It was very nice. The people who work at the ranch really know how to make sure that if there are any problems whatsoever, that they get solved effectively and efficiently.

I have not yet moved in, but each time I have come into the Ranch they have been so great. They always help me the best they can and make sure there’s nothing else I need.

I love living here very nice place to stay nd the staff are very easy to work with. Also the rent is very affordable. The events are fun aswell

Love it so far and it's only getting better with the improvements coming in! Everything so far has been great and the staff is very friendly, highly recommend signing!

We have really enjoyed living here so far, everyone is very sweet and there are a lot of amenities that come with. The only problem I have had was they did renovations in our apartment with out giving us a heads up on what day and time it was going to be and was highly inconvenient.

Six months into the lease and I can honestly say I have no complaints. Everything has been great and the community is very welcoming. The only thing I dislike is how the maintenance doesn’t knock before coming in.

This is just a friendly and joyous environment. The staff is amazing and I think is pretty neat that they are also residents because they understand the life of living here. I enjoy the text for my packages so I won’t forget and the easy app to use to pay rent. I am glad to call this place my second home!!

Nice place with plenty of amenities and a great location. No problem with neighbors and if our apartment has a problem maintenance will help you.

The Ranch is a great place for students who want to live off campus. The people that work at the ranch are helpful with everything that you need. .

I love living at The Ranch, it’s clean, cheap, and the staff is awesome. It’s definitely the best place to live if you’re a college student.

So far my time at The Ranch has been great and all of the people that I have met have been friendly. I appreciate all of the work that the staff does in order to make sure we have a good temporary home.

It is a lovely living environment for all people. However, my complaints are that the walls and bathroom were not tip top shape. In addition, they did not pair me with a roommate that fits my description. But overall, I like the Ranch better than my old dorm room back on Texas Tech.

Locations great. Rent is very, very affordable. The staff is very friendly and if you're in the club house often enough they'll remember you which is amazing

The WiFi can be slow at times, and the staff did not communicate move in day very well but overall it has been an okay experience, not sure if I will renew.

Dude I freaking love the ranch! The staff is cool and there’s hella dogs outside all the time, what more could I wish for!? Oh also y’all always got FREE food in the club house for all residents, so happy I signed!

I love boog and the staff. They’re so willing to help! Plus, my neighbors are really cool. Seth, Jake, and the rest of the ranch fam. They have a special place in my heart.

I've enjoyed my stay here so far, its not that The Ranch is a good place for the price, it is a good place to stay and it is more affordable.

Place is great n people are great. It is so close for me to go to work ny roommates are nice and chill to be with. The staff are nice and respectful

I have yet to meet someone I don’t like at the apartments. I like right next to the valley ball, basket ball court, and the pool, and all of them are clean and also well lit at night.

Living here is absolutely fantastic. The ranch makes me feel at home. I've been living here for over a year now and I still love it. Can't wait to renew!

Overall very good. However, WiFi goes out when it storms for at least 2 hours. Windows have bad insulation so if it’s cold outside you can feel it. Walls are thin, so you can hear outside. Other than that, the room sizes are great, furnishing is comfy, and the kitchen is a great size. Community areas are well kept, but rarely used due to work and school time.

Well I haven’t been here long now, but so far it’s been really good. Me and my roommate are loving our two bedroom apt and everyone at the front has been so sweet and helpful with our move in.

Every one here is very nice especially maintenance! They are always there when you need them. The people that live here are very friendly too.

Great place and the people at the office are always so help. One problem is the highway and how loud it can be. My dog can get scary at night.

It's not the worst place to live. Cheap rent and the apartment is decent enough to live in. Although they kind of half assed the renovations.