Great layout and high quality appliances in all the rooms. Staff is very friendly and sets a good community atmosphere. Security is great, I always feel safe walking around. Wish parking was better but that's the only down side to The Reef.

I love living here! Sometimes the maintenance can be hard to reach, but overall it is the best living situation I've ever experienced. I love it!

Everything is going well so far. There are a couple minor issues like the trash compactors over flowing and parking, but other than those things I enjoy living here!

The reef has been a great living experience! Love having my own room, walk in closet,and bathroom! You can't beat the pool, the gym, and the study rooms that are nice to meet up with other resident and do homework together! Overall, happy I chose the reef!

Things are great here at the reef, I just think that some maintenance requests and how they are fulfilled could be improved. For example being home while the problem is being fixed so we as residents can know what is going on as well.

I love the reef student living apartment complex. Everything you need is provided to you. We have access to the clubhouse 24/7 which is extremely helpful.

I enjoy where I live. It is very clean and comfortable. All of my building neighbors have respect for each other, which makes our community strong.

The reef is a great place for students looking to be surrounded by other students and the college lifestyle. The amenities are amazing, from the pool to tanning bed and gym.

Not bad but could be better. The amenities are nice but there could be better maintenance and more simple things offered like trash pick up.

Once you turn right into the reef the curve to get to building 11 is very dangerous. Almost got into a few car accidents very scary. I would recommend having a cop sit out their or security or post traffic signs. It's scary driving around that corner especially with college students and visitors who don't know the place.

Very pleased with the customer service and amenities available to residents! If I could change anything it would be the rent amount, the rent payment is expensive.

I think The Reef is a great place to live. I really cannot complain about much, but the one issue is that is is so difficult for guests to park. I have talked to a lot of my friends who live here and we all agree we wouldn't mind another 15-20 guest spots being added. Or just to forget about guest spots and let guests park anywhere except for the reserved parking spots that residents pay for.

My one and only issue with the Reef is its lack of visitor parking. Only 10 spots for nearly 700 residents? It's simply not enough to accommodate for everyone here. My roommates have been having plumbing issues, which only bothers me because it seems that our plumbing is connected. One of my roommates likes to flush things in the toilet that she shouldn't be flushing, and it ends up clogging not only her toilet, but my other roommate's toilet as well. I'm afraid for the day that this happens to me, at not fault of my own.

Very nice living space, reasonable price, friendly staff. It would be nice if people kept where they live a little nicer with less trash around, but the staff does everything they can to fix this issue.

I love living at the Reef. It makes me happy to come home to such a beautiful place after a long day of classes and work. The staff is friendly & if something is wrong, maintenance comes right away. I love where I live!

Moving it it was hard when everything was not fully completed, but since everything has been fixed and opened the reef is completely amazing.

This place is awesome the pool is always a great touch. The staff is very helpful. The student study lounge is always a nice place to study. I'm happy I chose to live at the reef.

The Reef is a good place to live, only problem is the speeding that is an issue in front of building 14. Even though there is speed bump, the residents just fly over it like it's nothing.

It was a rough experience at first, but The Reef has definitely made up for their mistakes. The amenities are awesome and don't compare to other student housing complexes.

I genuinely enjoy living here now that all of the problems of opening a new apartment complex are gone. At first it was rough start but now everything is really nice.

I love the amenities that are at the reef. Since the reef is new I think there has been a lot of problems. It has been a good time so far living here

i love the reef because it is brand new and very clean and state of the art. the only issue i have is that there are a lot of maintenance issues

The reef is a great place to live with luxury ammentities, helpful staff and maintenance that is always quick to fix whatever is broken. I love living at the reef.

I like the reef overall. I think that since it is so new there was a couple of maintenance issues when it first opened. Once those were fixed I think it has run pretty smoothly. I would suggest more visitor parking, but overall the amenities and staff are very nice and enjoyable!

I love living at the Reef. The place is really beautiful and I am in love with my room! The only issue is the slow follow up by maintenence and the strict rules about our balcony area. I don't think it's a fire hazard to have a decorative plant or a hanging picture on the wall. So although there are some issues, it is understandable since the facility is new in every way. Things will be straightened out. Overall, the place is pretty and perfect for off-campus living.