The Hue is an amazing place to live! The size of the apartments is perfect, the beds are big and comfy. Its cool that there is a pool, and the living room area is a great place to do homework!

It is been good and near my classes. It is easier to walk to places and it is near Broughton which is great because I get to go to so many places like to eat where we can use scad cash like Wasabi and also class like herstand

On move in day, my room seemed as though it had not been cleaned prior to the move in. My bedroom is hot compared to the rest of the unit. I also do not always get notified for packages. Other than these three things, my experience here has been great! Maintenance is always on top of things and I love having the amenities here without having to leave.

My experience at the Hue has been great so far. I haven’t had much more than a few minor hiccups every once in a while that were quickly solved by staff within a day.

Overall, not a bad place to live. It comes furnished and has huge apartments. The downside is the staff and the paper thin walls. I’ve been lucky to only have neighbors on one side, although I can hear my upstairs neighbors every move. What you really can’t beat it the location. It’s the closest I could be to the buildings I’m in 90% of the time for school.

It's pretty decent for the price my only complaint is the package room is really an unorganized in the place to access the room is really janky.

VERY GOOD. The only issue is the hallway In out apartment echos sound from the living room into my room. But I love It here. So much better than the dorms.

The Hue is nice but fails at fixing broken stuff, processing packages and cleaning the common areas in a timely manner. Communication with the residents is unclear.

I love living at the Hue. I have convinced 5 of my friends to come live here for this school year. Everything I would want in an apartment! It is close enough to my classes. And I have my own privacy.

So far I am enjoying my stay at The Hue, everyone is so friendly and the events are fun to go to! I am glad to have access to a pool and the gym whenever I want, it makes exercising a lot easier with my busy schedule.

It's a great housing complex, with a few minor imperfections that are bearable but i wish was not considering the rates in rent for the hue. However as a student it has been great the location is not the safest in the night but it's great for using the bus.

Sound insulation is not good Sound insulation is not good Sound insulation is not good Sound insulation is not good Sound insulation is not good everywhere another is that No TV music in the public area on the third floor No TV music in the public area on the third floor No TV music in the public area on the third floor

Enjoying the amenities and the free coffee in the lounge. The rooms are spacious with nice size closets and in bedroom bathrooms. The staff is very friendly.

I really enjoy the amenities and communal spaces on the 3rd floor. The cleanliness and maintenance request completion could be improved. However I do love the coffee machine and events that are offered.

I've had a really great experience here at the Hue! As a Scad student, it's super convenient to be at the Hue because of its location. My roommates and I all get along super well! I'm looking forward to the rest of the year here at The Hue!!

My experience at the hue has been far the community is great, as well as, the amenities and the staff is always willing to help.

My only complaint so far is the WiFi reliably but other than that the rooms and facilities are wonderful. It’s definitely far nicer than any traditional dorm option.

So far not bad. I like the hue mostly because of location. But I think this apartment is quite old so there are some bugs. But l like package system here.

I love living at the Hue so far. the amenities have been so convenient and the building is so clean and well organized. The only problem I had was moving in was complicated as I arrived after the move-hours (only 1 hour later) thanks to a delayed flight, and there was no after-hours person available to help me get my key, and no number to call for help.

Dirty carpets, dirty, over used appliances, lights not working. Trash accumulation in the apartments. Stains on tables and couches. Weird smell

I had a lot of problems in apartment, because the carpers of both rooms and the living room were dirty, with stains. It took a whole week for them to come and change and the hue were not able to give a specific date for the change. The electrical part in my room is not working (the bulb was already changed, but it is still not working), so it’s possible to say that there weren’t any check up before we moved-in. Also, the dishwasher is a condition that we can’t use it, because of the food on the stainer, and we are not able to clean it.

Living here has been excellent experience. Wish there were more social events that encouraged socializing. Also a easier way to exit the parking garage with a bicycle.

Living here is so much better than living on campus or trying to find an apartment elsewhere. It's still the first week so service requests are sort of a no go for now but other than that its been great!

The apartment is amazing I would really like if the lobby was prettier and more welcoming since it is the place that we get to everyday and people see it. Also it would be nice if you created a pathway on the grass outside since there is no sidewalk

I really like it here from living space to facilities to services! One thing I can recommend is go through the rooms thoroughly as I found stuff that must have belonged to the previous residents.