I love that open parking, maintenance staff is polite and completes task within a day or two. I enjoy having my own bathroom, but the dishwasher is poor

Great transition to out of the dorms and fantastic amenities for everyone! Seriously so excited to live here next year! Especially being so close to campus!

Management is a little difficult to work with but otherwise good. I enjoy that we get so many great amenities with the grove. A gym membership, tanning and coffee.

So far I've really enjoyed the Grove. I have many friends that live here, which definitely convinced me to sign my lease here. I love the different ammenities offered and the price is very reasonable. Overall, I'm very satisfied.

Pretty expensive but if you live here during the summer it's worth it. The pool and gym are nice but I wish the gym had 1 squat rack or another leg machine.

Parking lot needs to be take better care of, its difficult to park with ice everywhere along with walking up icy stairs daily since i live on the 3rd floor.

I have greatly appreciated the amount of privacy, access to parking, and friendliness of the staff. One thing I would suggest is to find a way to keep ice out of the parking spaces next to the ice rink.

I really enjoy living at the grove. I was skeptical moving in because of the reviews of the first year they opened, but I did anyways and I couldn't be happier with my decision

Doing an okay job. I do not have any issues currently with management. My needs are constantly being met. However, more free food would be nice. ;)

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I enjoy living at the Grove. The amenities are nice and it's a quit atmosphere this year. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you want to have a fun college experience away from campus, come live here!

I really like it here at the Grove in Grand Forks. This is my first year living here and my experience so far has been mostly very good. My favorite part about living at the grove is that it is pet friendly.

Wonderful great service! When I go to the office for assistance I'm always helped quickly and the workers are all very friendly and happy I love the grove!

Very helpful staff. They have made the process of having to sign my first lease so easy. Not to mention there are awesome perks of living here! Such as the apartment being furnished, you get your own bathroom and you don't have to deal with paying for your own utilities.

Love living here and walking down to the clubhouse every day! Apartments are spacious and it is so fun to run into dogs everywhere! Great staff, great appartment, great amenities. Wouldn't live anywhere else in grand forks!

It's good, our furnace has broken two times in the last month and the dog poop isn't being taken care of well. It's kind of embarrassing when I bring people over!

Overall, very helpful when I go into the clubhouse. I was however disappointed when I moved in I was not shown the different amenities around The Grove.

I like that maintenance is pretty quick in responding to issues. I also really enjoy the bus service, tanning, and the gym. Everyone is SO friendly working the desk at the clubhouse, which is awesome. One negative is at times my package has arrived, but I get notified significantly later. In saying that I understand there is several packages to go through each day. Keep up the good work!

It has been good overall, water pressure in faucet could be improved and washer/dryer are loud. Snow removal could be done better around the cars

I enjoy living at the Grove because I don't have to waste money on furniture and the staff is super friendly! The block party and pool party were fun and it's great winning free stuff as well.

So far my experience here has been great. I would rate it a four out of five stars. The only thing I don't like is the parking. There could be more available spaces.

I have been living in this apartment for two years and last year was not a great year for the Grove. But since the beginning of this new leasing year the Grove has improved a lot and made it a fun place to live.

Pretty good so far. I've had issues with noisy neighbors and a too strict lease, but the staff has always been helpful and it's a good value.

Management is always super helpful and nice! Stairwells could be shoveled more often and parking lot is super icy. I also would like the bus schedule is be back the way it was, with no schedule. I have waited 30 mins for the bus on campus with this new schedule, not a fan. Otherwise it's all good!

I loved here the first year they opened, so about 2 years now, and I love the amenities and the workers here this year. They get work orders done fast if you need something and I love how it's all one payment. The walls could be a little thicker but you'll always get noise when you're on the first floor of an apartment building

Excellent service and friendly staff. Things are fixed quickly when broken and the residence is very comfortable. I've thoroughly enjoyed living here.