I enjoy living at the reef. My only issue is we pay for a gated community and the gate is never closed. The apartments are clean and nice, the fact that they come furnished is an awesome thing.

I've been here since January and overall I really enjoy living here. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and the amenities and fully furnished rooms are a plus. My only complaint will be the lack of security when it came to reserve parking. On top of waiting 2 months to actually have my reserved spot. There's been times I couldn't use it because someone else was in it. Security would just advise me to park somewhere else in the meantime.

Have a great room and great roommates can't complain. Best place I every apply to. Now if they can just fix the problem of parking spaces this would great

The only problem is parking. Although I have a I have a spot I find it difficult to pull into my spot because of the cars parked on the side

Have been enjoying my stay a lot really enjoy all the amenities that are given here. The basketball court is even better if there was a light out there it would be perfect

It’s not as bad as everyone says. There are times where things could have gone better but I think some of those things are out of the control of the staff

Love living at the Reef! The staff is great and the amenities are perfect for student living. I love being able to walk to a study room to cram for a test or lay by the pool and relax.

I love living here. The rooms are wonderful. Everything is so convenient! The pool and fitness areas are amazing! The study rooms have been a big help keeping me on top of all my homework and making sure I study and don't get distracted.

Everything is going good so far. I just have been dealing with ants for the past month which is aggravating. Great other than that! No other complaints

Love the amenities here. However maintenance requests go unanswered for over a week. Parking is also a pain. I have a reserved spot yet, when I call to get a person out of it, that as well goes unanswered. Why do I pay $25 a month for a spot that isn’t reserved??

It is going pretty well for a first time college student. I like that they send out reminders through emails., texts and social media. I would recommend it to some one .

The Reef is a great place to live. The Reef has all the amenities like a great location, affordable and is furnished. The complex is kept clean and the inside of each furnished apartment has a great layout. Highly recommend living here.

The reef is a fantastic place to live for any college student. It has all the funirture you need, a tv, and kitchen appliances. The design of the apartment is modern and your surrounded by a bunch of other college students.

I have lived with The Reef since they first opened and it has been a wonderful experience. The staff and amenities are always up to par and I will be sad to leave this year!

So far it's been great! Very convenient area to live with great living space. Not always on time with arrangements. Would recommend to friends

I've lived here since The Reef first opened. The staff are really nice and very helpful! I highly reccomend living here! I love all the amenities the reef has to offer especially the walk in pool!

The Reef is an overall great place to live as a college student. It is super close to campus and has amazing amenities. The only troubles I have had with the Reef are finding parking late at night and having some issues with subleasing organization. All in all, the Reef is worth it.

I love living at the reef! It definitely feels like a home away from home and the staff is amazing!!! The amenities are always top notch and the community is an overall great atmosphere.

Absolutely love it here! Awesome staff that is always very helpful and great amenities, especially the gym and pool. So glad I chose to live here!

The Reef is really amazing. It's definitely my favorite place I have ever lived. The staff are all extremely sweet and helpful, and I really like my roommates and the rest of the community. Everyone is kind and friendly.

The reef is a beautiful brand new apartment. I love having my own bathroom and the room is good in size. Although, my favorite part is the walk in closet.

It's a great place to live! I enjoy being close to my fellow classmates as well as other friends that I have made along the way. Also, the pool is a plus.

Overall this is a good place to live if you don't want to live on campus. No it is not perfect but it serves its purpose. The people in the front office are normally pretty nice, my only complaint right now is due to all the rain the parking lot is flooded .

I just moved into the reef and it is so amazing. Not only do I have amazing roommates, but when I moved in it was so clean, well maintained and definitely more than worth what you pay.

First time living at the Reef and I am enjoying it very much! The staff were very welcoming when I arrived. The Reef allows me to feel more independent