Very nice place major improvement since changing management. Lived here for almost two years now and must say that The Marquee is way better than when it was sterling.

I have enjoyed living here and I think it is usually really good. Parking is a hassle, and more security measures need to be taken. Also when we first moved in a lot of things in the apartment were broken and they took awhile to fix.

Significant improvements since new management has taken over. The elevators are always working and there is significant improvement in the upkeep of the property

Feeling a lot safer now with security guards actually doing their job. Hallways could be a little cleaner, same thing goes for the elevators

This place is always really clean and the staff is super nice. I would like to see there be more community events that are advertised a few more weeks in advance

I love everything about The Marquee (in Phase 2), except for the low security (the reoccurrence of crime) and all the speed bumps in the garage. Otherwise everything is great!

Better than last year despite the increase In crime. Whenever Ive had a problem, it was fixed. It was annoying that I had the problem in the first place, but I've noticed that I actually got help rather than be told I'm out of luck.

So far so good, need improvement in security, about be more productive when he comes to safety, be alert, but so far I've seen some great progress, need a lot of work but keep it up.

The Marquee has been an overall good experience. My room is well put together and the environment, while suspect in the past, has become increasingly safer and more welcoming.

Staff is helpful when you are persistent with them, making better efforts to secure the premises and there hasn't veen any major armed robberies lately

Security should be tighter. Community events made more public and advertised more. The computer lab should be working at all times and the printer

I love the apartment itself, and having a tv in every room and in the living room makes me very happy, but the fact that there have been several armed robberies in the parking garage scares me a little. Also the hallways are a little sketchy, especially because they are so filthy.

I must say with the new management in place, Ive seen a huge turn around for this property. New staff and they look happy to be their, matinee has always been on point and the facilities have been updated as well. All in all Sterling has stepped its game up and regained their pride with the new Marquee. Way to go guys .

Everything is pretty good. Location is perfect. Room size is great. One thing I think that could improve is the overall security system. Since there were armed robberies

Thus far, my 6 months of east side living at The Marquee has been an amenity laden fun filled experience. Great floor plans, no caps, awesome parties, and loads of people to meet :) its the perfect place for college students.

I've seen a lot of great changes since they've become The Marquee, it almost feels like a whole new apartment complex. There are still some little things that are problems but I can see how much they're teying to fix everything.

I picked to live here because it was so close to campus and the property was new. Also, there are great amenities which make this a great place to live.

I enjoy living here. Maintenance does there job pretty well. Security here is getting better had some problems a while ago with it but i never felt threatened by them. All and all i think every one does a pretty good job

Maitnance is always great. Security has gotten better but needs more structure. More activities I feel like they're were more last year. They should step up resident staff relations.

Security has had some improvements such as locked gates... Staff is always friendly... New package system which seems to be more efficient.. As far as the unit the appliances seem cheap and break often but the service men try to fix it in timely manners

My experience hasn't been too bad except for the safety and it took 3 days to get the A/C fixed. I do understand that safety isn't the easiest to keep but when I moved in half of the doors weren't even locked.

Overall it has been an alright experience moving into this apartment complex. The armed robberies in the garage were a little sketchy there for awhile.

Really enjoy living at the marquee. All though there are a few things that could be updated. Bigger desks for working, and keys that will let us in all the properties surrounding gates.

With new management, I think you guys are doing better. But there could also be a lot more improvements along the way. For example, gym, hallways, maintenance, & office staff.

The Marquee is a comfortable and pleasant living complex. I will be living here for a while! All the amenities make off-campus living so much better.