Living at the ridge is nice, besides all of the extra fees. It can take a while for things to get done here, but it does. Overall the living spaces are nice to move into, except whenever I moved in there was paint splatters everywhere. Overall it isn't a bad experience.

I love my apartment. I did roommate matching and couldn’t have been placed with better roommates either! The management and staff here is super nice and are always willing to listen to issues

The Ridge at Gainesville has a good clubhouse staff that gets things done in a timely manner. The apartments are really nice and the amenities are almost always open and clean.

Going on two years living here and I don’t have any complaints. While the management could be a little better, it’s overall a great place to live!

Great place to live but walls are very thin and can hear everything that goes on. But maintenance comes in exactly when they need to and buildings come with great furniture

as a resident the community is the best part of living here. There are tons of college students who make living great here. The facilities are great as well

I would give it a 2.5 stars as of now. I had a ton of issues with mail, getting my keys MONTHS AFTER MOVE IN AND CHASING PEOPLE DOWN TO GET THEM, Work orders claiming to be fixed but not actually. The overall neighborhood and amenities are nice. I enjoy the unit itself but could use a lot of work like our water damaged wall.

Very great neighborhood and maintenance always fills request quickly. I love the study rooms, it’s a great quite area to get any work done.

It's a good location, the bus stop is very convenient and a very good looking place to live. However, the staff needs to be better at resolving issues for residents. They have been getting better but much more improvement is needed given that the rent is pricy.

After the initial move every experience with the community has been great from the staff to the amenities such as the pool taco Tuesday etc. But it’s a great neighborhood.

This is my first semester living at the ridge, but I’ve already signed again for next year! The management has been helpful in repairing things. We had a few broken things when we moved in, but they replaced it quickly. We end up paying about $60 extra in utilities a month, but overall it’s worth it because it’s safe, easy to catch the bus, and there’s always people at the office ready to help out.

The ridge offers a wonderful space to call your own, with a prime location near campus and Butler plaza and great amenities. They can still improve on their speed of service with maintenance issues as well as communication about fees and other things, and could also improve on the reliability of the mail system.

Everything I could every imagine. This place is wonderful to live at. The residents are super friendly and the ridge creates great experiences

The pool is the best in Gainesville, the staff is always helpful, the apartments are super well designed, and the amenities are great! I love living here!

Have no complaints. Any issues I may have had have been resolved. The maintenance people are somewhat slow in completing the work orders but they do complete them. Overall it’s good living here. It’s pretty calm I haven’t had many issues.

Living at the Ridge has been a great time, can't really complain. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. The amenities are awesome and the lazy river is really fun on a hot day.

Everyone that works here is super nice, we have had some problems with amenities and appliances, but most of the time it gets fixed quickly. The front office staff is very accommodating and friendly. However, the printer is almost always broken or out of paper, the coffee machine never works when I try it, and we have had bugs and cockroaches for months. My window has been cracked since move in and no matter how many service requests I submit it still is not fixed.

House is cool but management is very slow in getting things done. It is mid November and we are still waiting for them to follow through with things they told us about back in August. We are constantly on them but they dont seem to care to move fast. But like I said the apartment itself is nice.

The location is awesome! The townhomes are quite spacious and the yards are a good bonus for the cooler days! The property is pet friendly, too! :)

Great apartment complex! Would recommend 10 out of 10. Has great pool, hot tub, and lazy river. Lots of space in the 4/4 apartments. Friendly

Some minor issues but the staff is so nice and welcoming! Very willing to work with you and help. Upon move in, I had some issues but they were fixed in a timely manner

I was really excited to move into this apartment complex but was largely disappointed from the moment I entered my apartment. This place is managed and maintained extremely poorly. Should not be marketed as luxury student living.

the staff is really nice, the apartment is in good condition, but the management takes a bit of time to get to the fixes and they are not very organized.

The Ridge has been an awesome place to live so far. Aside from the amazing amenities, the units are so spacious and luxurious. The staff is kind and helpful and it is a great place to live.

I love the amenities, the pool is a great place to hang out or even study, the gym is amazing, and I love the study rooms. There are also great resident events to go to.