Neighbors are very noisy above and underneath my apartment. Lots of cigarette buds outside building 10 on grass. Keeping snow off roads in parking lot was very well kept

They are super duper awesome! One thing I would recommend or maintenance is to set a time and date to come in to fix things rather than just showing up. Other than that the staff is amazing. Their community engagement also rocks. Thanks verge!

It is alright, wish that maintence was a little more speedy. But overall it is a good place to live as a first place since I just moved here.

I haven't moved in yet but I am super excited to live at The Verge starting next fall. When me and my roommates took a tour of the facility we loved it and can't wait for our new home!

The verge isn't just your average apartment complex. They always has cool social events with different foods throughout the week which they're pretty good about advertising. It's perfect for your first couple years of college when you're still trying to meet new people.

Very friendly staff who were welcoming when my friends and I came to tour the apartments. They are helpful whenever you call or email them about an issue.

I love the sizes of the not only bedrooms but also the bathrooms. As a girl and picking out some where to live, both of those always come into mind but you guys do a great job with them both!

The community is great, love how friendly everyone is! Staff is great with helping and giving information! Neighbors are always so nice and welcoming.

I haven't had any issues, loving my experience! My favorite part by far is the gym! The freedom the verge gives me as a resident that is different from on campus housing.

This place is great. Perfect for students who don't want to have to live on campus but also want be close to the school. Amenities and staff make it even better

Having an already furnished apartment has made me very excited and it all feels great with a good view and good neighbors. Our apartment is perfect.

I just applied to the verge and can't wait to start living here next fall, the application process was really easy and the staff helping me through it have made it really clear and were always helpful.

Application process was smooth and easy and staff was very helpful. Looking forward to living here next fall. We had a very nice tour and lots of information that made us want to live here.

They are really nice, the staff try their best to help accommodate you and get you what you need. However, they could also be a little slow on getting things waved for you.

Everytime I go into the verge, all the staff is super friendly and I get my questions right away! Great place to live and great people to be around. This place is very convenient for college students a d provides hang out spots were you can meet new people. The rooms are a great size.

App is user friendly, but for some reason I have to go through the registration process each time I open it up. Not sure if it is just a malfunction with my phone or what, but other than that it's fine

I am very happy with where I am living, if we need a repair they are always quick to come and fix it. The only problem I have is being able to hear every noise possible but thats hard to fix.

The verge is a very nice apartment complex and I am enjoying my stay here for the most part. I do have one complaint though. My neighbors are extremely loud.

I enjoy this. I really like how you can get rewards for these things. Very created and much appreciated. I am new to this process, but my roommate has it and referred me. She loves the site and everything it has behind it.

Great. Love the place, could have better internet tho. Also maientence guys are amazing! Friendly and nice. Also staff is alright. But those maintence guys are amazing

Love this place and everything it has to offer. The pool, gym, dog park, and game room just add to the excitement. Not to mention the great staff.

I love this idea!!! This is my very first apartment ever and every day there seems to be something fun! To have community rewards and to earn points and gifts is so easy and fun. The Amazon gift card got my sister her birthday present!

Signing the lease for the Verge has been the best decision ever! I can't wait to move in this fall! Everyone has been so helpful so far! I loved having the fees waived, it saved my boyfriend and I a lot of money!

So far it has been pretty easy to communicate with The Verge will signing up for my lease for next year. Sometimes their emails are a bit confusing, but they are always friendly and willing to help with your problems!

You guys have answered all my questions and made it very easy for me to figure stuff out. I love the customer service you guys provide. Thank you!