Some frustration with the internet company being incompetent, but a decent place to live, close to campus. Lacks a good amount of storage space

This is my second year living here at The Lex. I love the atmosphere, and the staff is 5star. Im a student at U.K. And locate is everything which the lex has.

This is my 4th year living at the Lex and I love it! It has gotten better every year. There are so many new amenities and the staff is always so helpful! I can’t wait for the things still to come!

Love the quietness, peaceful. Love the privacy and how it's close to school for me. Second year living at this residence. Enjoyable and affordable.

Constantly not reading emails. Maintenance Request not answered. Things are constantly broken. Not well informed employees. They never have correct answers.

Everything is pleasant. The Lex Apartments is a peaceful place to live. Everything is righ there including the pool, the gym, and places to eat.

The Lex has its problems like all places but its certainly better for teh price than other places. Just look out for weird fees like a $250 move-in fee.

I have always had a pretty good experience living at the lex, the employees have always been very helpful and haven’t ever given me a reason to dislike them. The only thing that hasn’t made my stay there completely pleasant is the other tenants who can be very loud and obnoxious, but the Lex has done a lot to help prevent this issues.

The lex is a very nice apartment complex. I’ve only run into a few issues with my stay here. My bike was stolen from the property and there was nothing anyone could do to help. My smoke detector was going off in my room throughout the night and there wasn’t no one I could get a hold of immediately. When I had come back from a weekend trip, Maintence has left my front door open after they had done room cleaning. Overall, I like living here I just wish it was a little more helpful.

Centrally located property close to a lot of stores as well as food options. Outdated kitchens in apartments. Hallways often times have trash odor

Actually I feel comfortable in my room. Everything is good! Also, my apartment helps me to study well because there is a comfortable table and there is cold weather.

Year-delayed construction and frequent unavailability of features like broken down elevators, construction in the halls or the pool being closed made living here surprisingly annoying. Good apartments are a plus but it is nothing special.

Living at the Lex may possibly be the worst student housing/apartments to live in. The parking is sooo annoying its too long of a walk. There has been to many times that i haven't got to use the pool due cleaning.

Would love to live with cleaner people, kid we live with is something else doesn’t clean up after himself we didn’t agree to live with him thx

I love it here everyone is so nice. They have amazing amenities and the maintenance people are so nice. Moving in was so easy and ita been amazing since day 1!

The staff is wonderful. The only qualms I have are about the unwillingness to fix certain problems like mold in the rooms that was painted over instead of dealt with, and water leaking through the wall.

Living here is great! The only thing that I could complain about would be when the powder when out and I wasn’t able to get back into my room. I live on the first floor and no stairs lead to the first floor from above they all lead to the outside and I was t able to get into my room until about 3:30 am when I was alone.

Just moved in, and the apartment it very nice! Very happy so far. The apartment was please for the most part, and albeit the construction, the facilities are very nice. Parking is also easy to find.

it’s great I made the best decision living here and i’m not mad about the decision and I know it’ll only get better and I can’t wait to find out what else is in store

My two years living at the lex were great! I loved my renovated apartment and the location of the complex. I have no complaints and would recommend the lex!

Great living experience since new management has taken over. I love the renovations and amenities the apartment complex offers. So conveniently located and friendly office staff.

Good location and great view! The trash pick up service makes the hallways always smell. Decent amount of parking. Having mad-mush so close is great.

The Lex was very nice and our rooms were adequately done. The only major issues were the lack of upkeep of the building and of some of the appliances in our rooms and kitchen.

While the apartment is fine, there are many issues that the maintenance staff struggled to fix. Our AC did not work for months on end and it would be 80 degrees in the apartment and we had to put in 6 requests before it was actually fixed. They approach many of our requests as if we are just stupid and don’t know what we are talking about, leading to us having to put in more than one request for multiple things. Also the fire alarms keep going off in the main building, sometimes multiple times a day making it hard to sleep.

it looks very nice modern and spacious but actual materials are not meant to last, the the workout equipment was not in very good condition and some of the workers in the office are very rude