I've been living here for half a year now. While it is definitely fairly far from campus, the distance is made up for by busses and the overall experience living here is great.

For the price I pay, it's a great place to live! Most of the apartments have been renovated. Last year maintenance requests took for ever. This year they respond quickly and resolve the issue.

Only complaint is that residents do not pick up after themselves after partying on the weekend. Staff is friendly and helpful with any questions.

This is pretty cool I hope I get a prize living at the ranch has been pretty fun so far I can't wait for the ranch roast in April I love free beer

I enjoy living at the ranch very much, the only thing that I would like to see improved is the speed in which maintenance gets to you even if they are minor issues I think they should be able to get to you within the week you sent it in.

I like how we can pay rent online now. so we have records of it. & evryone in the office Is pretty friendly. I wish y'all were open on Sunday's though!

Everything is good but the maintenance is slow because few time i called for maintenance and they just showed up and did literally nothing. So you guys may wanna work on improving that

Management is great and work orders normally go through very quickly. The grounds are kept semi-clean and are cleaned very quickly after the big parties that go on on the volleyball courts.

Besides from the utility overages, The Ranch has been a nice and convenient place to live. Once make ready's are complete, the apartments seem to stay in good shape.

It's pretty good. I enjoy staying at the apartments here, gives me easy access to anything I want around. The management takes care of what I need and it's been smooth.

The best place I've lived so far. Great office and maitainance staff! Also. The events that they host are usually pretty fun. Over all it's a great student community.

I have enjoyed my stay so far here at the Ranch. We had some things in our apartment that didn't work when we moved in. Our ice maker still doesn't work, but that's not too big of a deal. It's a nice place to live.

Great place to live. The community is awesome. Only thing is that the utilities include water so we go over a bit. My last apartment we didn't have to worry about water usage. But really do love it here & the free events they host monthly is awesome.

So far I have greatly enjoyed my time at the ranch. Only complaint possible would be that people outside are kind of loud sometimes but other than that great place to live.

I like living at the ranch because everything is nice and the people in the office are kind and they give us a lot of free stuff :). The only problem I have is the way the sprinklers are like water fountains and flood the place.

I love the Ranch. It's very homie, and provides a well-maintained gym. The community within is very beautiful, not to mention the pool. I recommend it to every student.

The maintenance is really slow and most of the problems we've had fixed were not completed properly. However the office staff is usually very helpful.

Communication is good. However, it takes a long time for maintenance work to get done. I was also told I could have an extra love seat and that never happened

I have enjoyed living here the last couple of weeks! It's a fun atmosphere and made for college students to enjoy! I love that the workout center is open 24hrs! The staff is very friendly and understanding! Keep up the good work!

Really good with trying work with residents on rent. Only thing is the room next to mine got updated with new carpet for new resident but my room did not get new carpet. Events are frequent throughout the month and have great activities.

Affordable & great looking apartments at a rather convinent location along with great events year round make the Ranch an awesome place to live at.

Great place to live and the office staff are so helpful. Kaitlin has always gone above and beyond. The pool is fun and the work out room is great also. I have renewed my lease through next year

love this place, and the staff are friendly, but 4 stars instead of 5 because whoever does roommate matching, does a really bad job. other than that, this place is great.

Everything is fine except roommates matching. my roommates have party until dawn and i try to call the management to make them stop, but no respond. i am a student and they are an employee. students should be pair up with students. i hope the ranch management would be stricter with their policy.

The manager is legitly doing everything to up the value of the premises, from new furniture to new appliances in each apartment. In fact, I simply asked for a new fridge when I renewed because it was starting to break down and they installed a complete kitchen set of appliances (fridge, microwave, oven w/ stove top, and dishwasher). My roommates were stunned and I'm happy with the appliances!