The Marquee apartments are very nice, the pools really are resort style, the A/C works good, and my fourth floor balcony pool view is awesome. Only complaints I have with my unit are that my TV only has one channel, and my bed frame squeaks too much.

Love this place best place I've ever lived at. Just wish people would learn to treat this place like their actual home and keep it clean. Instead of throwing trash everywhere

You guys are doing a terrific job at this place it is always secure and peaceful here glad di found it. I was thinking I should find a new place but then I thought about it and said to myself I like this place.

Maintenance takes to many days to fix any problem reported. I wish the gates from the parking garage to the floor were fully closed. Also the front main doors to the buildings.

It's considerably better than dorms and the staff are friendly and have events on a weekly basis. I like the way my apartment is set up and it's easy to meet new people here.

I've been loving it here. There's always events happening and the wifi is fast. This reward program is also really cool. I really have no complaints!

I honestly feel like this is a great idea to get everyone in the community involved and united. This will let the office know how each and every one of the residents feel about staying in this specific community. I think it's really smart because every one will be on the same track and the office will know what things will be good and what won't.

This is so great and a great way to have new resident move in and aslo another great way for me to make new friends so I would always have someone to talk to and hang out with

I have enjoyed my experience at the marquee so far. I had to submit a work order due to the locks not working. The next day everything was fixed and there was no mess left behind.

The rent is kinda too high. And there should be assigned parking depending on the floor that you live in because it doesn't make sense for me to live on the first floor and have to park in the fourth because there's no space. Also the facility is very dirty both in the garage and building.

There have been a few issues but all in all it has been ok. The unit I moved into should have been thoroughly cleaned even though it is occupied by other roommates. I know other complexes have everything removed from the kitchen and living area for this purpose. It makes it a better experience for someone moving in. My stuff is still in boxes, and will remain there until I move in the summer.

The Marquee is a great place to live at, all the staff are welcoming and very helpful. Close proximity to UCF makes commuting to campus easy.

My experience at The Marquee so far has been somewhat enjoyable. I have not experienced any problems so far, however I believe my upstairs neighbor has a dog because I hear barking and whining through the roof of my apartment. I know your pet policy does not allow pets whatsoever, but I am not sure if Emotional Service Animals are the exception to this rule. It is an inconvenience to be woken up at early in the morning because the dog needs to be let out, and it is difficult to study in the afternoon at home because the dog whines for thirty minutes at a time.

You are doing okay but there is still trash where there shouldnt be like in the parking. Its smells bad almost everytime you should consider cleaning it once in a while.

Nice love it. Still trying to get to learn about it but so far so good. Love how there's the option of to gain free stuff that's really amazing thanks guys

The apartment is great, the pool area is beautiful, and my roommates are all pretty cool...but parking isn't all that good. Garage is too narrow and the speed bumps are wreaking havoc on my alignment. I lo

It's great, living here is all what I need, I'm close to UCF and every store that I usually go to are all close by. The halls and other areas may need some clean up, but that's my least of my worries. Students here may be different for you, but that's not a problem. Overall, it's a great apartment and that's all I need for.

I have been living here for just over a month. I really REALLY love my apartment. My room is a wonderful layout, I love my bathroom, and I love the common area. I came into a nice, clean apartment that I'm happy to call home. I wish the inside of the hallways looked as nice and clean as the outside of the building. Safety here is very strong in some areas and very weak in others. The amount of events and social opportunities held by management are FANTASTIC and I love to attend them! I adore all the amenities ESPECIALLY NO CAP! Overall, great place to live and a very much recommended apartment.

I Love It, I Can Wake Up And Go To The Gym, There's Always Something Happening Down Stairs . Just Amazing! After A Long Hard Day Of Work, I Come Home To A Hot Nice Shower.

I love everything! I have been recommending all my friends that plan on moving to Orlando to join me at The Marquee! Keep up the good work!!

The marquee is great. Maintenance is very helpful & kind. Security is nice but not really helpful. Property manager is always around and very nice.

I like how there a lot of security around, less noisy neighbors, that there a pool near by. I like how the marquee is close to the Ucf campus.

I love the marquee great place to live lots of socializing and friendly community. Perfect amount of room in the apartments and the rooms. Roommate finder is also very good

My experience has been ok. I like my roommate. I hate how people throw trash off their balcony, leave it in the hall, and stairway. I know that might be out of the control of management. The Marquee is nice I was over charged twice but they fixed the issue. I guess they're doing their best.

First off, roommate matching for me was terrific! As someone who has had negative experiences with roommates in the past, I absolutely love my roommates! The apartments themselves are nice, my only complaint was that when I moved in it was a little dirty from the previous tenants. The noise problems have been minimal to none and security has had a very strong presence on the property. It's not a perfect place to live but it has suited my needs quite well.