Good location to campus, the gym is really great, my bedroom and closet and bathroom are all a good size, parking garage is too compact and sucks

My favorite things about living at the standard in Boone is the well kept community area with starbucks coffee and a variety of games like pool and shuffle board. I also appreciate the private study rooms for when you need to escape a noisy roommate gather.

I like the location of this community most. It is close to downtown locations, campus, and is a short commute to grocery stores and restaurants outside of downtown Boone.

I love the amenities The Standard at Boone has to offer! The staff that I have met are very nice and helpful. I enjoy living there because it is so close to campus!

Love my room and the counter tops. Also like having the smart t.v. Wish the mail and ammenitites were available. Also wish a 6 month lease was an option.

The delay seems worth it - got bumped up to the next level of accomodation (same price) because 1st floor apt is incomplete. Staff at leasing office very helpful and understanding - especially with move-in during holiday rush.

Everyone is so nice and helpful! Anytime I call with a question they have the answer for me. Loving at the standard is going to be a great experience.

I love all the modern amenities and convenient assistance with accommodations. The standard goes out of their way to help and answer questions in a timely manner.

The Standard has done an excellent job at keeping residents housed while awaiting construction. The office could send more frequent updates to keep residents informed.

The hotel we stay in isn't bad but we have to eat out everyday and we were not compensated enough for that aspect. I'm already poor as it is being a college student, and this just puts more stress on me and makes me feel absolutely terrible having to ask my mom for money all the time. Not ok.

I'm so excited to live at The Standard considering all that it has to offer. The building looks great already and on behalf of my roomates and I, we are all ready to move in and take full advantage of the amenities.

The building looks amazing can't wait to start living in it. It did effect my grades not having a home this semester but the contstruction guys and office people did the best they could to finish in a timely manner.

The standard is still not finished but they put us in the cottages which has the same amenities so there's not much to complain about so far.

I like how frequently they give us updates about how the standard is doing! And the free dinners are pretty sweet too! I am really impressed on how they showed pictures of what it looks like in the inside! I always enjoyed how they gave us a survey on when people where leaving Boone and were coming back from break!!

Location is great, really feel at home at the Standard. Customer service is also very good, people are very polite and often helpful. There is also many perks to living at the Standard.

You guys are great with providing updates and letting us know exactly what is going on. The place looks like it is going to be a great and beautiful place when we get to move in.

Even though we have yet to move into the Standard of Boone because of construction delays, I would recommend signing a lease to any one. The staff does a great job working with us.

The Standard has been so kind and considerate through these unforeseen circumstances. They are always there to help when needed. Can't wait to move in!!!

The best place ever. Cant wait for it to be built. So cool and fun and cool and fun. The beat place ever to live in boone. You gotta sign you lease here

Obviously, as well as most of the residents are disappointed about not being moved in yet and the fall semester is almost over. I am looking forward to moving in however.

they are trying to work with us as best as they can given the circumstances. however i just wanna be able to cook my own food and do my laundry at my place.

its not that bad man like some things are good you know man things are more moderner than before ...bigger and yet smaller... its computers SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!

Throughout the process of waiting for the apartment to be built, I am very grateful for the accommodations that the Standard at Boone has so kindly provided!

I liked living in the hotel for a cheaper than normal price. Living close to campus (within walking distance) has made life tremendously easier. Looking forward to move in!

Good accommodation in the La Quinta, but ready for move in day like everyone else. Weekly emails are great, but more pictures of the inside of the Standard's progress would be great.