Honestly have heard the longest and most horrible service. Haven't had my furniture since I moved, which makes 3 weeks today. I have alot to say

Great community, great people. Only downside would be maintenance taking forever to complete their tasks. Had a stove that would set fire every time turned on a burner, and STILL hasn’t been replaced.

It is a Very quite Neighborhood. I just don’t like the fact that owners don’t clean up behind their dogs. I feel safe even though there’s no gate. I think visitor parking should be free

My apartment was filthy and Ihad to cleaned and I didn't even have a door to my bedroom. Still no amenities pass to this day and its already been 3 weeks and the paint is peeling in my room.

Staff is friendly. The actual apartment is okay. Mines came with the A.C. broken and some other damage. It's close to campus and there's a bus route nearby.

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Better management. I think you should improve your units. Make people more comfortable, because previous residents leave damages. Also quicker and true solutions.

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Overall the meridian is a great place to stay. Don’t hear too much noise and the people in the office are very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend a friend

So far my experience has been pretty good very nice staff and are willing to make sure things get done. When there is and issue in my unit I know that I can call the front office and the problem will be taken care of.

The place itself was pretty alright once me and my roommate cleaned it up, I do belive it is a bit over priced for what we recived. The only other problem would have to be the management, they are great people who try their best, but some times there is miscommunication that can cause alot problems. Jsyk always ask questions to verify and never assume anything .

The Meridian has a nice location and the apartments are spacious. They were in a bad condition when we moved in though: dirty (especially the bathroom and the carpetfloor) with broken furniture inside and several broken things (dishwasher, toilet seat, towel rack...). Maintenance took care of the small things rather quickly, the dishwasher however, was broken for a month before it was exchanged. The Management company, however, had some problems providing the promised furniture, I had to live without any furniture except a bed for a month, which was really uncomfortable. In total, if you rent unfurnished, you get what you pay for (the rent is nicely low compared to others) but renting furnished takes up a lot of energy and time.

Everytime I submit a request for something to get checked or fixed, its ignored, but its cheap so not surprising. But overall the conditions could be worse I suppose.

Nice place, slow maintenance. I've been waiting on hot water in my shower for about a month now, which is RIDICULOUS. Otherwise the apartments are cool.

Move in was awful and stressful. Room wasnt finished and in bad condition. My mom and I scrubbed the entire apartment clean. No major problems since, but it wasnt fun to deal with.

No social events to get residents together to make it more comfortable. Need some events that will give the residents a chance to meet other residents

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All in all not too bad. Had a couple complications but got fixed after within due time. We had a leak but when brought it to the front offices attention they fixed the issue

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it wasn't easy to find a place that was willing to let me sign a short term lease. The place is pretty decent and fairly close to campus. So far so good.

For the most part, very good. Easy-going staff, respectable and accommodating, and professional. However, there had persisted some issues with AC and getting a front door key, with both issues being resolved eventually, but after some significant time had passed. Besides the early missteps, I have enjoyed my time thus far.

It hasn't been the greatest but accommodations and compensation has been reasonable. I have had trust issues with my room mate because of traffic therefore, I have been living outside of my apartment for the past 2 weeks. I did not know I was getting a room mate and this is after being switched over for not being placed in the proper unit. However the meridian has tried there best to keep me there.

The apartment community is fairly quiet for the most part, would definitely recommend. Maintenance may take a little while to get to your complaint but they get it done and are friendly

Wonderful location! Within two miles on Florida State University, it's the perfect distance to bike to school. Plus The Meridian has a pool and plenty of parking!

Good living. Everything is great anday I haven't really had any problems. The community is good and easy to get around. Itso a good place to stay.

I asked several times before I moved in to see my unit and I was told no because I have a roommate and to base my unit off the floor plan. I asked for the bigger room in the floor plan with the walk in closet. They moved me into a 9x10 super small unit with no walk in closet. When I went to the office upset I was told there was nothing I could do but find someone to sublease or move into the trap unit that they put me in. The staff in the office is very rude and unwelcoming. No one smiles or seems to care about the concerns of “residents” I asked for the dimensions of the floor plan and was told they don’t have them and the manager Laughed. I’m used to being in very spacious rooms. So I chose this unit because I’ve been in a friends room that lives out here and it’s just like the floor plan.Ive already ordered furniture that WONT FIT IN THIS BOX SIZED ROOM and I am being forced to stay somewhere that is not what I paid for. Walking into the unit it smelled like mildew and the room Hadn’t been swept or mopped at all. I would not recommend living here. Still trying to find someone to sublease this dump.

I like the price of the units. However, the feces on the stair is a real problem that needs to be addressed, along with the roach problem in the units. Spray more for bugs and make it known that feces on the stairs will not be tolerated.

The Meridian is slow on maintenance. also the bugs are bad here also the community is dirty. there is dog poop on the stairs and no one cleans it up

The apartments are beautiful which is a big reason why I chose to live at the meridian. The staff on the other hand is horrendous, they are extremely unprofessional and very rude. They always seem to have an excuse whenever something goes wrong.