Elevator in phase 2 needs to be fixed but other than that, The Marquee does their best to make sure they're residents are living in a comfortable safe environment.

My experience here hasnot been bad at all, sometimes the security system was bad. The management wasn't that well before and I completely dislike my roommates

It's been a little better since the new management. I've noticed a lot more security around and the staff has always been super helpful. They need to get a roommate matching site going though because I'm looking for new roommates.

The improvements in security, including gates, cameras and the new key fob system will hopefully make the community safer. So, that's comforting. Also, I'm excited about the renovations to both fitness centers, which have been issues since first moving in. If the new management continues trying to improve the community as a whole, residents of the Marquee will be much better off in 2015.

I like the Marquee. Anytime I need something done with maintenance they are always on top of it and help me with whatever I need! Plus UCF is right across the street so it takes no time to get there and they also provide a shuttle which is really convienent.

Everything has gone well except the room mate matching. I was stuck with a random that has nothing in common with my friend and I and is loud and inconsiderate most of the time. Other than that maintenance has done a good job at fixing things and any issues that I ever had got fixed in a timely manner.

Doing a lot better than Sterling! I appreciate it. I like the fact that the Marquee is more involved with the residents than Sterling was & I like how the Marquee is trying to make it safer than what it was!

Theres a lot of things you guys are doing right, however the security could be better. Besides that, Living at the Marquee has been a pleasure so far, keep up the good work!

The new changes are coming along very nicely; from the safety to being involved in the community, very safe and secure The Marquee > Sterling Central.

Ever since The Marquee has taken over my experience at UCF has got much better. Such a convenient distance to the school and reliable staff!

I have never had any problems before the management change or after. Everything is great, nothing should change. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful.

So far I have seen improvement since the cross overer with management.. Keep on getting better and The Marquee will be an excellent place to live.

So far so good!!! the security officers are awesome, the events like taco tuesday, and movie night help this place feel a little bit smaller. The staff is amazing!

Previously called Sterling Central, The Marquee is still hands down the best place to live while attending UCF or Valencia! I've lived here for almost two years and recommend living here for any future or current students.

The office staff are always super helpful whenever I need anything. They are willing to go out of their way to help their residents which really means a lot to me and the rest of us living here. Keep up the great work!

I feel as if the responsiveness of the office to broken community features (such as doors, elevators, etc) is not as immediate as it should be. The staff seems more professional than the previous management so hopefully things are turning around.

After taking over Sterling, I find that the Marquee is doing an exceptional job. The customer service Has greatly improved, finding them much more friendly. Overall the experience with the Marquee is great.

The Marquee is a nice affordable student housing. Yes, it needs more maintance here and there and more security. After all, the Marquee is located at a great location close to campus.

Experience has been good and love my apartment and balcony and the view I see at night. Hallways just feel dirty and even when it is mopped it doesn't do the job. Some windows for the stairwells have cracked glass still stuck in the window. It doesn't look or make the place feel good.

It has gotten better here. So far, with the start of the semester, it appears quieter. I also have noticed the maintenance staff have become quick/ more efficient. I do like most of the changes that have been made. (Like going digital). The only downside is that it still feels kind of dirty here. We need more janitors.

you are all doing very great super wow much greatness I love it so much. Doing super well. Hope it only continues to get better wow. Can't believe it.

I haven't had any problems since living here. The only thing I would like to change is that all I ever hear is the noise from Alafaya. Sound proof windows or something would be nice. Otherwise best complex to live in. Great price, convenient to anywhere you want to go and everything you need is already here!

I just think this has been the greatest apt !!! Fun place to live !! Since the name change every thing is much better. It feels like home:)

I like the Marquee! Most of the bad things are not true. There's not another place that is as great. If you have a problem, they'll help and don't have a problem with it.

I like the choice of your new managerial staff, they actually know what they are doing and are helpful in every possible way. I am happy to live here