Really haven't had any complaints after living here for nearly four years. After a recent, isolated incident I just wish we had more surveillance or more of a patrolled presence on the community.

Reply from The Villas at Shadow Creek Apartments


I like the property and the new management has done a great with maintenance. The grounds look cleaner and valet trash has been picked up on a regular basis.

It is a nice community, but the payment system for credit cards is horrible. I have lived under several management companies at Villas and another apartment complex paying at most $10 for credit cards and no verification. The verification has caused late payments because they did not process correctly. My apartment is nice, best price for the size in the area.

I enjoy the community events. They have been several that were very enjoyable, like the wine class a while back. The only thing I have not been a fan of is the parking. There is plenty of parking around our building, yet some people still park in places that are not parking spots. Some even park in the fire lane.

Loved the event. Meeting some of the residents was really cool. The food was pretty good as well. Keep these events coming. Make sure I win a gift card next time though. Lol