I've lived here for two years now and just renewed my lease for another year. After the new management took over there have been some improvements so hopefully that continues.

I've so far experienced polite customer service at the leasing office and package room and have enjoyed my stay at the complex. I also like the first floor flooring as well as vaulted ceilings.

You guys are pretty goo . I've been here for 3 years now and would love to stay an extra semester but you guys only offer one year lease . Good job

You are doing okay but there is still trash where there shouldnt be like in the parking. Its smells bad almost everytime you should consider cleaning it once in a while.

The location is great! And my apartment was delivered in good condition! Some of the hallways could use some love tho :(, overall the office staff is helpful and prompt enough

I like having a parking garage, open computer lab, & no electric cap. But the noise level is ridiculous. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is. People have socials in the parking garage and the noise echoes. The walls are pretty thin in and out of my unit.

The marquee is a nice apartment. I actually like going there to visit my friends all the time, now I'm gonna be living there. I'll tell you right now, I'll mainly be playing pool all the time

I haven't moved in yet nor lived here so i don't have much to go on. I've read comments mostly about how bad this apartment complex is but I haven't had a bad experience yet.

The apartments are very nice, need a little bit of paint touch up but overall very nice. Although the noise from the traffic outside is extremely loud.

The apartment is great, the pool area is beautiful, and my roommates are all pretty cool...but parking isn't all that good. Garage is too narrow and the speed bumps are wreaking havoc on my alignment. I lo

The staff is doing its best. They keep residents up-to-date on what's going on in the community and provide activities regularly. More attention needs to be placed on cleaning the hallways and parking lots, stair wells and elevators (holding residents accountable who continue to leave trash in the parking lots, elevators, hallways etc).

Doing pretty good now. From August to now, there have been many changes that have been extremely well for the community. Looking foward to the new way guests can easily get into the parking garage.

For student living, the Marquee isn't bad. Roommate selection could be better, but otherwise I had an ok time here. There should be shuttles offered to destinations besides UCF.

Some residences play music too loud, my floor shakes, but either from that it's nice. The security allow anyone in since the gate have been broken, and that's not safe. They also are not at their posts half of the night.

It is a great atmosphere. The rooms are well kept and modern. The pool is well cleaned and maintained. However the weight room could use a new Smith machine.

I have not yet lived at Marquee as I move in in the fall. However I am pleased of this reward system. I like to do stuff like this in the community so I would encourage it more.

This is so great and a great way to have new resident move in and aslo another great way for me to make new friends so I would always have someone to talk to and hang out with

Although the marquee previously had a bad name, I think they have come a long way and is doing a really good job at running the marquee. The set up is really nice, because we have our own privacy, and whenever i have an issue, it's resolved immediately .

So far I have really enjoyed my room. My roommates were random but they are great. There have been some problems with mail, but overall I've really enjoyed the amenities.

The Marquee is great when it comes to deals and how quick work orders are fixed even though there is over 1000+ residents, but I think there is room for improvement in other aspects such as dealing with move-in day, I believe there have been at least a few more staff in order with dealing with the paperwork or at least handled it online, because waiting in line for 2+ hours for a few papers to be signed was just a pain and annoying.

It is pretty good here. The management is not that great sometimes. A lot of them seem to young to be in that high of a position. But either than that its pretty good.

I feel this place to be a great place for living off campus. It's cool and have great spots to hang out. The environment is safe and secure.

The office staff is nice and things are improving around the apartment. Security cameras are being installed and the security guards are on duty most of the time.

I have only been living here for about four months and it has been good so far at first I was kind of skeptical because of the reviews I saw but from living here the place it pretty great, the employees are very helpful and I feel safe

Fine, our doors are fixed that lead into the building so that's great. I'm excited for the defense course that is being offered in a few days. I hope we get security cameras in the stairs.