So far it has been a great experience. I have enjoyed living at The Marquee these past few months. The management is so nice and the leasing agents are always on top of things.

The marquee is great besides how long it takes for the maintenance guys take to follow through with your request. It's really safe and it's a good place to stay.

I love the place but the people in it are horrible. Peeing every where, I have a room mate that is just disgusting. I also feel like since I'm a neat person I shudve been put with other neat people.

There have no been many issues with our apartment, but the gate to the garage is broken, letting anyone and everyone into the building. I am concerned about the safety of me and my roommates.

The apartments are nice, but the maintenance takes a while and sometimes doesn't even come. Other than that, it's a decent place, and much better than it was last year.

Rooms are nice, there's plenty of room for company. Internet was lacking for awhile but today it seems to have gotten better. The metal chairs are moderately annoying, but I like the style of the rest of the furniture. Very good value for what is included in the room.

I love living here it's a great place to meet new people and the security makes me feel safe. Also I like how they have food vendors in the apartments

The amenities are great, the apartment is nice and the location is convenient. Literally everything else about The Marquee has been pretty bad. The hallways and elevators always smell terrible, the garbage area is always full of trash that's not in the chute, the customer service is terrible and the maintenance workers, while effective, take weeks and weeks to resolve very simple issues. There's no accountability with the management and as a result, the experience suffers.

The Marquee is great! My apartment is beautiful, security makes us feel safe, and pool hopping is fun! I highly recommend it here for every student!!!!

I love stay at the marquee awesome staff. Very help full I had an issue with my bed and washer and they took care of the problem right away and even followed up with the request

You guys are very helpfull and amazing at what you guys do. The marquee is set out to be a very nice place for college students. Many of the workers here help out all the residents at all times.

Up to date with my packages. Some good workers. New security are actually good and are serious about there job. They still need to fix my cable though

I love living here at the Marquee it is very beautiful scenery, great staff, and there is always something fun going on, plus the apartments are beautiful!!!

Catwalks are cool. And the doors are really big. And using the trash chute is fun. It's much more rewarding to put your trash in a tunnel to the abyss than to just like, put it outside your door. Maintenance is very friendly as well. :)

This apartment has is a nice choice for ucf students. It's close to campus and offered its own shuttle route. The hallways and garages need to be cleaned up though. There is always trash in the halls as well as messes from pets. These qualities make entering the apartment unpleasant. The pools have a great atmosphere and the outdoor grills are clean. The kitchens are nice and my particular room that I move into looked brand new. The tv in the room is very big and is a great addition. For the quality of the rooms and the vacinity to campus you can't beat the prices the marquee is offering.

Maintenence is always timely and it's gotten a lot safer with the new security. Anytime I have an issue I let the office know and they fix it

The marquee has improved since I first moved here. With the new security system I feel safe in my home. I also love the amenities it has to offer such as the 24 hr gym and beautiful pool. My room is also nice and spacious w/ walk-in closest. I have my own kitchen and laundry room, which is something I look for before moving into any home. The staff and maintenance at the marquee are also nice and accommodate to my needs whenever necessary. However, my rating is not a full 5 stars because some of the changes or lack-of I don't like. They used to have pizza/movie nights, grocerie bingo, pool parties w/ food you DIDN'T have to pay for the list goes on.Sushi night,taco night, and my beloved kurig coffee (which was the ultimate reason I signed on to sterling not marquee ) was taken away. All these awesome events and freebies cease to exist and I was a huge fan of them. I saw other communities doing them and it's swaying my mind to possibly sign a new lease with them. Also, the elevators, garage, and hallways remain disgustingly dirty! Although maintenance does handle my issues some of them are incompetent for their jobs such as our air conditioning guy, he had no idea what he was doing and ultimately fixed our unit by providing off temperatures. We got tired of complaining and now play a guessing game with the temperature. Roommate matching was awful! You can't trust the marquee with providing adequate roommates. My life was threatened , police was involved, and marquee admitted that she was "psycho".-good luck.

Great place to live! Looking forward to renewing my lease. Only issue i have is with the upkeep of the parking garage and the safety of the elevators.

Here at the Marquee they have provided me with a mediocre living experience. Neighbors are awful but I suppose that's anywhere. Maintenance is great always attending to adjustments that need to be made in the apartment, Santiago is the best. Amenities are great I honestly just never use them.

Santiago - Maintence is the REAL MVP ! Ricky, Brandon, Patrick & Cristine get things done down at the office! I can appreciate the attend each of them make to make sure that each of my request/concerns are taken care of.

I thought everything was going well until our washer broke and 2 work orders later I don't think they have replaced/ fixed and the dryer vent isn't even connected anymore.

Keep up the good work, it's getting better and I can see the difference, so keep up the awesome job...... This awesome place is getting back to his roots...

The Marquee provides adequate living accommodation given the price of the rent. The noise is not as bad as people claim I find that it is quite enough to do homework with little to no distraction.

A pretty decent place to live. The shuttle is a huge help and I use it everyday. The only problem is that the wifi can get pretty slow at times.

Move in wasn't great. The washer and dryer weren't installed and the ic maker did not work how the price is pretty good and it's in a good location to campus.