I’m glad to be living on my own, but having apartments that don’t have windows seems a little weird word right? I’m moving this month to a different unit though so oh well.

I like the living area but I can't stand the people that live above me and I am getting charged for the electric when me and my two other roommates aren't even there.

The apartment is comfortable, but not without issues. Overall, I would recommend it to others. The coffee and pool are definite positives. The noise from the factory across the water is a negative.

It has a good location, but need more active security for the safety. Also, there is an issue of the noises between the rooms. I can even hear the person moving on the bed, and every conversation.

Living in the hue is really good and convenience. Everything is ok but the sound insulation is bad. We could not speak loudly or sing songs. One more thing, the smell of the hallway is awful because everyone throw there garbage in the hallway.

nice amenities but can be noisy sometimes if your room is next to a neighbor. the pool is closed too often which is a bummer because its a great space to hang. don't leave anything, bones or cars, in any of the parking garages that you don't want stolen or damaged

Love staying at Hue. I call it my home now. Allows me to perform everything i want within the premises as it has wonderful amenities. One more year to go! Re-leased

I love it here. The amenities are super and the leasing office is always great at helping you. Its just the perfect place to feel comfortable when you are away from home. “Feel Home away from home.”

Great complex for students to stay in. When it comes to size of my room I really like how it perfectly fits for me. From the bathroom to my room.

I have had the most positive experience with maintenance staff. The front desk staff are not friendly or helpful. The walls are thin and I would like it much better if the windows could open.

Rooms are ok, but most of staff is rude and unhelpful and a lot of the outside doors don’t lock properly. Security is minimal since there’s only one security guard and, as I said before, the outside doors (especially the stairwells) don’t shut or lock properly so anyone can go inside the building and to any floor of the building without a key. It’s also WAY too expensive.

I think the Hue is really awesome. I love the layout of each room and how there is a common area, yet private bedrooms for residents to have their own space. The Hue staff works diligently to provide fun events for the residents each month. And to be a photo student at SCAD, the proximity to both photo buildings is a major bonus!

The Hue has decent facilities and I enjoy having my own room. However, no food within walking distance and uber is the only choice of transportation.

Living here has been nice, the gym is small but has most everything you need. I like how they have vending machines and a pool! Overall this place is a great place to live and close to down town!

It's great, except the price is a little expensive. A lot of my friends live here,But mostly because the price will move out the next year. By the way, can you fix the pool cue outside 。

Overall I've really enjoyed living here! The communal spaces are kept clean and it's great have a coffee machine, gym, and pool literally steps away from my door. The light boxes were super helpful during finals week when I didn't want to go all the way to a school building to get work done.

I have had issues with my past Roomate, including the fact that I was placed with another person with a cat at first, which is a strange thing to do.

It was a nice place to live and the location is perfect for a painting student since it is next to Alexander. Also, so close to River and Broughton Street!

staff could be more friendly but building itself and location is super nice. I love having my own room and bathroom and the kitchen is well loved for sure

I love living at the hue and the location in regards to SCAD’s campus and the staff that works here is really sweet. Only thing that can be improved is the trash system

The location is super convenient for me because I’m a Graphic Design major at SCAD. It is also super convenient that the room is furnished so that I don’t have to get extra stuff. The amenities are always a plus! Love having a gym and pool

Great quiet environment, Moving in mid year, I was never really told any of the rules and feel a bit out of the loop compares to people who moved in, in the fall.

The community is fine, I generally don’t interact with many people because the weekly events are quite lame, but they often have free food, so I’ll go.

I do not like living here. The staff is very rude apart from the maintenance men. They're helpful, prompt and nice. I've had many issues while living here and they've never been handled well.

Our apartment set up is great and maintenance is super helpful. I especially love the location. I wish the gym had more quality. Also, my roommates and I are constantly having package problems. Multiple of mine were never reported to me, therefore I could not get to them.