I love living in the Reef. It has many features and ammenities that make it a fun, safe, new and exciting place to live. There have been a few issues like maintenence and parking that I have some problems with but its been a great year so far.

The reef is an amazing place to live! The amenities are top of the line and the customer service is phenomenal! I've only had great experiences while living here!

The only complaints are really parking for visitors and also the maintenance is ridiculous. I've never seen so many lazy people that refuse to do something. I put in a request for my door to be greased due to an awful squeak and they"completed" it with doing nothing. I did it myself. Visitors have more spots now after so many complaints but there's a long stretch of parking that no one ever parks on and that can be visitor parking. And to make it worse they're building more buildings!!!

This place is so nice! Love how it's new and the staff and community is super friendly!! I love the pool and gym and I feel super comfortable in the premises!

I am very happy living here at The Reef! Very nice amenities including the pool and gym. The staff are all very nice and helpful. I love Sal the maintenance guy-- he's awesome.

The reef is a great community to live in. It is close enough to the college campus, it is in an area that makes you feel safe, and it gives you plenty to do.

The rooms and ammenties are nice and i love the fire pit and pool the rooms were hastily built so there's had been issues with things falling apart like the door in front of the washer dryer falling off completely and the cabinet door in the kitchen fell off by us just opening it normality

I love the reef, the only thing Im upset about is the parking for residents and guests. The lack thereof makes it feel like a jail sometimes

Love the amenities and the community is beautiful! Nothing but positive experiences with the staff. They will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied! Love it here

Great the staff is awesome and I love being able to get to know them. The club house is amazing especially the gym and the pool. I love the reef

Things started off at a bit of a disadvantage with time crunching down and the place not being fully finished but now with the start of a new year and things looking up, most things finished and roaring to go it'll be great.

Very nice apartment. Nicely decorated and has a great layout. The workout room and other amneties are also very nice including the pool and study rooms

The physical appearance is beautiful but since moving in there have been WAY too many problems with plumbing, appliances, and other fixtures.

The reef Apartments has really been a great place to live this past year! Obviously they still have minor kinks, but it is brand new so that is to be expected

I love my apartment and the way it is set up. Unfortunately the management needs to take complaints more seriously and inform their employees more.

I love absolutely love living at the Reef. I love my bedroom and how spacious everything is. I also love all the amenities the Reef has to offer.

I love the staff and the homey feel to The Reef property, I also like the fact that if there is a problem they fix it quickly and efficiently.

The reef is a very safe and welcoming place to live. It's super convenient because it is so close to school. Plus all the amenities are nice.

Community is very nice and out-going, perfect for a college student. Parking is what it is. It sucks but you never have to walk that far. Visitor parking is a hassle. Appartnment s are nice but are of low quality. Random quality assurance is missing and random problems arise. Ants are a thing. Be careful.

Great layout and high quality appliances in all the rooms. Staff is very friendly and sets a good community atmosphere. Security is great, I always feel safe walking around. Wish parking was better but that's the only down side to The Reef.

I love living here! Sometimes the maintenance can be hard to reach, but overall it is the best living situation I've ever experienced. I love it!

Everything is going well so far. There are a couple minor issues like the trash compactors over flowing and parking, but other than those things I enjoy living here!

The reef has been a great living experience! Love having my own room, walk in closet,and bathroom! You can't beat the pool, the gym, and the study rooms that are nice to meet up with other resident and do homework together! Overall, happy I chose the reef!

Things are great here at the reef, I just think that some maintenance requests and how they are fulfilled could be improved. For example being home while the problem is being fixed so we as residents can know what is going on as well.

I love the reef student living apartment complex. Everything you need is provided to you. We have access to the clubhouse 24/7 which is extremely helpful.