This is my 4th and last year living at the Lex! I have loved living here! The staff has been so amazing since campus 1st took over the property. The location to campus and my classes is amazing! I also love that my favorite restaurants (and bars 😛) are so close! My apartment and room have everything I need, and it’s so easy to make the space feel like home.

The apartment complexes are so clean and the staff is so nice, friendly and helpful! I’m very thankful for how they take care of situations so quickly and continue to try to involve the residents in many different fun activities!

Reply from The Lex


The lex is a nice apartment complex and I really like it here, however the other residents are loud and they are always outside screaming and being loud. Also we can always hear the people above us walking around. But other than that it’s great here.

It’s alright, but it is for sure more pricey than its worth. There’s never any parking, hallways always smell because of trash, and dust is everywhere no matter if we clean constantly or not. The location and apartments themselves are nice.

Nice facility with awesome workout facility but could improve communication between workers and tenants and the trash system could be more organized.

i like the lex pretty good. it’s close to campus which is always great. i like how it’s only students here. it makes it feel safe. however it is not very well taken care of. it’s not very clean.

The Lex seems great and some things about it are great, but there are many issues that make living here sometimes not so great. Maintenance does not always help and upon move-in day, my apartment was messy and many things were broken.

I am very happy to have found these apartments. The location is very well placed, walking distance from nearly everything in Lexington...almost. The rooms are nice clean and well furnished. And the staff is even better all smiling faces and helping hands, always trying to get the residents to intermingle and get to know your neighbors. My only complaint is the slowness of things that go through maintenance which is due to the lack of employees they have servicing the 3 apartment buildings.

very easy place to live. Each resident enjoys there own bathroom and lock on each individual bedroom. The parking is very close and very convenient as well and the location close to canpus

Appliances need an upgrade as well as the doors for outside need to be fixed. Room spaces and and bathrooms are bigger than most places around here.

Living here is a great experience. I love my apartment. It is so nice and cozy. The study rooms are nice and quiet and the stuff is always very nice and helpful.

It’s been pretty good living here. The only thing is there’s a few maintenance issues that we need help with but haven’t gotten any help with. Some are pretty major for the living quality. Other than that, it’s good.

Great closeness to campus, nice workers, pretty complex. I broke my key and the employees were very efficient to getting me a new key as soon as possible.

Love it! The space is awesome but it was really dirty when we moved in. Maintenance is slow but other than that the living is great and has an awesome kitchen

The leasing consultants are super helpful. However, when moving in there were a lot of issues with the apartment. They later got fixed, but it took awhile.

The management has been great. I always get a call or an email back when I ask a question. The maintenance has also been great about filling the orders we put in. Overall it’s been a wonderful experience.

The lex is a nice facility with lots of amenities, but I feel the rent is a little steep. Also, although it is helpful to have daily trash pick up, it would be nicer to have the option to take out your own trash to avoid the monthly fee.

Overall for the price, this is a great apartment complex. However, management can be unorganized and unreliable. Maintenance takes a long time to come. Ultimately it’s cheap living in a great area.

The location is really close to campus with free parking and guest paring saving me money on a parking pass! Love the giveaways and food they cater for the residents.

Fine living area to live at, not always the best service. Has great ameneties and like how everything is very contained together. Also nice how there is free parking and guest parking.

The lex has been a very good experience so far. The only problem I've had is issues with maintenance, as I have not had AC for a month and a half with repeated visits to the office to let them know it hasn't been fixed. Other than that, the living space is fine, and has a good community.

I like to live here especially the room in particular. The only problem with living here is that outside the room is very dirty. For example it’s embarrassing to bring people here to visit when they just see how dirty it is outside the hallways.

Its okay but there could be a lot of improvements as far as overall cleanliness of buildings and things like that go. I think the lex could improve my experience

Everything is super nice. The staff is super sweet and the apartment itself is nice just small. The maintenance can take quite a while to respond to work orders

It good. I enjoy living here because it has lots to do around the campus as well as a nice pool. It is a nice change from living in a dorm because stove