Fine, our doors are fixed that lead into the building so that's great. I'm excited for the defense course that is being offered in a few days. I hope we get security cameras in the stairs.

New management system bring hopes that my experience at Sterling will become better! They have already made strides to improve the living experience.

et me give you a metaphor: If I took a sheet of copper and a sheet of cardboard and I said to you I want you to send an electric current down both of these, which one is going to conduct the electricity better?

So far The Marquee seems to be doing well ensuring that residents are up to date on upcoming events and encourage residents to come to events. I like that email notifications are sent well in advance so that residents will have enough time to prepare themselves for whatever activities are scheduled. Management seems to doing well communicating, ensuring the safety of residents, handling conflicts in a timely fashion.

So far, I have really enjoyed living her at the Marquee. I'm a junior at UCF and have had a lot of friends live here in the past years, but haven't myself until this year. I live in Phase II in a 1x1 and I like it a lot. I don't have a problem with noise or anything else, whenever I submit a maintenance request, it's fixed within the next day or two, I consistently feel safe here, etc. I've talked to quite a few people who moved out of here this past year and went to other student housing developments, and they all have said that they wish that they still lived here because it really is the best out of all of the student housing. I would suggest this place to everyone and anyone!

I like the location at the Marquee, I feel like it's good student housing even though it can be a bit loud and rowdy but it is college housing right in front of UCF and next door to Pub. What bothers me is that it is so dirty. The hallways look disgusting and the elevators are a mess. In addition I hate how we cannot set appointment times for maintenance and they come into the apartment even when no one is at the apartment and the speed bumps in the garage are obnoxious. Lastly all the gates are open even though you need an access key to get it, it allows random people to come into the complex that have no business being in here.

Everything is going okay could be better. Wish all the robbery's will stop and this place becomes a party like it suppose to be. Instead i have to look behind my back when i walk away or to my car

Needs better management and cleaning crew and more security cameras. I don't enjoy the parking garage being fuller with people that don't live here and I don't like how unhelpful the staff is.

I like the Marquee. There are a few things however That could be improved. The crime here has been going up a lot lately and installing cameras everywhere wouldn't be a bad idea. The hallways/stairwells are pretty dirty. Also they have a pretty cool gym but most of the equipment is either damaged or broken. The staff is friendly and the pools are awesome. The computer lab comes in handy too when I need to print.

The workers are friendly. Security could be a little bit better. I would like to see security guards inside the parking garages more often and maybe even have a security guard at both gate entrances

Apartments are just fine, nice and comfortable, Im happy with space but you need to take care of security and vositors spots, it shouldnt be in the roof

Not too good , there has been a lot of crimes lately . You guys need to step up security , through out the apartments . And add new cameras.

This place is horrible. The only good thing is my roommates. Noise everywhere. There were 3 armed robberies in the parking garages. Familys live here in the student housing.

Apartments are really nice. Wish some of the office staff were slightly nicer. Patrick the bookkeeper wasnt in any kind of friendly mood whatsoever on rent day. The only thing i see with problems are elevators get dirty, maintenance cleans random hallways then just gave up, and the internet cuts out all the time. Other than that its a great place to live

I'm doing well cant really complain. The staff here is really friendly. The only thing I do have a problem with would probably be how tight the entrance to the parking garage is here. It gets scary especially if a pedestrian decides to walk down it as your driving up

My roommates and I do not feel safe here. The security guard at the front gate only lasted one night. However, we like that you are doing a better job communicating with us.

Other than the armed-robberies that have taken place, I feel pretty comfortable. I love the set up of my apartment. I feel as though we need better security. I received an email stating that security guards will be at the gates now, however I haven't witnessed this yet.

The marquee is a typical college complex. So what you see is really what you get nothing more. Overall its close to UCF so that's always nice.

Security is terrible. Management is lazy at times. Some of the employees are nice though and the large range of students has its negatives. But

I'd give this place a zero if I could. Saftey is a huge concern. Nothing is followed through by the office, major complaints are not fixed. No reply from emails.

I really like the changes I've been seeing since Sterling became the Marquee. The company is working a lot harder to make this place feel like a community rather than a building.

Meh very average. Inside apartment is nice, but the internet sucks past 10pm can't even load youtube videos. Outside is dangerous, people have been getting robbed at gunpoint for the past few weeks.

Since this housing is has changed management I have to say it's getting a lot better. Matanence comes on time never have a problem with the front office staff

You pay for what you get. They're trying to fix everything. They have a bad reputation and some people have gotten robbed. Staff is competent.

improvements are being made and changed which is a great thing. i cant wait to see what else the marquee has to offer for my college experience