It's not a bad place to live at all! You definitely get why you pay for. The staff is friendly, the apartments are clean and fully furnished with an open common area! Very nice.

I would give The Verge 3 1/2 stars for my overall experience so far. I moved in a month ago and so far have had a couple problems with appliances but maintenance has been in in a reasonable amount of time to fix them. Noise has been a constant issue since I moved in so that's why i rated lower then a 5. Amenities are great and i love that it is one flat bill each month.

I like the amenities! The clubhouse is great, particularly the tanning and social areas. The grounds are well kept and the pool is available during the summer. Less fond of the cows next door.

Great customer service and friendly neighbors. Clean exterior. Wish there was more parking by building 10. But love the amenities that come with the lease.

The Verge was a great find! It's affordable and they have a program through the company that allows you to hold off on paying rent due when you're waiting for financial aid.

I have never heard of anything like this. It's kind of fun. Especially since I'm bored all the time, I can just hop on and get points. What a cute way to get involved in the apartment community.

The Verge has its pros and cons but overall I have enjoyed living here. When I firsted moved in the apartment wasn't fully cleaned out and some parts were broken but the mantinance are very effecient and got a lot of the problems fixed.

The walls are far too thin. Some of the staff are great, but a few of them have no idea what they're doing. I love having my own bathroom and large closet though.

Overall, this is a great community. The staff is nice, love the dog park, and I love how welcoming the office feels. However, I think the staff could improve on professionalism, as well as keeping the trash facility cleaner.

How are you guys doing is the question, and here I go about to answer it. Things are going well and I'm mostly happy and satisfied that pretty much it.

Everything is positive here and very helpful if their is an issue. The ammenities really help out and its wonderful. Im very glad that i moved in here. Thought I do wish my neighbors would stop smoking so much weed. Im allergic. XP

so far the living experience is good, but there are small things that could be resolved. the garbage is always full and it tends to be a problem. some neighbors are noisy and don't seem to care that there are others living there

Make sure roommates have more in common, like age. My roommate and I have a 15 year difference, it is very awkward and uncomfortable. She is closer to my parents age then mine.

This year has been so much better than the past couple years I have been here. Maintenance actually comes and fixed things now and our apartment got turned for my new roommates.

Having a good time. Walls are thin.. but when it's quiet all is well. My mail key I received did not work, but the staff issued me a new key right away.

Room was in decent condition upon move in, and I was placed with room mates I can get along with. Amenities are great, though the gym is unfortunately very small. If the gym sees little use (and I mean only one or two people at the same time as me at the most), then it's a perfect place to exercise alone. However, I'm worried that in the near future I'll need to look elsewhere for my weight lifting needs. Only time will tell.

During my experience at the grove everyone here has been extremely nice so far. I will admist though the only reason I am typing this is to get the community reward points

Haven't lived here yet. Can't wait to see what this place holds. Can't wait to get in hot tub. I hate to ramble on but have no choice in order to get reward. Nice

So far the verge management had been great to get me signed up for a lease. Hopefully the service and management stays the same throughout my year at the grove.

This place is changed tremendously over the last year I've been here in a good way the new manager seems to really care about people. There's now a dog park, they actually clean the pool now. It's getting better and better every day.

So far so good in my opinion. Happy with everything. The experience has been different than stuff I have done previously, but it is a welcoming change.

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I love everything about The Verge! The location is great, perfect for any CWU student. The staff is so friendly and helpful with anything I need. All of the amenities included with The Verge are really amazing and were a great selling point.

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They are doing an incredible job helping me with getting settled in for Fall 2016. I'm very excited to be moving in. I can't wait to see the grove grow and become The Verge.

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I can't wait to live here, all I've heard are great things. It is a great value for what we're paying for. It's going to be a great experience.

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My experience at the verge has been really fun and affordable! I liked coming in with the idea of it being furnished and I was surprised how big the rooms were. I didn't know my roommate when I moved in but so far it's been a good match.

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