I love the ranch apartments' prices and their staff too! They also do a bunch of things for the residents like free dinners once a week or so. Everybody that I know loves it here.

It's been good so far and the staff has been very helpful. Renewed the lease for another year and hopefully they will keep up the good work!

The ranch is a good place to live. You can also have pets which is a plus. I just wish the gym area was bigger. I like that we have a pool area as well.

I have a good experience living in the Ranch. One thing that is really impressive is that all the office people are very nice. They really help me a lot.

Polite office staff, however there were several problems over the summer/fall. The painting staff was in and out (which I understand) However, they left the air conditioning on full resulting in overages. Also, they locked the door to my room, which I was not provided a key for, and then had to have a member of the staff kick it down. It hasn't been fixed yet.

The ranch apartment is a good place to live, the office is very friendly, and I picked up many packages there, they kept them very well. the only problem is the room size in a 4b2b, it is too small for me.

I love the environment at The Ranch. I also love the help I get from the front office when I need help. It is close to the store, bus stop and my job. I am within walking distance to the main places I go to most often.

I enjoy living at the ranch and the apatment is great. I am dissatisfied with the maintenance and the speed of the maintenance. When submitting a work order it takes a while for the order to get fixed.

I love living at the ranch. Everyone is awesome and I like the fact that we have like almost everything that we need. But what I don't like is the unexpected overages. Like im never even home and I ALWAYS have overages.

My experience here has been good. My work orders usually get fixed pretty quickly, but one of them never got taken care of at the beginning of the year.

This is a great place to live. Very inexpensive and the apartments look very nice on the inside. Having everything come fully furnished is also great.

I enjoy staying at the ranch there are alot of people that have the same goals. Everyone is friendly and help others all the time it's always a good time at the ranch.

i Love living here. i thought this was going to be the hardest thing that i was gonna do (living on my own), but it is actually fun. i love it here and the baked potatos are my favorite.

It's great! love it! gimme points! this has to be as long as a tweet so I'm just going to keep typing until I hit 140 characters. ABCDEFGHIJ

What a great place to live! Y'all are great at answering my questions, and keeping us informed of events coming up! I love that there's so much going on here!

Love making a lot of new friends, I lie the apartment, playing basketball and everything it's great yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup you

It's a really great apartment. Close to wal mart and lots of restaurants. I really like how low the price is compared to other apartments that I've seen.

Great place to live at, my first apartment and it's great the amenities are awesome neighbors are really nice and all of the people here always have things going on during the weekend

Management could use some improvement, but other than that everything has gone pretty smoothly. I like how our landscaping is kept up, and I like that you guys cool for us sometimes.

I've been living here for half a year now. While it is definitely fairly far from campus, the distance is made up for by busses and the overall experience living here is great.

For the price I pay, it's a great place to live! Most of the apartments have been renovated. Last year maintenance requests took for ever. This year they respond quickly and resolve the issue.

Only complaint is that residents do not pick up after themselves after partying on the weekend. Staff is friendly and helpful with any questions.

This is pretty cool I hope I get a prize living at the ranch has been pretty fun so far I can't wait for the ranch roast in April I love free beer

I enjoy living at the ranch very much, the only thing that I would like to see improved is the speed in which maintenance gets to you even if they are minor issues I think they should be able to get to you within the week you sent it in.

I like how we can pay rent online now. so we have records of it. & evryone in the office Is pretty friendly. I wish y'all were open on Sunday's though!