Love it great community with awesome people. The rooms are perfect size and comfy for everyone. A lot of activities to do such as basketball, tennis, swimming pool, volleyball and more

Very well!! I love The Ranch Apartments! It always has amazing events to participate in and the staff is so friendly. The Ranch Apartments are in a great part of town and I will definitely be renewing my lease!

You get what you pay for. I went an entire month with out a washer or an oven. I had to submit multiple maintenance orders and then speak with the front office and property manager a combined 5 times before the problem was resolved. The online site is down repeatedly, forcing me to use a money gram to pay my rent. Typically wouldn't be a problem but I don't have a bank here in Lubbock, so acquiring that much cash is difficult. Management needs to step up their class, and professionalism. Rent is cheap, however that is not an excuse for poor leadership and execution.

I can definitely tell improvements were made from last year. Besides some things breaking down alot, no complaints. The repair people come really fast!

It's a good place for college students. Everyone is friendly and understanding. The employees care about the residents and make this place great.

Wasn't so great at first due to being promised different stuff at the signing of the lease. After the issue with the keys and the cash back, everything is going better for now.

The office staff is incredibly friendly, and maintenance has been very prompt and helpful when requested. I'm very happy with the floor plan I chose (it's very spacious,) and all appliances, electrical outlets, internet, and plumbing are in great working order.

Can't complain, a lot of little things have needed fixing but maintenance gets back to us and fixes things pretty quick. Wish it would've been done before we moved in but it's all good now.

The ranch is a pretty nice apartment complex. You get what you pay for. My fourth roommate never showed so it gives us even more space. 4/10 would recommend.

The Ranch apartments are a great place to live. I enjoy all of events that happen because I get to meet new people and have something to do.

The ranch is a comfortable place to live. The main office is very friendly, and really tries to make you feel welcome. There's great events, and giveaways held here too.

I really enjoy living here! I have not had any problems here so far, except for noisy neighbors who blast music at odd times of the day but the office took care of it right away and I have not had any problems since! I love how The Ranch keeps everything clean and they really take care of its residents! Best student housing I've lived in so far!

The Ranch is a great complex for students because it benefits us on having to pay lower rent then surroundings complexes. Although the service here isn't the best, it is somewhat a good place to live.

I am enjoying my time at the ranch, and the service has been very helpful. I have almost no complaints except for a few minor details with room quality. I have no major problems.

Fantastic! I love living here! The location is great, and the staff is awesome! There was a time where I was not going to make it home before the office closed, and a staff member dropped it off at my door!

You guys are doing great! I have had to promblems other than I still haven't received a room key or a mail box key! If y'all fix that everything else is perfect!

Received dusty rooms needing maintenance. My room was covered in dog hair and reeked of wet dog. I don't think it's good business to not double check these rooms before returning them to customers.

The apartments were made to look a lot nicer in the demo than they actually are. But overall it's a really good price for what we get. Really love the washer and dryer in the apartment. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the ranch

Employees, like Julian, are really nice and helpful! I've had a great experience so far and just signed for my third year love the ranch!!!!

Y'all are doing amazing! Keep up the good work! I just wish my work orders which I submitted about 3-4 weeks ago were already completed. But oh well everything else has been great

The Ranch community has been home to me for almost 3 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of living at the Ranch! The office is always so helpful when I have questions or problems with anything. They are so nice! I love the convenience of the property. It is close enough to TTU campus that I don't have to deal with major traffic on my route to school, but it is far enough from TTU campus that I don't have to deal with the daily hustle and bustle of university crowds. Having the TTU bus come directly to the complex makes it easy and efficient to get to school! I also love that I don't have to leave home to go to a pool, the gym, or basketball courts! And my mail and packages are delivered right to the office. This place makes living in Lubbock easy and enjoyable!!

The Ranch is the place you can find around Lubbock if you want an excellent apartment to live. It is located in a central area where you have access to public transportation, supermarket, fast food. The staff is very friendly and provide a very personalized attention ...

Doing good yeah okay what's up I like this place it is cool. Good pool. Good volleyball net. Good room. Good place. Maintaince comes in too much

So far my experience at the ranch has been mixed . While the staff is very friendly and helpful some of my fellow residents are not. Late night parties seem to be the norm around here despite the fact that most is us are students and hold jobs

I do like some of the staff their, but I have been getting the run around and false information from some of the managers and staff. I will not be resigning my lease here next year.