I've so far experienced polite customer service at the leasing office and package room and have enjoyed my stay at the complex. I also like the first floor flooring as well as vaulted ceilings.

I like having a parking garage, open computer lab, & no electric cap. But the noise level is ridiculous. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is. People have socials in the parking garage and the noise echoes. The walls are pretty thin in and out of my unit.

Everything has been great so far. I moved in this semester and I've had barely any issues since then. The staff is pretty good and are as helpful as they can be.

Overall my experience at the marquee has been pleasant , for the price there doing a good job. Tenants & the people that work here are friendly as well.

You guys are organized, keep the location up, provide great alerts when necessary, provide cool game days and free food which comes in handy to those struggling,

Friendly staff, spacious units, and affordable! A lot of the other apartments in the area cost a lot more for the same living experience which is not fair.

great community events. I really enjoy the staff. Very helpful and for the most part very clean. Only problem is the walls are too thin and you can hear everything

Good quality apartments. I enjoy the deal we have. Everything included with an affordable price, you just can't beat that. Maintenance is punctual and the office staff is very warming.

Upon move in it wasn't the best but as they got everything in order the way it should have been when I first obtained my keys it got better. I don't believe the management team is as involved as they could be especially in my case since I had horrible living conditions upon move in but hey I'm not renewing so I just have to endure the rest of this year.

I like the idea of how safe the marquee is suppose to be but all those gate are either broken or constantly open. I wish it was a little cleaner here and I hate the tv in my room because of the volume issues. Other than that i like the size and environment.

Hi I think you guys need to work on the cleanliness and maybe changing up kitchen appliances also the gym things should be switched out cause they are lacking

My carpet still has not been changed after I have complained about it. Just because it does not look "dirty" to yall does not mean it's not.

As far as security I feel safe with all of the cameras and gated access around the community. One improvement that I feel can be done would be the cleanliness around the community.

My experience here at the Marquee has been great so far. The staff here is super friendly and I love it when the hold a lot of events, plus i won a gift card so I cant complain.

Everything from showing the first day, to thinking about furniture placement, my experience from the moment I walked in was great! Rebecca was a great way to start my lease here at the Marquee!

Yes, this place is under new management but that does NOT mean it is amazing. I will not be renewing my lease at this location. It does have some good but it has a lot of bad !! The fire department and the police officers LIVE HERE !!! I am disappointed that I pay so much and I feel unsafe in the place that is suppose to be my home away from home . DO NOT COME LIVE HERE !!

Marquee is the greatest student housing in Orlando. I love living here and feel very safe. Staff is very friendly and is always their when you need assistance.

I love the staff here! Everyone is pretty helpful and the security is amazing! They are always there when you need them. I wish you guys can give more rewards out.

I've heard nothing but negative reviews about The Marquee but so far I love it here and I do plan on renewing my lease. The staff and residents are friendly and it makes the stay here much more enjoyable.

My apartment was given to me really dirty. I did not receive my gift card for showing my good grades. I had to talk to them three times to get my carpet cleaned.

The location is great! And my apartment was delivered in good condition! Some of the hallways could use some love tho :(, overall the office staff is helpful and prompt enough

The Marquee has met expectations, although the property could be cleaner. Crime has gone far down compared to following years and there has been no incidents I have heard of yet this year. Would recommend.

Living here is ok. There are definitely nicer places you can stay for the same price. The parking garage always smells like ass. They tell you to put your trash down the shoot but it's always locked

I like my apartment very much so. I just believe that the stove burners should be replaced because they are old and rusty. Also, the halls should be more clean. Besides that, all good

So far it has not been too bad. The only problem is that the apartment could be maintained a lot better. There are a few issues with my unit which hasn't been fixed yet