the fitness center is really clean and there are enough facilities for use. Hot tub is really good, but as it is at the outside, so when winter is comming, can not be used anymore. Indoor the room is nice and new. But sometimes pingpong table has no pingpong bats,

It’s been fun here, I love all the events they have planned while school is in and they help to destress a bit. The shuttle service is also nice, my only complaint would be it doesn’t run long enough.

The amenities, bedrooms and common areas are nice. However, the walls are pretty thin. This is most noticeable when people skateboard down the halls. The staff members are extremely helpful and friendly. I wish there were more cameras though because our decorations got stolen, and there is not enough footage/visibility to find out what happened.

The community its GREAT; I hardly ever have noise problems and the staff treats me and my rommates so well if there are ever any questions or concerns. It's in a nice and safe neighborhood so I never have to worry about safety at night!