I love living at the Verge! I'm going to miss being here next year ! The staff is great! Neighbors are friendly! It's just a great place to live.

The verge is a great place to live. The service is exceptional and the staff is friendly. The combined package of the utilites makes life so much easier.

Love my apartment, there was a lot of unneeded confusion in the beginning, but other then that I like living here. Also I still haven't received a new mattress yet which I was supposed to back in October.

I've lived here for the past 4 years and I've never had a problem with the management! During the winter, they do a great job of clearing the parking lots. And during the spring it's always a blast with the pool parties. I would recommend to live here for sure

Bueno todo, los vecinos, la atención en las oficinas el área de la piscina, el gimnasio buenas las máquinas, y buena las áreas y atención en la oficina

Love living here. It's close to campus and the staff is friendly. I like that it's pet friendly, and also has great amenities. I just wish there was more parking spaces.

Well, it's the best place to live in. I have been here for two years and I am not even thinking to move out because I really like it here.i am really happy

I absolutely love the verge. I feel like I am always. Priority and the staff is a group of amazing individuals. Thanks for all your hard work.

Front desk personal are very friendly and ready to help with any problem. Only thing I wish they would change is giving a heads up when maintenance people are coming and what exactly they did.

Huge improvement from last year. I appreciate all the work that has gone into making this place nicer. The only reason I would move out is because of the other noisy residents that live here.

I think this is a great place to live! The 24 hour gym and the free tanning is great. The rooms themselves are also great, I still cant get over how nice it is that everyone gets their own bathroom and their own walk in closet. The only downside is if their is a problem wit insurance and bulling, it seems you have to viist the office and mention your problem multiple times before it gets taken care of.

You guys are doing great. I just wish you guys had longer business hours. Especially for some of us that work or have late classes. Perhaps also allowing us to allow another friend or resident pick up a package?

My overall experience at the verge has been pretty decent. I didn't make a good decision in terms of roommates, so that' has been a hindrance. My main concern is just how thin the walls are. There is almost no difference in sound and volume whether I have my door open or closed.

A lot of people say that you guys are bad but since I've lived here I don't have any complaints. I like where I live and I must say it hasn't been bad for me.

All in all I've had a good experience at The Verge! Aside from a few minor issues, such as having to replace my key a few times because it stopped working and the hot water not working, I have no complaints. The staff was very helpful and got the issues resolved fast.

It is great to stay here. Kind of wish the pool had been cleaner over the summer. But hey, it's winter now, who cares. I enjoy having a washer and a dryer in my own home

This is really cool! With prices, it can attract a lot of people to be in this community rewards! I will recommend it to more people to enjoy it!

Since living at the Verge - Ellensburg, I have had great interactions with the staff, they have always been helpful and friendly when speaking with residence.

Helped me work through a lot of problems which was nice but the problems could have been avoided. Need to work on getting maintenance requests done faster. Thanks for making living here fun!!

We've had an amazing experience so far , staff is great and very helpful ! Noise level isn't a problem and there are many great extras provided by the verge !!!

The verge is an excellent set up, and I really enjoy living here. I love having my own bathroom and living area. The internet is great and the staff is friendly. Especially the maintenance staff.

The verge is great! I really like the gym and the fact that they have a pool table. The staff is very social and interactive with the residents which makes the experience here very welcoming and very comfortable. Thanks guys!

Despite the negative reviews when first looking at apartments, I have enjoyed the verge under new management and had no negative views of it.

I honestly love the verge because it always has great service and the workers are extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the Verge to my friends.

Great rates. Maintenance does an awesome job being sure to fix our issues in a timely manner as well as making sure the parking lots are clean when the residents leave trash all over the place. Love the layout and amenities.