The Reef is a good place to live, only problem is the speeding that is an issue in front of building 14. Even though there is speed bump, the residents just fly over it like it's nothing.

It was a rough experience at first, but The Reef has definitely made up for their mistakes. The amenities are awesome and don't compare to other student housing complexes.

I genuinely enjoy living here now that all of the problems of opening a new apartment complex are gone. At first it was rough start but now everything is really nice.

I love the amenities that are at the reef. Since the reef is new I think there has been a lot of problems. It has been a good time so far living here

i love the reef because it is brand new and very clean and state of the art. the only issue i have is that there are a lot of maintenance issues

The reef is a great place to live with luxury ammentities, helpful staff and maintenance that is always quick to fix whatever is broken. I love living at the reef.

I like the reef overall. I think that since it is so new there was a couple of maintenance issues when it first opened. Once those were fixed I think it has run pretty smoothly. I would suggest more visitor parking, but overall the amenities and staff are very nice and enjoyable!

I love living at the Reef. The place is really beautiful and I am in love with my room! The only issue is the slow follow up by maintenence and the strict rules about our balcony area. I don't think it's a fire hazard to have a decorative plant or a hanging picture on the wall. So although there are some issues, it is understandable since the facility is new in every way. Things will be straightened out. Overall, the place is pretty and perfect for off-campus living.

I love living at the reef! There are so many great amenities and the staff is very friendly! With each resident receiving their own bedroom and bathroom fully furnished as well as a full sized washer and dryer i would definitely reccomend leasing to a friend.

The Reef has fantastic and comfortable housing, but management is somewhat disorganized and many of the other residents leave trash everywhere. Internet is great and property is beautiful.

I love living in The Reef! The office is a great help and really know what they're doing. Maintance is always timely and provides the best services.

I think everything is great here, except for the parking problem. I don't think we have enough parking spots here for guests to stay. Residents shouldn't have to fight over guest parking spots.

My experience has been pretty good so far! I love the reef and all of the amenities. One thing I really hate is the lock on our door because it always breaks and then you can't get into your apartment or you just can't lock the door which I hate. Besides that everything is okay!

Love living here! Never have any problems, people are very helpful. Facilities are awesome, apartments are beautifully appointed. Never have any unanswered issues.

Kinda built poorly. Took forever for a printer actually work. Parking sucks. Mailboxes haven't worked. The gate was put in 6 months after we moved in.

So far things have been okay. The reason I decided to not renew my lease is because of the hike in rent. I think it was unnessesary when I could be living in a house in San Carlos for $300 a month.

The reef is an amazing place to stay at. The facilities are fantastic and it feels like a resort. I wish we had more visitor parking spots and if maintenance took care of things faster. Otherwise the reef is great.

I really like the reef. All the workers are nice and friendly. Unfortunately there has been a lot small issues this year since this is the first year in fort Myers.

So far I'm enjoying everything that this app and this program has to offer. I love to receive rewards and I am ready to utilize this app as much as possible

This has been the easiest lease/living experience I've had since coming to FGCU! I have been in off campus housing for 4 years and living with The Reef has been the best yet!

Everything is great but the visitor parking situation is really annoying. My friends are tired of and running out of money from getting there cars towed because they couldn't get one of the ten spots

You guys are killing it, been very happy with the housing as well as the staff being very helpful and generous in their careful assistance, couldn't of asked for anything better.

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The reef is a great neighborhood. I'm glad the gate is up and running because it makes me feel safer. A complaint that I have is the gate between costal and the reef could stay open so people don't have to walk as far to take out the trash.

Love the housing! Staff attitudes vary which makes things sometimes difficult. Overall great place to live, I can't wait to start another semester here at the reef!