buildings are nice, parking is better. Wish animals were allowed, renewed already and kind of annoyed rent went up for no reason, the staff is unhelpful most of the time.

The brand new apartments are amazing inside and look great from the outside. The parking is my only issue, my guests shouldn't have to fight for a spot that's 9 buildings away from mine... I wish my guest weren't always in fear of being towed and I hate that some have stopped visiting me because how bad the parking is.

I am enjoying my experience at the reef so far! I like that the apartments come fully furnished and even have a washer and dryer. The staff is always very helpful when I have any questions.

Great friendly people, just needs more parking. I love the layouts if the apartments and the pool area is wonderful. Very happy to be living here.

Love my new apartment! The only thing I would change is adding more parking. But everything else is great. All the amenities are super helpful

I enjoy living at the reef, but I wish all of the things that were supposed to be done when we moved in were finished earlier than they were. And we need more visitor parking.

The Reef is a place to live with all the fantastic ameneties that include the pool, gym, volleyball court, tanning, and many more. I would highly recommend living here.

I am so so happy with the gates that have been installed! I feel much safer and I feel like parking has become slightly better since they were installed!

I love living at the reef. It's such a safe place where I can live worries free. Living off campus is usually a hassle because people do not like to live around college kids. Luckily all college kids live here and that helps me out.

The housing is great as far as private gated and no noise! The sad thing is that we have had maintenance requests for at least four months and no one has come by to fix such things.

The reef is so cool i like it. It's awesome. Like really awesome. It's really hard to write 140 characters. Still typing. Lots of typing. Almost done

I really enjoy living at the reef. The pool area is the nicest part about the facility, although a hot tub would be an added benefit! I really enjoy the on demand workout videos, and the rooms themselves are exceptionally nice. I love being at "home." The only complaint I have is the parking issue, the fact that half the amenities weren't accessible upon move in, and the fact that we are charged for little things such as setting our trash outside- sometimes you cant make the hike to the dumpster right away and the trash smells to leave it in the house.

Amenities are amazing. However maintenance is very slow at getting requests done. We've had maintenance requests and none completed yet 4 months later. Other than that the staff is amazing and make living at the reef enjoyable with the smile on their faces when you walk in

The place is nice...but the trash bins are always full and trash just sit outside of them. Another one might be helpful also not enough guests spots for as many people that live here. Also there are a lot of spiders in the complex should get a pest control guy to spray buildings.

I like it here, the amenities are very nice and are cleans and easily accessible. The people in the office are very helpful and everyone truly cares

I love living at the reef but the parking for visitors is very difficult and can be annoying. You guys are very fast with work orders though! Really appreciate it!

As time goes on things improve slowly however it did take a while for all things we were promised to come through. Over all I do enjoy living here.

Great! The only issue I have is that I'm still struggling with finding parking around my building. I wasn't having any issues with parking until the gates closed. I also don't like that visitors spots were added by building 6-7-8. The Reef made a huge deal about making sure visitors were parking by 11-12 just to contradict themselves and add spots elsewhere.

The reef is one of the best living communities I have been a part of! I will continue to speak positive of it and refer my friends and family to the reef.

Living at The Reef has been great, I don't know if I could ask for any better. All the staff is very nice and helpful and I was paired with great roomates (that being my biggest fear). Unfortunately, I will be transferring schools next fall so I won't be renewing my lease but if I could take The Reef with me I would!

Overall I have been very happy with my experience here at the Reef. There have been a couple minor issues/inconveniences, but in my opinion these are things that could potentially happen no matter where I live, so I'm not at all worried about them. But for the most part I have really enjoyed my time at the Reef, and I think it's one of the best options for student living at Fgcu

Although a rocky start, everything seems to be running smoothly. Visitor parking is lacking as you know, but as a resident I never have an issue Parking close to my building without reserved sticker. Club house has everything you need and staff has been nothing but accommodating since the beginning of our stay.

Too long to repair items and multiple interruptions. Facility is beautiful with lots of amenities. Apartments are gorgeous and a good value, close to everything

A very good community that is well maintained daily. It is very nice along with a clean environment as well. The pool area is amazing with the hammocks.

The Reef is a beautiful place to live! The amenities that come with the property are second to none in the area, and the desk staff always does their best to help me when I need it!

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