love this place, and the staff are friendly, but 4 stars instead of 5 because whoever does roommate matching, does a really bad job. other than that, this place is great.

Everything is fine except roommates matching. my roommates have party until dawn and i try to call the management to make them stop, but no respond. i am a student and they are an employee. students should be pair up with students. i hope the ranch management would be stricter with their policy.

The manager is legitly doing everything to up the value of the premises, from new furniture to new appliances in each apartment. In fact, I simply asked for a new fridge when I renewed because it was starting to break down and they installed a complete kitchen set of appliances (fridge, microwave, oven w/ stove top, and dishwasher). My roommates were stunned and I'm happy with the appliances!

I love this place; from the day I moved in I was immediately attached great spot location right next to the pool and volleyball courts! Rent is very affordable and the work out fitness center is great

The people are really friendly and maintenance is ALWAYS there to fix our maintenance request within the same day! I really don't like the 4 bed/2 bath but other than that, its great!

Things are improving. The team at the office is finally beginning to help and is in tune with the residents. My experience was horrible but it is fair. I am considering if it is okay to recommend this place to friends.

I enjoy living at the Ranch. They are very helpful, they keep surronding clean and acceptable. They help with any needs and are kind and respecful!

Its a great place to live and no disturbances. Maintenance is fast and efficient. My neighbors and peaceful and quiet and the apartment staff is great plus they offer many things over the course of the months its just the best place to live at couldn't have chose a better place.

I like living here. The office staffs are nice. The only bad part is its a bit far away from campus and the bad bus schedule. I think we should ask people to pick up their pets poop. Its everywhere.

The apartments here are very nice and easy to live in. They make it very simple and have a great community. The only thing I disliked is the payment options for rent. There pretty much always a fee.

Friendly customer service. It always feels like I'm home when I walk thru the front door. Mail is usually on time and makes ordering text books online that much easier!

I loved the ranch. It was set at a great price and just perfect for me! When I came to tech the ranch made is so easy to understand and it was very reasonable.

I really enjoy staying at the Ranch because the staff is polite & I've never had nightmare issues like other people at other apartments have had.

The staff is really nice. I've never had any problems. Could be updated a little. The pool parties are a lot of fun. It is the cheapest furnished apartments in Lubbock. I've never had a maintenance request pending for more than a day.

Friendly staff. Easy to talk to and willing to help. Great community that is clean and very well kept. For example, I use the gym every day and it is always clean.

Very friendly and helpful staff! Never had a problem with my room. Just wish they would continue renovating all the rooms. Utilities seem to run a little high as the $30 cap can be exceeded if not careful.

So far its been a great experience. I love that the rent is so cheap and the community is great. Love love love love it but i wont be staying next semester

Ive liked my experience at the Ranch. They are always quick to handle any issues I've had regarding maintenance. Their staff is also very friendly

Living at the Ranch definitely has it's perks, especially being a student at Tech. The best parts about living here are the pool and meeting new people from all over the state.