I have had a ok experience here. It would be nice if I knew more about events or other fun things that is going on around here. The safety can be better.

Well right now it has only been about a few weeks since you guys have taken over the property so up to this point I havn't really had a chance to see any improvements yet but I plan on seeing some in the near future.

A/C was broken for the first 4 months I lived here. The attitude of employees is awful and the halls are never cleaned. Picking up a package is even made into a task.

Overall I am happy with my living experience, although I have some concerns. The main one is safety and the other is the trash smell in the garage.

Needs a lot of improvement. I would consider staying next year if certain aspects where changed. I see some minor improvements happening already

Unfortunately, I am not too pleased with my experiences at The Marquee. There are many things that need to be changed. There is a lack of consistency in the policies.

The Marquee fails to be a great place for living. There are too many inconveniences. For instance, the printing lab for Phase II has not worked the whole school year. The scanning and fax machine does not work at either Phase. In addition, theft occurs often in the parking lots. There are, nevertheless, good things about living here. The amenities, such as the pool and the mini theater, are great. I believe that The Marquee might start changing soon, for I am seeing a greater presence of public safety officers.

Please understand Sterling is student housing so of course you will hear noise, see trash etc. But for student housing Sterling is pretty good compared to mostly ALL of the nearby student housing places. I lived here for almost two years the staff has gotten a lot better as well as the maintenance team.

You are doing better than Sterling so far but I would like to see some improvements in the gym equipment - only one of the treadmills works upstairs and the rest of the equipment is broken.

The door to parking for the phase one fourth floor is broken. Anyone can walk in. Key fob still doesn't work even after asking why, it won't open the gate.

Security seems very lax, and the hallways/elevators are always dirty. The rooms are very nice, but none of the rules (no pets) are enforced.

Better than sterling. Communicates with residents more. Handled and upgraded security, that was a plus. The gates have been working decently as well.

Security is really bad. Do not feel safe. Amenities are horrible. Can not even use them. Only one that is good is the office that we have and the study rooms

To be fair, this score is representative of my time at Sterling when it was under previous management. I've yet to see any difference with the Marquee.

Took away one star for the one piece of __ thats been in the stairwell for 3 months now. Oh and our dishwasher hasn't worked properly for almost 2 years and after 4 different people came to "fix" it

My experience at the Marquee has been great! A lot of people have complained about it but I have had an amazing experience. My room was nice and so was the equipment that came with it. The only down side is parking on the 5th floor of the garage and I live on the first floor.

I inside of the apartment is great, I love the unlimited utilities and TV/Internet. The parking garages and the clickers to gain access into the building need to be upgraded though, along with security (cameras in more areas).

Very cheap and nice staff that acts very wuickly to the needs of the people living here. The only downside is the people living here are sometimes not the th best character.

So far I have seen great improvement. Security has tightened up and the activity of crime and reckless behavior has went down tremendously. So thank you.

I don't feel safe living here. No security. The hallways are always a mess. The parking garage smells like a dump because of the trash outlet being right there

Although the apartment itself is nice, the hallways and stairwells are always disgusting. The Internet is really bad almost all the time and maintenance takes a long time to complete work orders.

The apartments are nice :) the hallways and stairs need some cleaning . Maintenance is always super fast , normally same or next day! Never had and probs

I'm having a great experience here at the Marquee! My roommates are clean and tidy and the service & support here is very responsive & helpful!

My friend got his jaw broken at the Marquee and you guys tried to make it look as though it was just a physical altercation even though it was definitely a robbery.

I think the marquee is doing a great job thus far. They are truly making a difference in the little time that they've been here. I am very happy.