Maitnance is always great. Security has gotten better but needs more structure. More activities I feel like they're were more last year. They should step up resident staff relations.

Security has had some improvements such as locked gates... Staff is always friendly... New package system which seems to be more efficient.. As far as the unit the appliances seem cheap and break often but the service men try to fix it in timely manners

My experience hasn't been too bad except for the safety and it took 3 days to get the A/C fixed. I do understand that safety isn't the easiest to keep but when I moved in half of the doors weren't even locked.

Overall it has been an alright experience moving into this apartment complex. The armed robberies in the garage were a little sketchy there for awhile.

Really enjoy living at the marquee. All though there are a few things that could be updated. Bigger desks for working, and keys that will let us in all the properties surrounding gates.

With new management, I think you guys are doing better. But there could also be a lot more improvements along the way. For example, gym, hallways, maintenance, & office staff.

The Marquee is a comfortable and pleasant living complex. I will be living here for a while! All the amenities make off-campus living so much better.

The safety precautions have definitely improved greatly. Seems like we went through a time when there were constantly robberies, now not so much.

I enjoy visiting my son at the Marquee. The apartment is nice, and surprising spacious considering it is 500 square feet. Except for the recent crime, I am pleased. I hope that things continue to improve since management has changed.

Security could be improved Because I don't feel safe having all of theae crimes happening at night. We would also like to know of services available to us in bulk

Just wish things were fixed faster. I do like that there is new management I see some progressing. I do wish there was a little bit more parties but I can see that things are slowly starting to get better

Everything is good, just need more cameras for security purposes and cleanliness of the corridors can be improved. Other than that, I love living in The Marquee.

I love all the changes occurring around the place I'm so happy to be a resident here. And I look forward to what's more to come to us :)!!!!

Very helpful with the application process. Consistent with the phone calls and emails making sure everything is going smoothly. The office staff are awesome and very cooperative. :)

Staying here at the marquee is a great experience. I feel as if all college students should atlas do a semester living at this establishment.

No problems so far, hoping it stays that way. Needs some upgrades on infrastructure but haven't encountered any serious issues personally. I hope it gets better.

I like my apartment, it is relatively clean and new, and I have good roommates. However, since it was broken into I have felt unsafe in the apartment community.

Not too many issues besides noisy neighbors next door and right above my apartment. Appreciate that I see more security guards walking around after the incidences

The hallways need to be cleaned, garages need to feel safe to walk in. I get out of work after midnight and before 7 am and I never feel safe enough to be alone

Never had a complaint before besides the conditions of the stairwells and halls. The Marquee seems to be addressing those issues and now my only concern is security

More needs to be done about the upkeep if the building. I see random holes in the hallways and stairwell along with broken lights etc. . Other than that i love living here

You said there would be a security checkpoint. I have been waved in by security every time with no ID check and no FOB key check. No one I know has been checked either. If you're going to email us about it, make sure your staff is aware of what they're supposed to be doing, because obviously they are not doing what you told the residents old happen. We have been robbed three times in under two months...once under your management already. Don't tell us we're having a great year when the parking garage isn't even safe for your residents anymore.

I love the marquee so much! The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and the amenities are incredible. I always feel at home when I'm here at the marquee

doing good, not all the workers are great buy that is besides the point, overall an Ok I would improve the security because of all of the new robbings that have been going on.

The apartment complex has vastly improved as far as the help of security but needs work on the maintain ends of the grounds; I.e. Egg shells on the walls.