The Reef is an overall great place to live as a college student. It is super close to campus and has amazing amenities. The only troubles I have had with the Reef are finding parking late at night and having some issues with subleasing organization. All in all, the Reef is worth it.

I love living at the reef! It definitely feels like a home away from home and the staff is amazing!!! The amenities are always top notch and the community is an overall great atmosphere.

Absolutely love it here! Awesome staff that is always very helpful and great amenities, especially the gym and pool. So glad I chose to live here!

The Reef is really amazing. It's definitely my favorite place I have ever lived. The staff are all extremely sweet and helpful, and I really like my roommates and the rest of the community. Everyone is kind and friendly.

The reef is a beautiful brand new apartment. I love having my own bathroom and the room is good in size. Although, my favorite part is the walk in closet.

It's a great place to live! I enjoy being close to my fellow classmates as well as other friends that I have made along the way. Also, the pool is a plus.

Overall this is a good place to live if you don't want to live on campus. No it is not perfect but it serves its purpose. The people in the front office are normally pretty nice, my only complaint right now is due to all the rain the parking lot is flooded .

I just moved into the reef and it is so amazing. Not only do I have amazing roommates, but when I moved in it was so clean, well maintained and definitely more than worth what you pay.

First time living at the Reef and I am enjoying it very much! The staff were very welcoming when I arrived. The Reef allows me to feel more independent

The Reef is an amazing place to live at. It gives you the freedom to live on your own without having to sacrifice nice amenities while living on a college budget!

My apartment is beautiful and I love the community and how close it is to everything I could want. However, with the recent flooding I feel that something morenshould be done. Other than that I love it so far!

The reef has met all my accommodations so far since I have moved in last week. If I have a problem they are more than happy to assist me without hesitation.

Very nice rooms! Everything has been good so far. Staff is friendly and willing to help. Only negative thing was the late move in date. It made it hard to attend orientation.

Amazing place to live, the amenities are great and I love having my own room and bathroom. Very clean community and I love the study rooms. the only complaint I have is parking can be tough for visitors

The apartments are very nice, almost everything is top of the line. The appliances, the showers, the furniture. The only problem I have is how noisy it is. There is no sound barrier in these rooms

I love my apartment and the community! I love how close the clubhouse and the pool is, and how homey my apartment feels and looks! The reef is such an awesome place!

Living here is great! There are many events that give away free items & the apartments are very modern and upgraded. The pool, gym, and clubhouse are very nice.

Everything has been beautiful so far. My apartment is great. Parking is a bit of a hassle if you get home late, but during the day it's not so bad

Everything has been great since I moved in last year! The only maintenance request we have had was fixed very quickly and all the staff that have been in the room have been professional and kind and have finished what they need to do in a timely manner

Living at The Reef can be easily compared to living at a resort. The only complaint I have would be the unannounced employees (mantinance and office workers) that come into my unit. If you guys could please send us an email or a text telling us know what time you are expected to drop by would be great.

my only complaints are the parking and the sublease process was very difficult. The workers at the front desk gave wrong information and made me think I was getting kicked out. But most workers are very nice.

The parking is not good. Other than that the workout area is nice and pool. The gates do not ever work either. The apartments are very nice on the inside as well.

Ive only been in my apartment for about a week now, but I have already used the free printing and free coffee in the clubhouse. I love the location of my building, and I can't wait to lay out by the pool!

Very Awesome Place for Students To Live On For School, Quiet Enough To Study, Offer Very Good Amenties, And Let You Pick Your Roomates Arroding to yourself

Doing a great job however a little unorganized. I was told I needed to move out and ended up not needing to, I also pay for a parking spot and because it still hasn't been painted I've had to park 4 buildings away every day