Haven't even moved in yet, but I guess it looks pretty decent, anything is better than the dorms. I just want an entire room to myself, cause I hate roommates

So far the staff has been great and responsive. We rarely run out of hot water. The lawns are usually clean and cut. There are rarely noise complaints.

Not bad. Not sure where some fees are coming from though. Seems like they are starting to raise prices for renting. I like some of the events though.

the Staff are so friendly and maintainence requests are always completed very quickly. I really enjoy how they try and make it more of a community with their free pizza nights etc they are a lot of fun

Its a fairly quite neighborhood. Staff and Maintenance are always super friendly and eager to help. Maintenance always handles maintenance requests in a timely manner. I like how they remember names, makes my experience here more personal and more community like. The events in the club house make this place feel more like a community. Any problem I have ever had this past leasing year has been handled in the best possible way. They strive for resident happiness here. I have enjoyed my stay over the years!

Very nice. Lots of things included for a reasonable price. Plenty of insentive to live there and close enough to campus for those who have to walk. More dumpsters please.

I moved to The verge in November, after reading the reviews I was little skeptical. I’m so glad I moved in though because everyone is so nice and I love the gym and tanning bed

I’ve really enjoyed living here. I love the setup of the apartment as well the staff and maintenance of the Verge. It’s veeh clean and the facilities and amenities in the clubhouse are awesome. So far it’s been a really enjoyable experience living here.

The convenience of The Verge is unlike any other apartment complex! The gym, the clubhouse, and a shuttle to take us to campus! Nothing else compares to The Verge

Amazing rooms, you get your own bathroom and a great size closet and bed room. Good storage space and good privacy when needed. I love it and its close to campus

I like living here it's clean and affordable. Excellent housing for college and university students on a budget. Parking is almost always a challenge.

The residencies are nice but rather expensive. The Asheville market is booming, yes, but prices don't need to be so high. Profits will still be made without tedious fees and pricing. Amenities are not what we pay for. Tanning beds, one room workout place, we shouldn't have to pay for things we don't use or need.

Staff incredibly friendly and helpful. I signed my lease and secured a spot in a few days which is rare in avl. For the price you are paying, based on places Ive lived in this location, the rooms are above standard.

Great location and apartments are really nice with lots of space. Can't wait to move in in the fall. Staff seems very friendly. Super close to UNCA.

Just moved in not too long ago but so far it’s great. The people at the office etc are nice and really worked with me during the application process.

The Verge is a great place to live. I've lived here for close to two years and I've really enjoyed my time here. It is furnished and all utilities included- it is a great deal!

Everyone at the Verge is so friendly! I love being in this neighborhood. It's a safe, welcoming environment and the amenities given to residents are amazing.

so far, having not moved in yet I've had a lot of assistance doing my lease takeover and all of my questions and concerned have been answered efficiently.

I really enjoy living at the Verge. I haven't had any bad experiences with the Verge staff or amenities. The maintenance staff is very reliable and will do their absolute best to help you!

this is the best to live for college kids that don’t want to live in a dorm. the staff is amazing and are always will to help. the club house is amazing and a great place the hang out

The buildings and outside area are kept tidy. Maintenance is always on top of things, and staff help me out whenever they can. The other residents are quiet, but that is what I'm happy to come back to.

The noise is confined to weekends, and the people keep to themselves. The events are fun, and the people keep to themselves. It's a good place for me.

The verge is an area which brings people together with ease, due to its natural sense of community and close knit apartments, neatly organised into structured buildings

I would recommend living at the Verge to a friend! I love the community atmosphere that living here brings. I love that utilities are included in the rent, it makes my life much easier.

I love the community. It is very relaxed. All my friends live here. The price is very good for all the amenities that are included. Parking can be a bit tricky.