Very good. Very peaceful awesome place to live.just really love it here i would recommend to anyone who is need of a place to live. Love the people here.

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I honestly think the ranch is on top of it. They gave super fast replies and had super nice employees thoroughly explain the contract and exactly what was going to happen. Everyone I’ve had encounters with were super friendly.

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I love living at The Ranch. It is my third year here and I recently resigned to live here again next year! I have had nothing but a great experience.

Living here is absolutely fantastic. The ranch makes me feel at home. I've been living here for over a year now and I still love it. Can't wait to renew!

better than disney land, like oh my lord this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. sweet baby jesus come and take us all i cannot live with myself any longer

I love the apartment along with the staff. They made move in so much smoother. Sure we had to wait in the office for a couple minutes but that's just how popular they are!

I have yet to meet someone I don’t like at the apartments. I like right next to the valley ball, basket ball court, and the pool, and all of them are clean and also well lit at night.

Pretty decent area. People who love here are nice. Lots of dog. Inexpensive for the living environment. And the rates keep going down which is nice.

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Every time ive had a problem they always fixed it right away. Theyre always super friendly and i really appreciate that. This place is way nicer than my last apartment.

The service here is amazing and I appreciate all that was done for my signing, I can’t wait to live here!! The people who run The Ranch are super nice and super helpful.

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My experiences at the ranch so far has been great through the short amount of time I have lived here I have came across no problems and I love the community that lives here

Front Office does a great job at attending to your needs. They have a great workout room and game room for entertainment. Wifi and cable are always working.

I think over all the ranch is a very good place to stay. The hot tub is not always working, but i think that is about the only thing i can fine thats wrong.

I've enjoyed my stay here so far, its not that The Ranch is a good place for the price, it is a good place to stay and it is more affordable.

The Ranch is the place you can find around Lubbock if you want an excellent apartment to live. It is located in a central area where you have access to public transportation, supermarket, fast food. The staff is very friendly and provide a very personalized attention ...

The Ranch community has been home to me for almost 3 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of living at the Ranch! The office is always so helpful when I have questions or problems with anything. They are so nice! I love the convenience of the property. It is close enough to TTU campus that I don't have to deal with major traffic on my route to school, but it is far enough from TTU campus that I don't have to deal with the daily hustle and bustle of university crowds. Having the TTU bus come directly to the complex makes it easy and efficient to get to school! I also love that I don't have to leave home to go to a pool, the gym, or basketball courts! And my mail and packages are delivered right to the office. This place makes living in Lubbock easy and enjoyable!!

Y'all are doing amazing! Keep up the good work! I just wish my work orders which I submitted about 3-4 weeks ago were already completed. But oh well everything else has been great

Employees, like Julian, are really nice and helpful! I've had a great experience so far and just signed for my third year love the ranch!!!!

I love boog and the staff. They’re so willing to help! Plus, my neighbors are really cool. Seth, Jake, and the rest of the ranch fam. They have a special place in my heart.

Dude I freaking love the ranch! The staff is cool and there’s hella dogs outside all the time, what more could I wish for!? Oh also y’all always got FREE food in the club house for all residents, so happy I signed!

Fantastic! I love living here! The location is great, and the staff is awesome! There was a time where I was not going to make it home before the office closed, and a staff member dropped it off at my door!

I love living at The Ranch, it’s clean, cheap, and the staff is awesome. It’s definitely the best place to live if you’re a college student.

The ranch is a comfortable place to live. The main office is very friendly, and really tries to make you feel welcome. There's great events, and giveaways held here too.

The Ranch is a great place for any college student to live! I have lived here for three years and I absolutely love it! It's a great price!!

The office staff is incredibly friendly, and maintenance has been very prompt and helpful when requested. I'm very happy with the floor plan I chose (it's very spacious,) and all appliances, electrical outlets, internet, and plumbing are in great working order.