I feel very safe and the place is very clean and centrally located to everything important in Boone, The only issue I have is how stingy they are with visitor parking, essentially none, my visitors don’t even have a option and happy to pay per hour while visiting me!!

I like the location of the apartment. It’s beside some nice places to eat especially late at night. However, I believe that the prices should be lowered a little. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed my experience here the past 2 years (currently going on my third).

It’s awesome and a very nice place to live. Very friendly staff and they will help you with what ever you need. The buildings are kept clean and nice

I enjoy how quiet the building is and how easy it is to walk to campus. I also appreciate the amenities. I am a little disappointed with how long it took to get the hot tub up and running this year

I like the convince of where the apartment is located being next to app state and nearby restaurants. It is pricey and expensive for how small the rooms are. The demo is double the size and the hallways look like a hospital.

Staff is very friendly and apartments are very nice and modern. I like the location, close to the school and downtown Boone. However, the lack of visitor parking is annoying. Also my apartment was not cleaned at all when I moved in. There was dog food on the floor and bathroom was disgusting.

Not bad as long as you don't go down the stairs where there is usually a bit of broken glass. The residents sometimes run screaming down the halls. There is upside but I wasn't able to get parking which sucks because I feel like it's crazy to pay as much as you do to live here but not have parking included.

Great community, lots of amenities that are great for college students. I love my room it’s super spacious as well as the living room and kitchen.

I have been here for about 2 years now. Love the staff, community, and location! If I didn't have a Disney internship getting lined up, I would sign for another year.

I really enjoy the location of the complex and the ease of taking out trash. The only thing that I dislike is the size of the rooms. I might have gotten a smaller one but it’d be a lot better if they were a little more spacious.

Living here was nice and all but there were a lot of things wrong with my apartment upon move in. Our TV was broken, there was holes in the wall and our patio tile was broken. It smells bad on the floors a lot because the trash is not taken out often enough. Although, it is the nicest place to stay in Boone so besides that I liked it a lot.

Great place to live, nice staff, nice units. Clean. The hallways can look creepy but the units themselves look amazing. Feels just like home.

All the common areas and amenities available in the complex which makes it easier for you to get to know your neighbors and socialize. As well as the location of the buildings.

Its a very convenient and nice place to live. However, the staff still has a lot of work to do both to the place and professionally. It just seems the maintenance sit in a garage all day and hardly get to maintenance requests and the whole staff is so worried about someone parking an inch over the bike lane, when there is a lot more they should be worried about. All in all a good place, but some corrections will need to be made for this place to progress.

great place to live. free coffee. Nice staff. good pool. Great location. Yay! woohoo! yippie! love it here. Dope spot. Is this 140 characters yet?

The apartments are clean and spacious. I love the kitchen and that each roommate has her own bathroom. Our terrace is huge! It is very convenient to use the free printers and free coffee, plus lots of room to study!

I really like the location and furniture of the apartments here. Also I like the events and random goodies the staff gives out on certain days.

I love that everyone kind of does their own thing and it’s a quiet place. It’s close to restaurants and to the school which makes for a good community as well. The people try their best to help you with anything you may need

I have really liked living at The Standard so far. Probably, the best part about living here is the location. The longest I have to walk to class is 15 minutes and the shortest is just 5! My roommates are great as well

I Love it here! I just wish they would put a card reader on the side door next to the radio station so i dont have to walk so far just to get back to my appartment

It’s great living here and everyone is super nice! But I wish there was no “one person to bedroom rule” I am unable to live with my fiancé !

The staff is nice, but it really sucks that the rents so high and we can’t get parking. I like the keys we use but again, not having a parking spot is really inconvenient.

i love the standard community and the fun lobby. the layout of the building is so nice with modern touches on it to finish it off with a homie vibe

I haven't really met a lot of people on my hall. However, my roommates are perfect and we all get along well. We have met a couple other people in the building too and I'm happy I chose the Standards.

My apartment community is great! I have had a pretty great time living here for the past three months. The location is good for walking to campus instead of riding the bus. There are several food options as well as grocery options close in proximity, which is also a plus. Overall, I am satisfied mostly with my apartment and time here at The Standard at Boone.