The community seems pretty lively. I went to the pool where there was a cookout and I met some people. The pool looked really nice too. I definitely plan on going back later in the semester.

I had a lot of maintenance problems when I first moved in. Hopefully they will be dealt with quickly since I submitted the work order. Other than that, the move-in process was smooth.

The apartment is great but the staff seems extremely unorganized. Some of my roommates still aren’t missing furniture and it’s about to be the second week of living here.

I had a pretty good experience moving into my apartment. The garage was a huge help since it was raining. The apartment could have been cleaner but the staff was always happy and willing to help and clean anything. The events that the staff hosted this past week were really fun with good food. The pool and dog park are great!

I absolutely love the Ridge!! Fantastic amenities & staff!! :) there’s a bus stop nearby which is great for getting to class. Maintenance is a little slow, but all-in-all a great place to live.

I love it so far and especially love how involved the office to make sure residents are happy. It is also a more enjoyable place to live because again the office creates activities that allows everyone to get out of their apartments.

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Good people and a great place to live especially if you’re new to Gainesville. The area has many different stores and restaurants to go to. If you don’t know many people the ridge is the perfect place to become social with your neighbors.

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It's been good so far, besides a broken desk I have. Compared to everything else this is the best choice. It's a big room with my own bathroom and walking in closet.

The experience is perfect right now, a lot of events and the managers and staff are so kindful. The only problem is that the problems about houses are going slowly

Love the community and the building is very spacious and has all necessary amenities. Moving in, I was a little bit disappointed to see that much of the furniture was in bad condition and needed to be replaced as well as the fact that the unit was not cleaned. Recently we've been getting new furniture however this process is also rather slow. When all is done however I know that the apartment will be super cool.

The move in process was fairly easy and went smoothly just a few issues within the actual apartment that need to be taken care of such as a leaky roof and broken washing machine. Everything else is pretty well handled!

The apartment was not properly cleaned upon arrival, but otherwise things have been great. Awesome amenities, responsive staff, and great location.

Love the amenities and the house so so much. Only flaw is management takes some time to fix things in the system and in the house, but all the perks definitely make up for it. One of the best places to live!

Haven’t be been here for long but over all very attentive, if you have a complaint they willing try to take care of it as soon as possible.

It wasn't awesomeness moving in just a lot of stuff was broken, miss place or dirty. I do like the staffer here they've were all so friendly.

Quickly move in, very helpful staff. Everything ran through smoothly. The staff helped answering every question I had. They also were very nice.

My experience has been good, movein day was a breeze the staff and organization was great. The apartment is nice however some furniture was missing or not in great condition. The furniture is cheap but everything else is nice.

I just moved in to the Ridge yesterday. It is very nice and my experience as been good so far. The office staff is very helpful and attentive.

Our apartment was not move in ready and so it was very frustrating! However management was very nice about it so overall it was still a good experience. I really love the place and I look forward to living here!

Very nice community but kitchen and living area could be cleaner. Had a bad experience with my summer roommate but glad with the people that I’m put with for the fall semester

I have not been here for a very long time but everything is wonderful except for a few water stains on the wall and the wifi isnt working well

Been having a great experience so far! The staff is very nice and helpful, they always answer all of my questions. I have really liked my apartment!

Move in process was smooth. Seem a bit understaffed and could use more help. Floors were dirty and the couch was a mess, however you guys did change out the couch but haven't put the legs on yet

Only issue was that I did not have a bed on move in day and now I do not have a queen size bed... not a big problem. Also, floors were filthy and ceiling was leaking water.

Absolutely stunning community and just totally beautiful. The staff are so helpful and friendly with always a welcoming smile. The only complaint I would have is that’s when we moved in, the house wasn’t all that clean and some of the furniture was beaten up.