I love living at The Ranch. It is my third year here and I recently resigned to live here again next year! I have had nothing but a great experience.

The ranch is a good place for struggling students, it is definitely one of the cheapest apartment complexes in Lubbock. It's a decent place.

The staff in the office are very friendly and helpful! The rates are low compared to other places And I totally enjoy the free giveaways they have every so often!

Very nice place to live at. Everything you need is nearby. The staff is helpful, and will work with you. There are also tons of great contests and giveaways.

The general ambiance and upkeep of the apartment complex could be improved but otherwise I am satisfied with my experience so far. The new RLC coming soon should spice things up a bit.

I appreciate the effort that The Ranch puts in to ensuring the comfort of their residents. Really looking forward to the new gym and office areas!

the staff at the ranch are always willing to help out in anyway. I have lived here for almost a year and I have not had any problems or trouble.

The staff is very friendly and helpful, and even when the corporate side has its issues and makes mistakes the local staff do their best. The only problems I've had are with corporate, and the fact that there are no cameras.

Great! Haven't gotten to stay at the actual apartment yet, but my whole experience leading up to it has been really great. I'm super excited to receive my gift card in the mail!

I really don't have many complaints. I wish my roommates were a little more responsible with the handling of space in the kitchen but that isn't the management's fault.

Good apaetment very nice and friendly, always willing to help. Love the design of my apartment, good neighbors and manager listened to my prefrences and got me the right apartment.

I've been living here for 2 years now and have not hand any problems really. The staff are nice & helpful. The ranch always have awesome things for the residents also.

The Ranch is good because it's not too loud and crazy, and the front office staff is really nice and helpful. I like that they'll be renovating the clubhouse, and the prices are really cheap and good.

Thanks for getting the gift card cleared up, you guys handled it very professionally cannot thank enough. Hope the staff is well can't wait to move in

I am very excited to see how the new community center and gym turns out. I hope the new plan also keeps random people out who hops the fence in summer.

The ranch is a decent place for the place maintenance is fast. The pool is great I love the grills and it definitely has the best volley ball court

I enjoy the service. It is easy to get points and to use them to get gift cards that I can spend. The only thing is that I wish that they had different gift cards

I love living at The Ranch. I've haven't had any bad experiences here. The staff is really helpful and the people are amazing. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Everything is good here. I have had a very pleasant experience living here. No doubt about it. I will recommend all my friends and people I know to live here. Good overall community.

Who am I rating? This service or The Ranch Apartments? The question is unclear. The Ranch is alright, it gets annoying that they unnecessarily change payment systems. Especially when talking about the services when there is absolutely no need to have an external one (simplebills) and on top of it, the residents have to pay an extra $4 service fee... Happy? No.

I enjoy living at the Ranch. Maintence does a good job at fixing everything in a resonable amount of time. The location is great. The only thing that is a hassle is simple bills. I don't want to pay an extra 7 dollars since I pay with a card.

Y'all are a very great community of people. I have enjoyed living here since I moved in and have met tons of nice people. Yalls price is unbeatable and will definitely recommend this apartment complex to friends.

Living at the ranch has been fine so far; I have not had any major problems. Maintenance is always quick, while the office is very friendly.

Super simple to use. Make it easy to get points biy answering simple questions or following simple tasks. I am excited to get gift cards by answering questions.

I really like living here. It's my first apartment and I haven't had a problem. I love that it was fully furnished. I love that the complex keeps up with all of the apartments by replacing everything periodically. Great place to live.