The apartment complex has done a great job of welcoming its residents and making sure they are taken care of. Little bumps along the way always come and have. When handled well.

I would've given full (6) stars because you're all doing everything you can to help us settle in and finish construction but then again we were all promised an on-time move in and ready amenities.

It's okay, there's a lot that can be fixed. I don't like the fact that the amnesties aren't done but I appreciate the fact that you guys are trying to accommodate all requests

Apartment is a solid 8/10. I'm a little annoyed at the state of the amenities and some of the construction quality (chips in cabinets, etc) but I have no SERIOUS complaints.

Community is great. Lots and lots and lots of amenities and things offered. The place is clean and everything is new. A few problems with doors and locks unfortunately

The staff is very friendly and accommodating to anything you need or want help with. Once everything is done being built it should be really nice.

It's not what I expected, it is not like a apartment at all more like a dorm. I wish I had better roommates. It was not as it was advertised at all.

Wish everything was built but it's coming along. The layout is great. Wish we had a pantry though. But it's nice and my roommates are cool so great job roommate matching

Love this idea. So glad I have been given the opportunity to earn rewards. Love this website thing. Thank you! I can't wait to see what I get

We were unable to move in on time and then when we were able to move in, we were greeted by a filthy apartment with many appliances malfunctioning. For example, our garbage disposal doesn't function at all and we are left with a clogged sink. My shower drain was improperly installed, we spent much time peeling off the painter's tape, (the walls were still painted very poorly) we found loose wires on our floor, my roommates bedroom door was installed with no hole for the deadlock to be inserted into, our electric keys stopped working temporarily, and the noise of the construction in the morning and throughout the day is almost unbearable.

Wonderful facility with a variety of amenities. Garage parking, community areas, and pikes peak views. Representatives are helpful and friendly and easy to find during business hours.

This is a great place, the only thing is that only 50% of it is done. I really like this app though. It gives me points for random things. I really hope the elevator works soon too.

So far I was lied to, had a crack in my bathtub, and I have to walk the entire building from left to right because the only one opened door.

Apartment not completely ready to move in with having to make many maintenance orders, but gorgeous area and apartment and they make sure we are comfortable and have all orders through.

I think the experience will be better when all the amenities are built. I hope that it won't take too long. So far the community isn't bad .

I feel that this is an intelligent way to promote the ideas of paying rent in time and encourages regular updating and checking to stay on top of our own situation.

Everything that is ready is really nice and all of the staff has been extremely careful. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because not everything in the community is ready yet.

Once all of the awesome aminities are done this will truly be a great community! Everyone who lives in the apartments are so nice and helpful.

I haven't been too happy about the service here at west edge. The front desk associates told my roommate they would put in a work order for her for two broken things in our apartment, the washer and the blinds. The work order was never submitted or confirmed. The front desk gave us false information about how to get these fixed and it's now been a week since I could wash my clothes, or have some privacy in my living room.

Missing $1,000 in visa gift card. So much wrong with room and unfinished. Very disappointing to not have what has been promised all year long

You can tell that everything was rushed and not completed. It has been a week since move in and everything is falling apart. Everything is dirty

The community is really nice but the complex seemed rushed at many things aren't completed and many things weren't done very well. The friendliness of the staff is nice

Living at west edge so far has been an okay experience. The apartments are beautiful and well-furnished, but all of the amenities, like pool and gym, are still being worked on.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the place but it's still got a long way to go. I'd be surprised if I can enjoy any of the amenities that we are supposed to have by Christmas break.

The room is nice, but the trash situation is unappealing, and the hallways have quickly gotten very dirty. People often leave their trash in the hallways, and I have seen several bugs due to this issue.